Lady GaGa was taught about sex at a young age.

The 'Born This Way' hitmaker admitted her mother taught her about the 'birds and The Bees' when she was a child in the hope of making her more aware about sex.

She explained: "My mother talked to me about sex at a young age and she always taught me to be self aware. She taught me a lot of things when I was young.

"The main thing I remember is her putting her lipstick on the morning and talking to me about life. I would encourage young people all over the world to talk about safe sex with all the people close to them."

However, the 24-year-old singer believes if more parents broached the "taboo" subject of sex with their kids at a young age then it would make people "respect themselves" more in later life.

Gaga said: "Talking about sex with your children is a bit of a taboo and seen as this very uncomfortable thing. But it's all because of shame and stigma around those things that makes people not protect themselves and treat themselves with respect. It's all about self love."

After infamously making her entrance to the Grammys on Sunday (13.02.11) in a giant egg before "hatching" out of it ahead of a performance of her new song 'Born This Way', the eccentric star explained she decided to live in the vessel for three days to undergo "a rebirth".

Speaking to US TV show 'Good Morning America', she added: "I was in the egg for three days because I wanted to have a rebirth and I think the universe needs to have a rebirth.

"I think we all need to be inside a vessel for three days and think about how we can love ourselves and protect ourselves more. We need to make the most of life and not live life outwards looking for validation, but inwards. Look inside of yourself to your spirit and your inner light."