Kylie Minogue remains one of the biggest names in pop music today, with a back catalogue that most modern day pop starlets could only dream of for their future output. With this in mind, her appointment as a judge on the upcoming season of the BBC's The Voice looks as though it could be the coup of the TV talent shows, however not everyone is convinced that she'll make a convincing judge on the show.

Kylie Minogue
Kylie has been brought in to add some style to the talent show

Her credentials as a pop artist need no justifying, however her credentials as a presence on television will be seriously tested when she begins her new job sitting alongside Tom Jones, and whoever is brought in to replace the departing Danny O'Donoghue. She is my all means a much more popular entertainer compared to Jessie, and probably more so than some of the men that she is joining, but she enters the BBC series as an inexperienced TV presenter and may struggle to assert any kind of personality and endear herself to the audience. Either that, or she'll be a massive success and be loved by all.

Kylie Minogue Women of the Year
She has been brought in as Jessie J's replacement

As the show continues to compete with ITV's more popular The X Factor, with the appointment of Minogue and a lack of Simon Cowell on the other channel, this could be the BBC's year to finally emerge victorious in the ratings war. Australia's most famous back side may be seated for the show, but the allure it creates (and the rest of Kylie too) will provide strong competition against Gary Barlow, Nicole Scherzinger, Sharon Osbourne and Louis Walsh, providing she can deliver as an entertaining and popular judge.

Kylie at least thinks she can handle the pressure any way, as she told the BBC that she would be a competitive member of the judging panel as she plans a thoroughly successful run on the show. She said, "I love the concept of the show and have been an avid viewer of both series. Will I be competitive? Probably more than even I imagine! Watch this space!"

The third season of The Voice will begin on BBC 1 in January 2014.

Producers will hope that Kylie will be an audience winner