Lady GaGa's '911' video was originally meant for Massive Attack.

Tarsem Singh - who directed the promo for her latest single - has opened up about the concept, and admitted he initially hoped to use it for a track by the 'Unfinished Sympathy' band around two decades ago.

He told Entertainment Weekly: ''Around 20 years ago, I thought this would fit an idea for Massive Attack. I love their song 'Angel'. But our schedules never worked.

''I wanted to do it in Namibia in the sand dunes, but I'd already done [2000 film] 'The Cell' [in sand], so the idea kind of went away. Then, I got '911.' ''

Despite eventually going on to use the concept for Gaga's new single, the filmmaker had ''never heard a song'' by the 34-year-old singer.

He added: ''I had the idea more like 28 years ago! I told her when we met that I've never heard a song of hers, I haven't seen ['A Star Is Born'].

''I told her that the song is what would make a big difference for me. The best music video directors hear a song and they write a video for the song...

''I'll wait for the right song to fit [my ideas]. But I loved the song. I knew what to do with it, but I usually only listen to classical and folk music.''

Singh also opened up on his initial ideas, and how they seemed to be inspired by 'The Wizard of Oz'.

He said: ''The original idea had more to do with blood loss. My friend said, 'It's basically The Wizard of Oz without the first act.'

''At the end, it's like, 'And you were there, and you were there!' So, to build the first act, [we went] abstract. In the end you realize the images were abstractions because she's had an injury.

''They're talking to her in the middle of blood loss. These images are of people who were trying to help her.''