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23rd June 2015

Tweet: "My condolences to the Vanpatten family! We will definitely miss your dad he was a beautiful soul as you all are!#RIPDICKVANPATTEN". La Toya Jackson sends her condolences to the family of late actor DICK VAN PATTEN, who died on Tuesday morning (23Jun15), aged 86.

1st June 2015

Fact: Michael Jackson's son Prince, 18, received his diploma from California's exclusive Buckley School on Saturday (30May15) after graduating with honours.

6th June 2014

Quote: "I noticed that in the first season, when I dated, I personally felt he got a little bit jealous and worried... and I think, being business partners for so long..., that I think he was afraid that he might lose me to someone else." La Toya Jackson is convinced that her dating drama on her reality Tv show prompted her business manager Jeffre Phillips to propose to her.

26th July 2013

Tweet: "Thanking U 4 (you for) the beautiful Birthday wishes to my father! I have given him Ur (your) messages! He's happy U (sic) remembered him sending U love & thanks!" La Toya Jackson thanks fans who sent birthday wishes to her father Joe Jackson, who turned 83 on Friday (26Jul13).

28th June 2013

Tweet: "Desperately trying to get over the flu, cold and swollen glands." La Toya Jackson is feeling unwell.

12th June 2013

Tweet: "To my followers: You guys R (are) the greatest! You say the kindest things that R (sic) appreciated! I thank U 4 Ur (you for your) support & the well wishes 2 (to) my family!" La Toya Jackson thanks fans for their support in the aftermath of her niece Paris Jackson's suicide bid last week (ends09Jun13).

30th May 2013

Tweet: "I just want you to know I truly appreciate every last one of you! Your Birthday Wishes are coming N (sic) so rapidly from all over the world Thx". La Toya Jackson marks her 57th birthday with fans across the globe.

24th May 2013

Quote: "Mother is doing really well. I don't know where mother gets her strength from, but I always go, 'Are you Ok mother? Do you need for me to be there?' However, she has so much strength and so much power and I love the fact that she will not let anything break her." Jackson family matriarch Katherine Jackson is holding up well during her wrongful death trial against promoters AEG Live, according to her daughter La Toya Jackson. Katherine has accused the executives of ignoring her son Michael's health issues and hiring unqualified doctor Conrad Murray to look after him in the run up to his ill-fated This is It comeback concerts in 2009. The trial is about to enter its fifth week.

9th May 2013

Quote: "That would be cool for one date; we could go out looking for men and see what happens." La Toya Jackson is up for hitting the town with Martha Stewart after the two stars recently revealed they're both looking for love.

3rd May 2013

Tweet: "So saddened by the wildfires in Southern California. To those who have evacuated are (sic) prayers are with you! Please be safe." La Toya Jackson reaches out to fans affected by the wildfires raging in the state.

24th April 2013

Quote: "Khloe was my brother Jackie's secretary... We're friends. Our families have integrated through the years." LaToya Jackson on her family's ties to the Kardashian clan.

19th April 2013

Quote: "I am terrified, and I do mean terrified, of cats. I know that it stemmed from my childhood and I saw this cat attack this lady. (It) jumped off the roof, grabbed her... That memory has never left. I've never trusted them ever since." Dog-lover La Toya Jackson on her cat phobia.

15th April 2013

Quote: "I'm not germaphobic... really I'm not. I just like for things to be super-clean." LaToya Jackson insists her assistant wipes down doorknobs and taps and all bathroom appliances when she arrives in a new hotel suite.

14th April 2013

Quote: "We all said that we were gonna have children and we were going to name them Paris. She had a child and she named it Paris and then Michael had a child and he named his child Paris and then of course I never had kids, so I named my dog Paris... Paris has passed on." LaToya Jackson on the pact she made with brother Michael and best friend Kathy Hilton.

31st August 2012

Tweet: "I spent hours & hours reminiscing with my mother N (in) the Gary house last nite! What peaceful memories! We laughed, we cried & had so much fun!" La Toya Jackson enjoyed spending quality time with her mother Katherine after heading back to her native Gary, Indiana to mark what would have been the King of Pop's 54th birthday on Wednesday (29Aug12).

29th August 2012

Tweet: "Happy Birthday Michael! You will always be missed but never ever forgotten! We all thank you for the memories!" La Toya Jackson remembers her brother, the late King of Pop Michael Jackson, on what would have been his 54th birthday on Wednesday (29Aug12).

9th August 2012

Quote: "I'm thankful for the honor that the Olympian swimmers paid to my brother Michael's memory. It is so wonderful to see how many global fans he has!" La Toya Jackson was wowed by Russian synchronized swimmers Natalia Ischenko and Svetlana Romashina, who performed to the King of Pop's They Don't Care About Us during their Olympic gold medal show.

17th June 2012

Tweet: "Happy Father's Day To You Joseph! We All Love You Dearly! Thank You For Giving Us Life & Guiding Us Properly!!! You Were Our Foundation!" Singer La Toya Jackson is grateful for her beloved dad Joe Jackson.

29th May 2012

Tweet: "GM (good morning) Guys! ThankU so much 4the B-Day Wishes! ThankU 4 thinking of me! U have no idea what that means 2me I am so touched by UR (your) thoughtfulness (sic)!" La Toya Jackson is grateful for fans' well-wishes as she celebrates her 56th birthday.

23rd May 2012

Tweet: "Michael had the most beautiful smile of all! His smile made us all smile! Now that's a smile! One that will never be forgotten!" La Toya Jackson gushes about her late brother Michael.

8th March 2012

Tweet: "Mother Happy International Women's Day! U have done an amazing job! Just wanted 2say thankU from all of us 4 the beautiful years! I love you!" Singer La Toya Jackson pays tribute to her mum, Katherine Jackson, on International Women's Day (08Mar12).

8th December 2011

Tweet: "John Lennon will always be loved! We miss him." La Toya Jackson pays tribute to the late Beatle on the 31st anniversary of his death.

12th October 2011

Quote: "I was happy to go on stage once on Saturday but I can't tell you how happy I was when it was over. There are so many things going on. We are producing shows, a couple of movie projects and a documentary as well as a new perfume line." La Toya Jackson insists she's too busy to perform again full-time after singing at her late brother Michael's tribute concert in Cardiff, Wales on Saturday (08Oct11).

11th September 2011

Tweet: "Michael's band is Incredible! Can't wait 2 C (sic) the show! I know Michael will B (sic) so happy 2 C (sic) so many people honor (sic) him." La Toya Jackson is looking forward to a tribute show in honour of her late brother Michael in Cardiff, Wales next month (Oct11).

17th August 2011

Tweet: "Taylor once again I am so sorry! My heart goes out to your family and love (sic) ones. You and I were just speaking about Russell on Sunday. So sorry!!!" La Toya Jackson sends her condolences to her pal, Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong, following news of her estranged husband Russell Armstrong's apparent suicide. He was found dead at a friend's Los Angeles home on Monday evening (15Aug11).

22nd June 2011

Quote: "My biggest regret is I wasn't there to help him start over - I feel he probably would have been here today had he started over properly." La Toya Jackson wishes she had done more to support her brother Michael before his death in 2009.

22nd June 2011

Quote: "Girls used to faint over them and I couldn't understand it to save my life. To me they were nothing special, but for outsiders... they were screaming, 'You're so wonderful', 'Jermaine waved at me'. It was like, 'So?' It was so funny." La Toya Jackson was baffled by fans' reaction to her singing brothers in their Jackson 5 heyday.

2nd May 2011

Fact: Model Hope Dworaczyk became the latest star eliminated from the hit U.S. reality TV show Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday (01May11). La Toya Jackson was brought back to the programme for the cast's most recent challenge, after pleading with host Donald Trump for a second chance. The results announcement was interrupted by a special broadcast from President Obama to confirm Osama bin Laden's death.

25th April 2011

Fact: LaToya Jackson became the latest star to be eliminated from hit U.S. TV show Celebrity Apprentice on Sunday (24Apr11).

12th April 2011

Quote: "I keep saying to myself, 'Maybe it was him who made her do that'." La Toya Jackson thinks her late brother was behind her niece Paris' powerful tribute to her dad at his memorial concert.

17th November 2009

Quote: "Paris' bedroom is covered with posters of her dad, Prince doesn't want to speak about it and Blanket is just very sad - he cries." La Toya Jackson reveals her niece and nephews are still struggling to cope with the death of their father MICHAEL in June (09).

30th October 2009

Quote: "When Michael did pass, he was very clean. He had been to treatment and he had nothing (drugs) in him (that hadn't been prescribed). What he had in him was what they gave him." La Toya Jackson maintains her belief the late King of Pop's doctors were to blame for pumping him full of unnecessary prescription drugs. The Thriller hitmaker's personal physician Conrad Murray is currently under investigation by Los Angeles police following the singer's death from a drug overdose in June (09).

26th October 2009

Quote: "They are highly intelligent. Prince especially knows everything about everything. He can tell you fascinating things about the moon in great detail or where certain rocks come from. Michael made sure they were always reading books and he was very particular about what they read. I'm not even sure if they read things like Harry Potter - it was always about knowledge." La Toya Jackson on her late brother MICHAEL's three kids.

25th October 2009

Quote: "They never fight. Michael has preached nothing but love and, boy, did he instil right from wrong in those kids. He did an incredible job of raising them." La Toya Jackson praises her late brother MICHAEL's role as a father.

25th October 2009

Quote: "Paris doesn't know it yet, but she's got all the makings of a star. If she wants to go into showbusiness, I can see that happening. The boys like the idea of directing, which is what Michael wanted them to do." La Toya Jackson is convinced her late brother MICHAEL's children will follow their father into the entertainment world.

24th September 2009

Fact: La Toya Jackson has landed a role as a TV reporter on U.S. TV news show Access Hollywood - her first job will be to cover talent contest Dancing With the Stars.

13th September 2009

Quote: "We don't really know... but it doesn't really matter; those are Michael's kids, he raised those kids. They were in his arms when they were born. It's very interesting because Angelina (Jolie) and Brad (Pitt), they adopt kids all day long and we don't ask." La Toya Jackson has no idea if her late brother Michael was the biological father of his three kids - and insists it isn't important the world knows the truth.

7th June 2006

Fact: La Toya Jackson has signed on as the celebrity spokeswoman for low-calorie drink Star Ice.

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