Kylie Minogue wowed the crowd with a stunning performance at a charity concert at the Cannes Film Festival.

The singer, who turns 41 tomorrow (28.05.09), sang a medley of hits at the Miracle Africa International Fundraiser, which helps fight malaria in African countries, held at the VIP Club.

Speaking before the event, Kylie said: "This is a very small venue compared to what I would normally do, and I'm going to absolutely love it, it just feels like a really sweaty show. I turn around and there's my band and we are all crammed in together."

Kylie started her performance wearing a black sequined leotard, fishnets and a black hat before closing her set in a corset-topped dress with diamante detail, while wearing a jewelled carnival mask.

Among those cheering on Kylie were 'Heroes' star Hayden Panettiere, Peaches Geldof and James Blunt.

Peaches said of the Chopard-sponsored event: "I think that philanthropy in any way is a good idea, and any charity that raises awareness for people who are impoverished is obviously a good thing."

Executive Director of the Miracle Africa International Foundation Nadia Murabet said: "One of the things that I really saw in Africa that many people don't realise is that malaria is the biggest issue. Yes AIDS is an issue but malaria is worse. So we really have to start moving to get it eradicated."