Lady GaGa has become the latest celebrity to find themselves in the middle of the ongoing Photoshop debate after un-retouched photos from the pop singer's new Versace campaign leaked online. As the new face of the Italian high fashion brand, Gaga features in numerous photos for the extensive new ad campaign, modelling clothes and accessories.

Lady Gaga
Un-Edited Photos From Lady Gaga's Versace Ad Campaign Have Surfaced Online.

Gaga doesn't exactly look terrible in the unedited snaps but that very fact alone has cause fans and feminist sites to criticise the heavy Photoshop editing that saw the 'Artpop' singer dramatically changed. The star was digitally given a lot more make up than she appeared to be wearing in the original shots and even had her hair changed from a straw blonde to a more platinum shade.

The original photos show the singer's bruised knees which disappear along with the dark circles under her eyes in the brand's final shots. Gaga hasn't commented on the leaked images yet but the 28 year-old performer has spoken out against the use of Photoshop in the past.

Lady Gaga Donatella Versace
Gaga Is Good Friends With Versace Vice-President, Donatella Versace.

After seeing her heavily edited Glamour magazine shoot images, she used the opportunity at the Glamour Awards last year to rant about her grievances. "I felt my skin looked too perfect," she said, adding "I felt my hair looked too soft. ... I do not look like this when I wake up in the morning."

Jezebel published the full set of photos, final and un-edited, and discussed the blatant use of Photoshop in the sultry new campaign. "The finalized images look like they've been color corrected and that the contrast has been upped considerably to give them that glossy Versace feel. Gaga's makeup and wig have also been punched up and some bruising on her knees was removed. Her arms appear slimmer in the final product," the feminist site notes.

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Lady Gaga 28th Birthday
Gaga Has Reacted Angrily To Photoshopping In The Past.