Little monsters, take note – Lady GaGa is making a comeback and she’s doing it in style. Following a timeout which began after her hip surgery in February, the pop star has chosen London’s Roundhouse venue for her first gig after the hiatus. It makes you wonder why would Gaga have chosen the 3000 capacity London venue, instead of an arena in her native US. However, the smaller crowd definitely does not mean that Gaga will be able to slack off (not that she would, of course).

Lady Gaga, Equadorian Embassy
Gaga has toned down her antics - and her look - during the hiatus.

In fact, the eccentric singer will have some pretty big shoes to fill when it comes to her predecessors at Roundhouse. In the 60s and 70s, the venue played host to unforgettable gigs by acts like the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendricks – all with stageshows to match. This means that not only will Gaga have to make a stellar comeback after months of absence, she will also have the added pressure of performing at the iconic venue. The gig will be part of the iTunes festival and, in addition, it will serve as the kickoff of promotional activities for Gaga’s upcoming album, Artpop. Naturally, the singer has the full support and financial backing of her label, so putting together a killer show should not be a problem.

Lady Gaga, Twitter Photo
But she'll be back in full force this September.

“The gig in Camden has a huge budget and is likely to be the first anyone sees or hears of her album. The Haus Of Gaga team have been working in secret on costumes and stage sets for the show from their base in Paris,” an insider said for The Sun. “Gaga’s dancers have also been rehearsing but she’s only told her closest friends about the new direction she’s taking. The music is going to be a big departure and Gaga’s dreamed up a whole new image for the album.”

Lady Gaga, London, England
Beware of big changes ahead.

Sounds exciting! And considering that Gaga will be joined at iTunes fest by the likes of Justin Timberlake and the Arctic Monkeys, the Camden festival is sounding better by the second.