Lady GaGa wants young people to feel ''beautiful'' without needing to ''be perfect in any type of physical way''.

The 34-year-old singer is known for her unique fashion sense, and has said her ''definition of beauty'' goes ''against the grain'', as she also insists anyone can be a ''beautiful person'' without conforming to conventional beauty standards.

She said: ''Even though I might wear skimpy outfits sometimes and I'm sitting here with no pants on with my big shoes, my definition of beauty has always been very against the grain.

''I just dressed like how I felt like dressing today, how I wanted to do my hair, how I wanted my makeup to look.

''But I would never want to send a message to anyone, especially a young person, that you have to be perfect in any type of physical way in order to be a beautiful person.''

Gaga doesn't believe she found fame because she's ''pretty'', and encouraged people to let their talents and hard work do the talking rather than their looks.

She added: ''I didn't get here because I'm pretty. I'm not a supermodel. I make music and it's that and my heart, and my brain that got me here, and a lot of hard work.''

And the 'Stupid Love' hitmaker also gushed over her boyfriend Michael Polansky, as she dubbed him one of the few ''straight males'' in her life who thinks highly of her and ''doesn't place value'' on her physical appearance.

Speaking to Australia's 'The Sunday Project', she explained: ''I felt like I was really seen as a person, and it was really nice that I felt like I wasn't being objectified by a man.''