Kylie Minogue isn't ''settling down'' with Joshua Sasse.

The 'I Should Be So Lucky' hitmaker, 47, has been romantically linked to the 27-year-old actor but a pal insists he isn't ready to settle down just yet because he wants to focus on his career.

They said: ''He's easily bored, which is typical of someone so creative. He always had the main part in school productions and was part of a bunch of people who sat around singing and playing guitars. There's a vain streak in him. He used to wear hairbands and a long, hippy-type necklace which he said was good for his karma.

''He was hot, but he's got even better since he hit his 20s. I'm not surprised Kylie went for him. I've never known a more popular bloke. As for whether he's a guy for the long term, I'm not so sure. His career comes first and I can't see him settling down for a while yet.''

The singer was seen looking incredibly loved up as the pair strolled hand in hand whilst out and about in London this week but the pal has insisted it is just ''early days''.

They added to the Daily Mail newspaper: ''It's early days, but who says no to Kylie? He takes after his father, in that he is a real dreamer and a hugely passionate, artistic guy.

''When he was younger some people thought he was a bit pretentious. He likes to use fancy language and has always looked after his appearance, but once you get to know him you realise that's just Josh. One thing he has in common with Kylie is boundless ambition.''