Kylie Minogue tries to go make-up free as often as possible.

The singer says it's important to have a break from wearing cosmetics as it allows the skin to breath, although she admits it's not always easy.

She said: "I often go without make-up, but these days it does depend on the paparazzi situation. They used to use camera film and weren't so in-your-face, but now it's just all high-definition and sometimes you just know it isn't going to be good. My secret is a top knot and sunnies!"

Kylie says she tries to stay true to her own style and not be influenced by trends.

She told Britain's more! magazine: "When I think of timeless style icons like Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn, I wonder how they would have coped with the pressure of today's world, where very few months there's a different trend. Somebody like Sarah Jessica Parker really inspires me. She's a modern fashion icon."