Lady GaGa has been royally slammed by 'freaky' South African rap-ravers Die Antwoord in an online video featuring someone dressed up as the popstar.

She's reached number one in ten countries with her second album 'Born This Way', but it's safe to say she lost in her latest feud with Die Antwoord. After being asked by Gaga to open her latest tour, the band not only declined, but seemed to take offence at her perception of their style and music. To emphasize that their 'freaky' style is about being alternative rather than trying to gain attention like they think of Gaga, they ripped the singer apart in the video for one of their latest singles 'Fatty Boom Boom' which features somebody posed as her travelling through some stereotypical South African streets passing many a vicious wild animal in the street on the way. On passing Die Antwoord in the characteristically bizarre attire, the song opens; a fast-paced, high pitched rap with a heavy bassline and much profanity and, we have to say, an irresistibly catchy chorus.

Lady Gaga hit back at the video with what appears to be a jarringly amateur set of lyrics: 'i fink u freaky but you don't have a hit. hundred thousand tIckets sold in SA. #thatmyshit'. It wouldn't be so bad if the video wasn't so good, and the worst thing she could've done was draw attention to it as now one feels strongly that they will get their first 'hit'. That being said, Die Antwoord's retaliation wasn't exactly burn material: 'lady... even tho u r 'larger' than us... we still cooler than u... plus we don't have prawns in our private...'.