Kylie Minogue uses perfume to "express" herself.

The Australian singer - who has her own range of scents - says she likes to use different fragrances depending on how she's feeling and was thrilled when she got to make her own.

She said: "I like to express myself with fragrance. Everyone loves the experience of buying a perfume and how that can you make you feel, so to have the opportunity to create my own was fantastic. I went to the factory in Barcelona where they make it. They let me off wearing a hairnet, though. Everyone else had to wear one, I just flounced around in my Dolce & Gabbana Pink mini dress - as you do in a factory! I like to pick a scent depending on my mood. I love Dazzling Darling because it feels sort of seductive and grown up."

Kylie, 42, also says it's important to make sure you carry three essential cosmetics around with you in case of any emergencies.

She told more! magazine: "If I was only allowed three things in my make-up bag, they would have to be mascara, concealer, just for the areas I really need it, and lip gloss, which I always have floating around at the bottom of my bag."