Kylie Minogue has praised her boyfriend for ''rescuing'' her when she's been unwell.

The 52-year-old singer has been dating for Paul Solomons for two-and-a-half years and admitted he got ''thrown in at the deep end'' as when they first met, she was still recovering from her split from former fiance Joshua Sasse, struggling with the pace of life on the road and at one point had to pull out of a show due to sickness, but he was her biggest supporter throughout.

She said: ''He's been great . . .  he is great. He got thrown in at the deep end dating me, like, 'Now I'm going on tour'.

''He had to come to the rescue a few times on tour when I was really unwell. He'd swoop in and hold me in a way that no one else can.

''He cares about my fans, he cares about my world, but mostly he cares about me. It's so nice to have that one person who's not involved in your tour, not in that way, and just wants to know that I'm OK.

''So things are really good and he's excited about this next phase for me.''

The 'Wow' hitmaker admitted Paul was constantly urging her to take things easier on her 2018 'Golden' tour but she refused to give in, even though it was ''particularly tough'' on her health.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''It was particularly tough. I had to soak in ice afterwards. It's like being a sportsperson.

''I'm terrible -- I have to have someone else tell me, 'Can you please take better care of yourself?' It's gruelling. You push through and you wreck yourself a bit more.

''My boyfriend would say, 'Just don't go 100 per cent tonight', and I'd say, 'OK, I'll go 80'. He'll say, '75', I'll say, 'Look, I'll start at 84 but I'll max out at 102'. It's this running gag.''

Though Kylie is very happy with the GQ Creative Director, she insisted they don't currently have any plans to marry.

Asked about the two gold bands on her ring finger, she said: ''I just put these on today. So no. I literally put those on before.

''We're really low-key, we're very real, very supportive. We're just taking things as they come for now, for always. Who knows what's to come?''