One of Nashville's most contemporary and best loved country music bands Lady Antebellum have some seriously wonderful news: their lead singer Hillary Scott is expecting her first child.

The 26 year old singer let her fans know via Twitter (the favourite celebrity self-publicising platform). Her husband, Chris Tyrell, is a fellow musician, and the pair got married earlier this year. They've known each other since college, but met again a few years after graduating at a Gavid DeGraw tour a couple of years ago. 

In the tweet she said:

Undoubtedly fans and the rest of the band may look to the future and fret about the fate of touring and generally keeping up with the band's immensely busy schedule. But Hillary has proven herself to be a seriously dedicated musician and no doubt she'll be able to find away to juggle everything.

Lady Antebellum released their first Christmas album in October this year, called On This Winters Night but we suspect that no matter how well that album does in sales, nothing will compete with the joy that the news of the new addition to the family.