Lady GaGa is an artist known for her eccentricities so it seemed like a match made in heaven when she was cast in American Horror Story: Hotel. To celebrate the upcoming series, Gaga threw a pool party at her Los Angeles home and invited the cast and crew of AHS: Hotel. Obviously, the 29-year-old couldn’t just throw any old pool party and she even dyed her swimming pool blood red for the occasion.

Lady GagaLady Gaga photographed in London in June 2015.

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The party took place last week and Gaga posted a picture of her redecorated pool on Instagram. AHS creator Ryan Murphy also tweeted about the event but few other details were disclosed. However, in a recent interview with EW, Murphy and two AHS actors, Sarah Paulson and Wes Bentley, described the unconventional party. All three described Gaga as a gracious host and mentioned how she had prepared them for the party by sending them some pretty warped gifts!

“The thing about her that I love is that she doesn’t disappoint,” Murphy said of Gaga. “Like the other night was a perfect example: She wanted to get together with the cast and she had a decorator come to the house and transport it with black lace curtains and horror themes and she had dyed the pool blood red. It was quite incredible. What you want her to be is who she is which is a really rare quality in a star.”

“She sent me a box of dead flowers and a ripped-up teddy bear. I think she sent it to a couple of people,” Bentley said of the gifts. 

Paulson also explained how, despite the unusual decoration, Gaga acted as if nothing was remotely different at the party and continued with her hosting duties. Paulson, on the other hand, was slightly overwhelmed!

“That was a party the likes of which I will never forget,” admits Paulson. “Her coming out of that blood red pool and running towards Angela Bassett and I as we were getting ready to depart, wrapped in a towel with her blonde mane billowing behind her. She was just like, ‘Thanks for coming, you guys!’ Just like any other hostess. And I was like ‘Oh you’re welcome.’”

Shortly after the party, Murphy had tweeted about how he thought he had dreamed the whole evening. In the interview, Paulson echoed his sentiments claiming she had even questioned at the time if the party was really happening.

“I mean it was just like an insane Alice in Wonderland dream,” Paulson said. “It was so incredible. I stayed way longer than I expected to. At every turn, you sort of kept going, “This isn’t happening! Wait is this happening? Well, I’m not leaving.’”

Gaga stars in AHS: Hotel as the owner of the Hotel Cortez, Countess Elizabeth. New images of Gaga in character were released earlier this week and Gaga has been sharing even more on her Twitter feed. Gaga certainly looks even more vampiric than we’ve seen her before and, with her hair perfectly coiffed and her face covered in blood, looks like a cross between Eva Peron and Dracula. It’s quite a combination! 

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres on Wednesday 7th October.

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