Lady GaGa has been hailed the world's best loved eccentric.

The 'Born This Way' hitmaker is known for her quirky outfits, which have included a meat dress and telephone hat, and often odd behaviour but her strangeness has landed her the title.

The 26-year-old singer beat a host of famous names to top the poll of 2,000 people, including third placed rocker Ozzy Osbourne, fourth placed Prince Philip and Russell Brand, who came fifth.

A spokesman for Nature Valley, who conducted the survey as part of their new 'Sweet & Nutty' bar launch, said: ''British people tend to have a soft spot for anyone out of the norm - anyone who doesn't conform to the ordinary. This is why celebrities such as Prince Philip, Lady Gaga and Russell Brand are close to our hearts.

''More often than not, eccentric attributes are harmless as they are often have the most brilliant personalities.''

Other stars to make the eccentric list include comedian-and-actor Stephen Fry (seven), cross-dressing comic Eddie Izzard (eight), Icelandic pop star Bjork, Hollywood megastar Johnny Depp (17) and quirky couple Helena Bonham Carter (12) and Tim Burton (15).

Most Eccentric Celebrities poll top 20:

1. Lady GaGa

2. Boris Johnson

3. Ozzy Osbourne

4. Prince Philip

5. Russell Brand

6. Janet Street Porter

7. Stephen Fry

8. Eddie Izzard

9. Vivienne Westwood

10. Bjork

11. Boy George

12. Helena Bonham Carter

13. Lembit Opik

14. Noel Fielding

15. Tim Burton

16. Chris Eubank

17. Johnny Depp

18. David Bowie

19. Jedward

20. Pete Burns