Lady GaGa 's Indonesian promoters have vowed to continue their fight to save a concert in Jakarta, which has been cancelled despite 50,000 tickets already having been sold. Police denied Gaga a permit to perform in the capital, with Islamic hardliners threatening "chaos" if the superstar singer sets foot in the Muslim nation, reports Afp.
Production company Big Daddy has reached out to Lady Gaga's digital fans - dubbed "Little Monsters", saying, "Little monsters, be patient please. We will keep you updated. We are still fighting". The Islamic Defenders Front (Fpi) has warned it would cause havoc if Lady Gaga performs in Indonesia, calling her "the devil's messenger" who wears only a "bra and panties" onstage. The organization's chairman Habib Salim Alatas said, "If Lady Gaga still wants to perform here, go ahead. But please be prepared for chaos in Jakarta. We are ready to be thrown to jail and be killed - we will do anything to stop it". In the past, the likes of Beyonce and the Pussycat Dolls have been granted permits to perform in the country, on the condition they wore more conservative outfits than usual. Big Daddy spokesman Arif Ramadhoni said the company was considering numerous options, saying, "We are still in the process of finding a way to do it, and we ask for everyone's patience and forgiveness for the trouble".
Lady Gaga has already faced opposition on the Asian leg of her tour. The Korean Association of Church Communication vowed in March to take action to stop young people from being "infected with homosexuality and pornography" during the singer's concert in Seoul.