Pop princess and 80s queen Kylie Minogue has revealed she suffered a nervous breakdown after splitting from British actor, Joshua Sasse. The singing sensation, who has had a string of high-profile relationships, revealed she was "broken" after the engaged pair separated last February.

Kylie Minogue and Joshua SasseKylie Minogue and Joshua Sasse split after three years together

The eternally youthful-looking singer, who turns 50 this year, dated 30-year-old Sasse for three years and became engaged to him in February 2016. However, a year later, the pair had split.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, the Australian said she just "needed to stop" following the break-up.

She said: "I knew I needed to heal. My physical system was compromised. I think it's called a nervous breakdown.

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"I just thought, 'No, no, no, no'. How do you get over it? You just do."

The star - whose sister Dannii Minogue, 46, is also a singer - flew to Thailand with a group of girlfriends to try to get over the break up and revealed a bit more about what went wrong between the two.

She said: "I went through all the motions of 'This is what people do'.

"And it wasn't the right union. I've never been that woman, that girl who dreams of walking down the aisle. You dust yourself off and you go through that period of 'Never again. Not going to do it'.

"I love romance and I love to feel in love or be in love."

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Kylie, who is auntie to Dannii’s seven-year-old son, Ethan, also revealed her "sadness" at never having children of her own.

She added: "Of course I wonder what that would be like. But your destiny is your destiny and I can't imagine, if by some miracle I got pregnant... at this point in my life, I wonder, could I even manage that?

"It would be a lie to say there's not a bit of sadness there, but I don't get caught up in it."

Kylie, who also dated French actor, Oliver Martinez, and Spanish model, Andrés Velencoso, added: "And there's a high probability, if/when I meet someone, that they will have children anyway. So I could imagine being a stepmum."