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First Single Of Michael Jackson's Posthumous Album To Premiere At IHeartRadio Awards

Michael Jackson Timbaland La Reid Justin Timberlake

Michael Jackson’s new song (we’re using “new” very loosely, the song was recorded in 1983) is premiering today. Love Never Felt So Good, will debut tonight during the first ever iHeartRadio Music Awards, which air at 8 PM. on NBC, according to a tweet from iHeartRadio. The song will feature a “special guest” – likely Justin Timberlake, who is listed as the artist for the track – along with MJ, of course.

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XSCAPE: New Michael Jackson, Produced By Timbaland, Set For May 13

Michael Jackson Timbaland La Reid

A new Michael Jackson album featuring eight previously unheard recordings will be released on May 13 through Epic Records. The posthumous record, titled XSCAPE is produced by Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate, Jerome Harmon and John McClain.

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson at the 15th Annual American Music Awards

According to a statement, the combination of Jackson's material with revamped contemporary production adds a "fresh sound" that retains Jackson's essence and integrity.  Epic Records Chairman L.A Reid was reportedly granted unlimited access to the four decades of Jackson's vocal only material. He then teamed up with Timbaland and other producers to "contemporize" the songs 

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After Three Years Of Tinkering, Has Simon Cowell Finally Got The "X Factor" Balance Exactly Right?

Simon Cowell Britney Spears La Reid Kelly Rowland Paulina Rubio

The panel has been revealed, the dust has settled and now Simon Cowell believes the X Factor is finally on the right track. Besides the axing of Britney Spears and La Reid and the addition of their replacements Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio, there are several changes to the show format this season as well.

Simon Cowell, Jimmy Kimmel Live
Cowell has been tweaking the American show for the past three years.

There is only one host now. Mario Lopez will take on hosting duties all on his own, following Chloe Kardashian’s departure. During auditions, the contestants will have to go through an additional middle round: an added surprise for the contestants, who will be separated into four groups as usual – Boys, Girls, Over 25s and Groups. With these subtle changes, but mostly with the new judging panel, Cowell believes that the show is finally closer to the mark.

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Ch-Ch-Changes! Simon Cowell Explains Britney Axing And New 'X Factor' Judges On 'Ellen'

Simon Cowell Britney Spears Kelly Rowland La Reid Paulina Rubio

Simon Cowell’s recent appearance on Ellen was certainly eye-opening. Like so many celebrities before him, the surly X Factor producer opened up to the likeable talk show host about the Britney experiment – Britney Spears’ brief run as an X Factor judge.

Simon Cowell, I Can't Sing: The X Factor Musical
He had his reasons.

Surprisingly, Cowell was relatively mild in his Britney comments and didn’t actually bash anything about her judging prowess. Instead, he simply commented: "There was a time where I think everybody was trying to up themselves in terms of who could find the biggest known star to be on a panel," Cowell said, naming American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez and the "other one...blondie" on The Voice, in reference to Christina Aguilera.

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La Reid - Music mogul LA Reid and his daughter Arianna Manuelle are seen outside Nick and Toni's - East Hampton, New York, United States - Monday 27th May 2013

La Reid

Will Rapper Lil' Wayne Apologise To Emmett Till Family For 'Karate Chop' Diss?

Lil Wayne La Reid

A seemingly unauthorized version of Lil’ Wayne’s remix of Future’s ‘Karate Chop’ was leaked online, containing an insulting reference to Emmett Till, a young African American shot dead in the Jim Crow south, back in 1955. Epic Records have issued a statement of apology and the label’s CEO, La Reid has personally contacted the Till Mobley Memorial Foundation (named after Emmett’s mother) to apologise for any offence caused by the leaked song. However, Lil’ Wayne himself has made no apology for the song which, according to E! Online, contains the line “beat up that pu**y like Emmett Till.”

A post on the Foundation’s Facebook page stated that they were satisfied with Reid’s response, revealing “Mr. Reid stated the song was leaked out and he had not heard the lyrics," read the post. "He is a man of integrity that values our family's legacy and wouldn't allow such heinous usage of Emmett Till's name or dishonor his memory. We have yet to hear from Lil Wayne's camp and he is the one that said it! It was all I could do to hold back my tears while engaged in conversation. Thank you Mr. Reid for now I can exhale."

A version of the song, with the line censored out, is still available to listen to on the Epic Records site and on Soundcloud. 

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The Future Of The X Factor Still Unclear As LA Reid Leaves And Rihanna Is Rumoured To Join Next Season

The X Factor La Reid Rihanna

With La Reid leaving the x factor right after this season finishes, rumours have been flying about the fate of the show after his departure.

The producer and head of Epic Records has announced that he will leave the judging panel in order to take care of his responsibilities to the label and the artists he manages and not because of any kind of conflict with Simon Cowell. Reid’s particular brand of judging prowess will be hard to replace, as he brought not only his presence to the show, but also considerable expertise as an industry insider. Nonetheless, this leaves an empty spot on the judging panel for Cowell to fill and quickly. The ratings for the X Factor have been falling, and it is clear by this point that some sort of revamp is needed for the show to stay on air.

Cowell knows this too and it was recently reported by The Sun that the producer intends to reach out to Rihanna to be on next season’s panel. Considering Rihanna’s star status, as well as her knowledge of the music industry, both performace and production-wise it is certainly true that the singer’s charisma and energy would be a huge boost for the show. However, everyone can only speculate at this point whether the Caribbean singer will accept the offer. Furthermore, Cowell will reportedly offer Rihanna a choice between the US and UK editions of the show to make the offer more appealing to the hugely successful singer. This means that, even if Rihanna does accept the offer, this doesn’t necessarily mean that she will be replacing LA Reid next season. Looks like the fate of the X Factor will remain unclear for a while.

Demi Lovato Speaks Out About Her Fellow X Factor Judges, Being A Role Model And Inspiring People

Demi Lovato Simon Cowell La Reid Britney Spears

X Factor judge and Disney darling Demi Lovato has given a candid chat to Parade Magazine into what life is like as a X Factor judge, dishing the details about some of her co-judges, as well as discussing her own battles with eating disorders and self harm and how she aspires to inspire as many people as possible.

With the season finale of the X Factor USA only days away (Dec. 20), the show's name is hot on most people's lips; enter Demi Lovato to keep us up to date with what's happening behind the scenes.

The young starlet told the magazine that her time on the show has been an emotional and stressful one, but still one that she has enjoyed nonetheless. Speaking about her co-judges, she had (almost) nothing but good things to say about them, telling the mag that she considers Britney Spears to be "sweet and humble," whilst L. A. Reid, who announced he is leaving the show at the end of the series, is "hilarious and smart." Bad news for the show's head judge and creator Simon Cowell though, as Demi was much less positive, calling him "annoying and old!" What a charmer (not that we doubt Simon wouldn't want it any other way).

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LA Reid Calls It Quits On The X Factor

La Reid Simon Cowell Britney Spears Demi Lovato

The latest person to exit the ever-revolving door that leads to judging on a TV talent show is La Reid, who told bosses on the X Factor that he was done with the show, he told Access Hollywood Reporter.

The head of Epic Records has decided that his time in front of the camera is done as he is now more interested in nurturing the talents already at his disposal, as well as waning to sign a few more new artists now he has a little more spare time on his hands. In a statement given to Access Hollywood, the record executive said, “I have the utmost respect for [show creator] Simon Cowell. He is the very best, and I have had the opportunity to learn so much from working with him. Working with him on X Factor has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I’m honored to have sat on a panel with such incredible talent.”

Reid, who has sat beside Cowell since he exported the X Factor from Britain to the United States, said he will miss the show nonetheless, but he want to get back to his "core responsibility" of managing things at Epic. 

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X Factor USA: Thanksgiving Special Sees Beatrice Miller And Arin Ray Sent Home; CeCe Frye Survives For Another Week

Britney Spears Demi Lovato La Reid Simon Cowell

Thursday's festive Thanksgiving episode of The X Factor USA made this years Thanksgiving one to remember for two people in particular, as both Beatrice Miller and Arin Ray were sent home on this weeks episode, as the top ten acts were narrowed down to eight.

It was double trouble for Britney Sears this week too, with Miller and Ray both being under her tutelage. There was little Brit could do for them either, with the judge and mentor telling Ray to think of his time on the show as “a learning experience,” when he was made the first person to get given the heave-ho from the show.

That meant that there was still a final two to face elimination, with youngster Beatrice Miller squaring up with CeCe Frye. Frye performed her own rendition of Kelly Clarkson’s 'Because of You,' and sang it to perfection, which turned the heat right up on Miller, heat you could see getting to the 13-year-old. Performing Dido's 'White Flag', she delivered an equally impressive performance but alas, it just wan't meant to be. The judges cast their vote, Britney said CeCe, the rest chose Bea. We'd be very surprised if the youngster didn't end up finding fame at some point in her life though, she's got the talent, just not the time to work on it properly yet.

Video - USA X Factor Judges Including Britney Spears And Demi Lovato Arrive At Fox Upfront Part 1

2012 USA X Factor judges Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, L.A. Reid, Demi Lovato are photographed on arriving at the Fox Upfront Presentation at the Wollman Rink, New York City.

'Hit Me Baby One More Time' hitmaker Britney received mixed reactions when she signed a $15 million deal to become part of the X Factor panel. Many think Britney is an odd choice for such a role after her well-publicized breakdown in 2007 where she stayed in a drug rehabilitation center for less than a day before shaving all her hair off the next day. She lost custody of her children later that year

La Reid Tuesday 23rd September 2008 Jermaine Dupri's 36th birthday party at Tenjune New York City, USA

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