Lady Gaga

Gaga's In Space: Lady GaGa has become the latest celebrity to be announced to join Virgin Galactic in space when Richard Branson's shuttles begin to launch. However, Lady Gaga will be the first pop star to perform in space, warranting vocal training and expensive life insurance. As the world's most eccentric pop star prepares to debut her ARTPOP on Nov. 11th, she admits that her hip injury earlier this year caused her to smoke "15 joints a day." Well that's ARTPOP explained then!

Bieber Tears It Up In Brazil: Justin Bieber has been the week's biggest news pest after his antics on tour in Brazil failed to stay on the low. The 19 year-old pop star fell into big trouble with Brazilian police after allegedly spraying graffiti on a wall and has been charged with vandalism. Biebs was also snapped coming out of a brothel under a sheet before inviting 30 girls back to his villa to party. And let's not mention the video of him sleeping.

Ender's Game Rockets To The Top: Intergalactic action movie Ender's Game is out and opened at the top of the US box office with $28 million, despite many choosing to boycott the film for its author, Orson Scott-Card, and his homophobic views. Watch the trailer here. The movie could be described as the unlikely success story of the year as, after its poor critical reception, it really has triumphed against all odds. Check out our reviews round-up.

Katy Perry performs

Katy Perry Wages Biological Warfare: As pop star Katy Perry's Twitter dominance is announced, she apparently continues to hold the world in her grip by unleashing alien plant life into Australia. Sort of. Find out why here. Perry has risen to the top of the charts in 7 countries with her latest album and chose to celebrate by headlining a special show to support those suffering with breast cancer. Find out what critics are saying about Prism.

Tom Hiddlestone's Loki Recruits New Mini-Minions: Our biggest "aww" moment this week came from Thor actor Tom Hiddlestone, AKA Loki, who began to draw his Thor: The Dark World promotional work to a close with an appearance on Comedy Central. In full character he attempted to lord it over a group of kindergartners with some adorably hilarious results. Check it out here. As Thor 2 prepares to open in the US this weekend, the news that there's a third in the works has excited fans and cemented the franchise as one of Marvel's most successful. But could Marvel be losing its touch?

Watch the trailer here. The movie premiered this week and although the internet was humming with excitement of more Thor and the potential arrival of Wonder Woman in a movie sometime soon, it was practically buzzing when it caught sight of Lady Sif, AKA actress Jaimie Alexander's "naked" dress. See for yourself here.

Eminem Performs

Have You Heard? Eminem Is Back: Rap king Eminem has launched himself once more into the central rap fray with music from his new album, the Marshall Mathers LP 2. Already, his collaboration, 'The Monster,' with Rihanna has managed to overtake One Direction in the UK singles chart. Eminem performed new track 'Berzerk' on SNL last weekend but was slammed by many for allegedly miming. See for yourself here. However, Slim Shady's reputation has hardly been tarnished and he's been awarded 'Artist of the Year' at the inaugural YouTube awards.

Netflix & Marvel Assemble: Online streaming service Netflix has announced that it will team up with Marvel comics to bring to life four 13 episode miniseries following the superheroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage to television. All four will then team up for a similar take on the The Avengers, named The Defenders. After Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D's success as well as Netflix's House of Cards' critical acclaim, this might just be something to be very excited about. Read more here.

Video Of The Week - Chris Martin Messes Up 'Clocks' Twice: Coldplay frontman Chris Martin's nightmares must have been realised this week when he gave a solo performance in LA. He messed up his band's most famous song 'Clocks' twice then admitted he couldn't tune up his guitar to play 'Paradise.' Luckily, Chris was good-natured about his blunders whilst the Hotel Café crows laughed at him. Watch the video here.