Online video hosting site YouTube have announced plans for their first ever awards, celebrating the people and videos that make the site so popular and dominant in today's web world. Both categories and nominees are yet to be announced, with the promise of a nominee shortlist by the 17th October. Lady GaGa, Arcade Fire and Eminem have all been booked to perform at the November 3rd ceremony.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga Will Perform Live At The Awards Show.

YouTube will emphasise the global nature and worldwide reach of its videos by interspersing high-profile music performances with clips taped in locations across the globe. "Our point is to celebrate YouTube's role in the music ecosystem," says Danielle Tiedt, the YouTube vice president of marketing. "If you think about how most of us encounter music, it's usually on YouTube, whether it's stars like Miley Cyrus and her VMA performance or her new Wrecking Ball video, or musicians like Lindsey [Stirling, violinist], who broke thanks to our site."

A similar awards was held by YouTube in 2006 and 2007 but came under fire for creating too much of a formalised process for the freeform, casual nature of YouTube videos. Categories then included Adorable, Comedy, Commentary, Creative, Inspirational, Musician of the Year and Series in 2006 and in 2007 an additional Eyewitness, Instructional, Short Film, Sports and Political Comedy set of categories was included.

Eminem Will Help Ring In The New Awards.

So, bearing in mind that the six categories are yet to be revealed, what could viewers be required to vote for in the 2013 awards? It wouldn't be YouTube without billions of videos of frolicking fluffy kittens; now more so than ever. Whether you're a fan of Colonel Meow, Maru or Grumpy Cat, there's bound to be an 'Adorable' or 'Animal' category.

YouTube's lifeblood is music and either amateur or professional music videos showcasing incredible talent. Therefore there's likely to be at least one music-related YouTube award: perhaps one for amateur music videos, i.e. those shaky camera work, a battered guitar and a washing basket in the background. And maybe there'll be an award for best official YouTube channel: if fans of a particular band are impressed at how much video material is available online they could show their appreciation with a vote.

Many comedians started out by posting their first attempts at stand-up or comedy videos on YouTube. The site now plays host to millions of side-splitting vids from a range of YouTubers. Whether it's the solo genius of Jenna Marbles, Ryan Higa or Pewdie Pie or the collective hilarity of Epic Rap Battles, the Schmoyoho brothers or Epic Meal Time, there'll be plenty of great videos to choose from here.

Arcade Fire
Arcade Fire To Help Celebrate YouTube Success.

Vlogs still very much have a place in YouTube's hierarchy of videos. Lonelygirl15 won one of the original YouTube awards with her candid vlogging but a new generation of vloggers has risen up since. Daym Drops reviews fast food from his car whilst ChunkyMark is politically enraged from his taxi driver seat. 'charlieissocoollike' and 'danisnotonfire' have also risen up as some of the site's most beloved vloggers.

Inspirational videos will always have a cosy place in a YouTubers heart. Whether it's amazing sporting clips, motivational speeches, videos documenting amazing charity work or wellness clips, the site attracts those looking to inspire others or be inspired by great feats. Much in the same way as Baz Luhrmann's 'Sunscreen' helps to inspire millions of school leavers each year, the life lessons, motivational speeches and philosophical musings of users such as One Red Paperclip, Andrea Dorfman and Blind Painter can be an inspirational boost to many.

But what about sports? Impressive filmmaking? Instructional? Magic tricks? Honey badgers?! There's many more categories that could be included but we'll have to wait until mid-October to find out!