Lady Gaga Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

19th February 2017

Fact: Lady GaGa's Super Bowl Halftime Show has become the most-watched musical event, and the most-watched Super Bowl Halftime performance, of all time. The National Football League (NFL) said approximately 118 million viewers tuned into watch the live broadcast on 5 February (17), while an estimated 150 million views have accumulated across NFL's digital platforms, including, NFL Mobile, Twitter, YouTube and Giphy.

9th February 2017

Quote: "The best part about making this movie is working with Bradley. He's such a genius and a ninja-like human being. We’ve become such great friends. Its tremendous to work with him... he’s very inspiring." Lady GaGa is enjoying her work on Bradley Cooper's new movie A Star is Born. She will star and compose the soundtrack for the movie remake.

5th February 2017

Fact: Lady GaGa is about to expand her empire into wine-making. The Poker Face singer plans to launch her own brand of white wine called Grigio Girls, named after a bonus track on her 2016 album, Joanne. Her company filed paperwork this week (beg30Jan17) to produce wine, wine coolers, wine cocktails and wine punches with the name, reports.

3rd February 2017

Quote: "I will tell you that there’s not gonna be any meat dress there, so don’t wait for that." Lady GaGa jokes about wearing her infamous 2010 MTV Video Music Awards outfit when she performs at the Super Bowl on Sunday (05Feb17).

2nd February 2017

Quote: "I was actually with her the last halftime show she did... She always is very inspiring... and she's a very focused and genuine performer." Lady GaGa pays tribute to her Super Bowl predecessor Beyonce as she prepares to hit the big stage in the pregnant Halo singer's native Houston, Texas this weekend (05Feb17).

31st January 2017

Fact: Lady GaGa will reportedly announce dates on her upcoming Joanne world tour the morning after she headlines the Super Bowl halftime show. The Poker Face star will hit the stage at the big game in Houston, Texas on Sunday (05Feb17).

14th November 2016

Quote: "Being a lady today means being a fighter. It means being a survivor. It means letting yourself be vulnerable and acknowledging your shame or that you're sad or you're angry. It takes great strength to do that... Health, happiness, love - these are the things that are at the heart of a great lady, I think. That’s the kind of lady I want to be." Lady GaGa on what it takes to be a real lady in 2016.

27th October 2016

Quote: "Glastonbury! I don’t have permission to say anything about that." Lady GaGa hints she may be among the headliners at next summer's (16) Glastonbury festival in England. Radiohead have already signed on as one of the three bill toppers.

24th October 2016

Fact: Lady GaGa's mother keeps all the costumes, props and memorabilia from her daughter's career in a family archive, dubbed The Vault, which also features the clothes Hedi Slimane created before he split from Yves Saint Laurent in April (16). "Hedi is a preservationist of rock and roll fashion history," she said of the impulse buy.

24th October 2016

Quote: "It was such a release. I've been waiting three years to put out a pop album and I couldn't wait to put it out... I felt relieved and I was crying and Bradley (Cooper) was right there, and Dave Chappelle was there with him. It was kind of really sweet. They both gave me a big hug and they were like, 'You did it!'." Lady GaGa was overcome with emotion after her performances on Saturday Night Live at the weekend (23Oct16).

23rd October 2016

Quote: "What was so great was the NFL heard the record before it came out. They gave me that slot, really, off my album. I think - they asked to hear it, so I can only assume that meant, 'We want to hear what’s coming up next'." Lady GaGa reveals her new album Joanne landed her the coveted Super Bowl Halftime show slot for 2017.

21st October 2016

Quote: "My mother's from West Virginia and I grew up listening to country music with her and I've dated my fair share of cowboys as well, so that had an influence!" Lady GaGa admits her past romantic experiences helped to inspire her new country-pop song A-Yo.

7th September 2016

Fact: Lady GaGa has taken to social media to unveil the artwork and lyrics for her new single Perfect Illusion, due for release on Friday (09Sep16). The cover photo for the track sees her jumping in the air holding a microphone, while lyrics include lines like, "I don't need eyes to see/ I felt you touchin' me". Perfect Illusion will appear on Gaga's upcoming fifth album, currently known as LG5.

29th August 2016

Fact: Lady GaGa made a surprise appearance at Los Angeles' FYF Fest on Saturday (27Aug16), when she walked onstage towards the end of Tame Impala's set to give frontman Kevin Parker a big hug, reports The pop superstar recently worked with the Australian rocker to co-producer her forthcoming new single, Perfect Illusion.

4th June 2016

Quote: "I don't think I could think of a single thing that's more isolating than being famous. It's almost impossible for people even to probably look at my career and the things I've done and think, 'Oh she didn't want (fame), of course she wanted to be famous, of course she wanted all that attention.' It's just, creative expression is what I am, and I would've been doing this whether I became famous or not." Lady GaGa reveals the downside of worldwide fame in an interview with Jamie Lee Curtis for the U.S. TV series Actors on Actors.

7th March 2016

Fact: Lady GaGa showed off her love for her actor fiance Taylor Kinney by locking lips with her man for the Kiss Cam as they attended an ice hockey game in Chicago, Illinois on Sunday evening (06Mar16). The couple was cheering on the Chicago Blackhawks at the United Center as the team faced off against arch rivals, the Detroit Red Wings, beating them 4-1. The stars' appearance occurred hours after they had taken the city's annual Polar Plunge, jumping into the frigid Lake Michigan to raise money for the Special Olympics. Kinney is based in Chicago, where he films his hit TV show Chicago Fire.

22nd February 2016

Fact: Lady GaGa and songwriter Diane Warren are set to be feted with the song of the year award at the 11th annual Los Angeles Italia Fest on Saturday (27Feb16). Their track, Til It Happens to You from documentary The Hunting Ground, is not only being honoured at the Hollywood festival, but is also up for Best Original Song at the Oscars on Sunday (28Feb16). The cast of the Hateful Eight and the film's legendary Italian composer Ennio Morricone will also be feted at the festival, which runs from 21 to February (16).

10th February 2016

Quote: "It's hard to talk about. I would never be here without him - I would've thought I was too weird - and I never gave up because I thought he was the coolest ever." Lady GaGa on her plans to pay tribute to David Bowie at the Grammy Awards next week (15Feb16).

9th February 2016

Quote: "That's where she's most at home, is on a stage. To see her there on the biggest one - I enjoyed it probably as much as everybody else." Actor Taylor Kinney was bursting with pride as he watched his fiancee, Lady GaGa, belt out the U.S. National Anthem at the Super Bowl on Sunday (07Feb16).

8th February 2016

Tweet: "She is spectacular. I (love) you @ladygaga. Let's get together again and make magic - you singing me signing." Oscar winner Marlee Matlin praises Lady GaGa for her rendition of the U.S. National Anthem at Sunday's Super Bowl (07Feb16). The hearing-impaired actress performed the song along with the pop star in American Sign Language.

11th January 2016

Tweet: "I am so grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press. Thank you Taylor for being right there for me the whole way through. Monsters, never lose hope in yourself... Staying in the fight is the true test. Never give up on your dreams." Lady GaGa makes amends for forgetting to mention her fiance Taylor Kinney in her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes on Sunday (10Jan16) by sharing a sweet note to him on social media. The pop star was named Best Actress in a Mini-series or TV Movie for her starring role in TV series American Horror Story: Hotel.

4th December 2015

Quote: "I'm not the type of girl who fits most moulds. That’s why working on American Horror Story... is a destiny. I wanted to create something extremely meaningful by exploring the art of darkness. The reason I love watching horror films, mysteries and documentaries about crime is that it somehow numbs me from the pain I experience in my own life - you are watching something worse than whatever you think you’re going through." Lady GaGa relishes her role as a blood-guzzling hotel owner in new TV drama American Horror Story: Hotel.

17th November 2015

Tweet: "#BraveCharlie @bornthiswayfoundation, an opportunity for people all over the world to learn about modern HIV prevention, treatments, and emotional intelligence as it relates to the stigma of the virus." Lady GaGa applauds Charlie Sheen for going public with his HIV diagnosis on U.S. TV on Tuesday (17Nov15), while reminding fans about her work with her Born This Way Foundation.

15th November 2015

Tweet: "THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT TOUCHING GLOVES!" Lady GaGa suggests UFC fighter-turned-actress Ronda Rousey should have been more classy before her fight with Holly Holms in Australia on Saturday (14Nov15) after she refused to bump gloves with her opponent before the match. Rousey was knocked out and surprisingly lost the fight in the second round.

16th October 2015

Quote: "I've suffered through depression and anxiety my entire life, I still suffer with it every single day. I just want these kids to know that that depth that they feel as human beings is normal. We were born that way. This modern thing, where everyone is feeling shallow and less connected? That's not human... These kids just want to feel human, but they feel like robots. They don't understand why they're so sad. There are scientific reasons, which the foundation researches, why you feel sad when you look at your phone all day." Lady GaGa is tackling teenage depression through her Born This Way Foundation.

13th October 2015

Quote: "I would love doing something with her. I don't know that we've done anything workwise since (we met). I wouldn't put that out of the realm of possibilities." Actor Taylor Kinney is open to teaming up with his fiancee Lady GaGa onscreen after the pop superstar made her big TV acting debut on U.S. thriller series American Horror Story: Hotel last week (ends09Oct15).

13th October 2015

Quote: "I couldn't be more proud to see what she's doing now, but it was as awkward as anyone could imagine. I was sitting next to her father, watching these love scenes, so, you know! I was talking with (creator) Ryan Murphy afterwards and he goes, 'What was your favourite part?' And I just, I don't know what I said, I couldn't think of anything! I was still trying to process all of this." Lady GaGa's actor fiance Taylor Kinney was left speechless by the pop superstar's big TV acting debut on American Horror Story: Hotel, in which she plays the bloodthirsty owner of a haunted Los Angeles hotel. The premiere episode, which aired in the U.S. last week (ends09Oct15), featured the singer engaged in an explicit and bloody orgy scene.

7th October 2015

Quote: "Something that was so important to me when I got here is I really wanted to bond with the cast, and I wanted to get to know them, and I wanted them to feel comfortable with me as a human being and a person and know that I was going to be available and open to them and that I wasn't going to come on set and be like, 'Where's my make up? Where's my trailer?' and be a huge b**ch and make this The Gaga Show." Lady GaGa was determined to be a true professional when she joined the cast of TV drama American Horror Story: Hotel.

21st September 2015

Quote: "If someone just comes to me and says 'Work with me!', my initial thing is to say no. It doesn't work like that for me. I don't just have to like what you do, I have to be inspired by what you do and I am not inspired (by her). From the very beginning, I met her and I just thought her to be too affected. I thought she was still looking for herself." Grace Jones on turning down a request to collaborate with Lady GaGa.

7th September 2015

Tweet: "When your (sic) up at 5 am because you wanna make sure you don't forget to download @IronMaiden new album The Book of Souls. MUSIC FANDOM IS ALIVE." Lady GaGa was excited to get hold of the new Iron Maiden album on Monday (07Sep15).

27th August 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa's character in new TV series AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL is a "glamorous socialite" who maintains her looks by drinking drinking human blood.

26th August 2015

Quote: "She showed up, and she was wearing diamond pasties, a Band-Aid on her boo-ha, heels and a black veil that Alexander MCQueen made for her on the day before his death. Then the crew gasped in delight, and we were off!" Lady GaGa made a grand arrival on the American Horror Story: Hotel set, according to director RYAN MURPHY.

26th August 2015

Quote: "We’ve shot one scene together. She walked past me and literally had one line, and it just scared the s**t out of me. She’s really throwing herself in this." Oscar winner Kathy Bates is impressed with her American Horror Story: Hotel castmate Lady GaGa.

25th August 2015

Quote: "I spoke to Lady GaGa the other day. She was talking about self-loathing. I said... 'You sing like an angel, you're amazing, you write stuff, you perform. Please don't have any self-loathing.' But everyone has it. I don't think it just exists in artists." Sir Paul McCartney has been offering some words of encouragement to LADY GAGA.

24th August 2015

Fact: Barbra Streisand and husband James Brolin threw a get-together at their home on Saturday night (22Aug15) for Lady GaGa, John Travolta, his wife Kelly Preston, and TV producer RYAN MURPHY. Gaga shared a group photograph on and wrote, "Saturday Night Fever with some wonderful new friends."

13th August 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa took an embarrassing tumble outside Pump restaurant in Los Angeles on Wednesday night (12Aug15). The singer was approaching her car following dinner with reality TV star LISA VANDERPUMP when she fell off the sidewalk and had to clutch her car to stay upright. She quickly recovered and smiled at the paparazzi before getting into the vehicle.

8th August 2015

Quote: "Her character name is Elizabeth. She owns the hotel, and she is sort of a very wealthy social doyenne who is consumed with art and fashion and people. She has a nefarious plan that is revealed in the first episode." RYAN MURPHY on the character Lady GaGa plays in new TV drama American Horror Story: Hotel, which will debut in America on 7 October (15).

3rd August 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa helped to celebrate her old pal Tony Bennett's upcoming 89th birthday on Saturday (01Aug15) by presenting him with a huge cake onstage in Washington, D.C. during the final night of their Cheek to Cheek tour. The pop superstar also serenaded the birthday boy with a rendition of Duke Ellington's I'm Beginning To See The Light as the crowd cheered. The veteran crooner marks his actual birthday on Monday (03Aug15).

29th July 2015

Fact: Ariana Grande's dog Toulouse is the latest celebrity pup to launch a modelling career - the pooch is starring in the new Coach Pumps campaign for the luxury accessory brand. Model Miranda Kerr's dog Miss Frankie will be featured in the next segment of the company's adverts. Lady GaGa's French bulldog Asia Kinney kicked off the series last month (Jun15).

8th July 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa's stylist BRANDON MAXWELL is set to launch his own collection during New York Fashion Week this September (15). He says, "I'm so excited to be fulfilling a lifelong dream of design, making clothes inspired by all of the powerful women in my life - from the classic to the avant-garde." Maxwell became the superstar's personal stylist in 2013, after his mentor NICOLA FORMICHETTI announced he was too busy to dress the singer on a regular basis.

23rd June 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa's French bulldog Asia has launched a modelling career by taking part in a photo shoot for luxury accessory brand Coach. The campaign, named Coach Pups, is set to feature other famous dogs. In the image, Asia can be seen wearing a necklace while a purple bag rests on her back.

23rd June 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa played two gigs in one night on Saturday (20Jun15). After finishing her show with Tony Bennett at Radio City Music Hall in New York, she headed to the Gramercy Theatre to make a surprise appearance onstage with the Dirty Pearls, the band which features her longtime friend Tommy London.

19th May 2015

Fact: Broadway stars from WICKED, GODSPELL and THE BOOK OF MORMON will celebrate the music of Lady GaGa and Katy Perry this summer (15) with a new show. Broadway Loves will feature the stage actors performing the pop stars' biggest hits including Poker Face, Paparazzi and Firework. The shows will take place at 54 Below in Manhattan in July (15).

6th May 2015

Tweet: "He really has a sweetness to him. He grew up in front of the whole world. I reminded him to not get bothered. Because at the end of the day. He's the boss, and life isn't always Roses. Lots of thorns." Lady GaGa has a soft spot for Justin Bieber.

4th May 2015

Quote: "It was in Manhattan. It was snowing, it was beautiful." Lady GaGa's actor fiance Taylor Kinney talks about the magical moment when he proposed.

23rd April 2015

Fact: Pop superstar Lady GaGa and her fiance Taylor Kinney have expanded their family by taking in chickens. The singer uploaded a photo of the birds to her page on Wednesday (22Apr15), alongside the caption, "Time to lay eggs in the Kinney's Coop! Fresh eggs all summer we built a beautiful spacious coop to house these happy young chickens!"

23rd April 2015

Quote: "No, she probably borrowed it from me! No, no - let's not do that. There is no rivalry." Veteran pop star Annie Lennox jokes that Lady GaGa has copied her habit of dressing in wacky stage outfits.

26th March 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa has taken her love for her French Bulldog, Asia, to the next level by creating an Instagram account for the pet pooch. Asia Kinney, who took on the last name of the pop star's actor fiance Taylor Kinney, joined the photo sharing site over the weekend (21-22Mar15) and already boasts more than 15,000 followers.

24th March 2015

Fact: Chloe Sevigny will join Lady GaGa in the new American Horror Story series, Hotel. The actress, who starred in American Horror Story: Asylum, is rejoining the franchise for the fifth instalment.

23rd March 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa walked down the aisle on Friday (20Mar15) when she served as a bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding in New Orleans, Louisiana. The pop superstar, who is newly engaged to her boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney, wore a floor-length violet gown for the nuptials and shared a series of snaps from the celebrations with fans on her page, captioning one shot, "Watching your best friend get married, these are the specialist (sic) times in my life. Seeing happiness in the lives of all my friends."

3rd March 2015

Tweet: "Wow you're a sweetheart! Life is friends, family, and love! We all see that in you, your prince charming will come!" Lady GaGa thanks Taylor Swift for her kind praises following the Born This Way hitmaker's recent performance at the Oscars and engagement to actor Taylor Kinney.

1st March 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa joined her brave fiance Taylor Kinney as he took part in the 2015 Chicago Polar Plunge at North Avenue Beach in the city on Sunday morning (01March15). The engaged couple was joined by Kinney's Chicago Fire castmates, actor Vince Vaughn and thousands of others who dove into the icy waters as part of a challenge to raise money and awareness for Special Olympics.

26th February 2015

Fact: Pop superstar Lady GaGa celebrated her new engagement with her future husband Taylor Kinney and his Chicago P.D. co-stars in Chicago, Illinois this week (25Feb15) when she attended a party for the show's producer DICk Wolf. Actress Sophia Bush shared a snap of herself and the singer hugging on her page on Wednesday (25Feb15) and captioned it, "#wcw (Woman Crush Wednesday) @LadyGaga, naturally. She Slayed the #Oscars and now she's snuggled up with the #ChicagoFam celebrating love." Kinney proposed to Gaga on Valentine's Day (14Feb15).

23rd February 2015

Quote: "He's never ever before designed a dress for the red carpet for the Oscars and it took 1,600 hours. It's all hand embroidered and it took 25 people (to make it). Mr. Alaia designed the gloves before we got engaged and I wanted to keep the look exactly as he envisioned it." Lady GaGa explains why she didn't show off her new engagement ring on the Oscars red carpet on Sunday (22Feb15). The singer looked resplendent in a custom-made Azzedine Alaia outfit, complete with red gloves.

19th February 2015

Tweet: "My favorite part of my engagement ring, Taylor and Lorraine designed 'T (loves) S' in white diamonds on the band. He always called me by my birth name. Since our very first date. I'm such a happy bride-to-be! I can't stop smiling!!" Lady GaGa, real name Stefani Germanotta, shares more details of her sparkling engagement ring from longtime boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney, designed in collaboration with celebrity jeweller Lorraine Schwartz.

18th February 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa reportedly helped to create the heart-shaped diamond ring her new fiance Taylor Kinney presented her with on Valentine's Day (14Feb15) after the couple paid a visit to celebrity jeweller Lorraine Schwartz last month (Jan15). The stunning sparkler, which the pop superstar showed off online on Monday (16Feb15), also features the pair's initials 'T' and 'S'. The singer's real name is Stefani Germanotta.

9th February 2015

Tweet: "I love @ladygaga. Spoke to her earlier and she mistook me for a waiter. Gotta love the #Grammys. #INeedANewSuit? Aha". British pop star Ed Sheeran had an awkward run-in with Lady GaGa at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night (08Feb15).

28th January 2015

Fact: Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett are the latest artists to join the line-up for the upcoming Grammy Awards on 8 February (15). The singers will reunite to perform a track from their jazz standards album Cheek To Cheek, which is nominated in the Best Traditional Pop Vocal category.

22nd December 2014

Tweet: "Hey ladies, merry f**king Christmas. Love, Mariah and Gaga! This lady is so kind, such a star, and sounding legendary tonight at Beacon Theatre." Lady GaGa made a surprise appearance backstage at Mariah Carey's Christmas concert in New York City on Sunday night (21Dec14). The Hero hitmaker wraps her six-show residency at the iconic Big Apple venue on Monday (22Dec14).

3rd December 2014

Quote: "He is the right guy. I know it." Lady GaGa admits she'll accept actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney's proposal if he ever asks her to marry him.

2nd December 2014

Tweet: "Back in the New York Groove, getting ready to see Tony (Bennett) and trying to figure out how I’m gonna cover this hickey up for holiday Tv! Oh Taylor." Lady GaGa is not happy with the love bite her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney gave her over the weekend (29-30Nov14).

18th November 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa will be letting fans around the world attend her final ArtRave: The Artpop Ball gig by streaming the Paris, France concert live on Yahoo! on 24 November (14). The gig marks the end of the worldwide trek, which kicked off in May (14).

27th October 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa and Tony Bennett have announced more live shows for next year (15). The pair, which collaborated on jazz album Cheek to Cheek, will perform together at planned shows in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and they have now confirmed three more performances - at the Hollywood Bowl in California on 30 May (15), the Royal Albert Hall in London on 8 June (15), and Radio City Music Hall in New York City on 19 June (15).

22nd October 2014

Tweet: "The Langham in London is such a dream. They gave me a tea set, after all the years I've stayed here I shall cherish it. Thank you so very much." Lady GaGa is flattered to have received a special gift from bosses at the luxury hotel.

18th October 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa has bought Warner Bros. executive Dan Romanelli's Malibu, California home for a whopping $24 million (£15 million). The pad features a pool, gym, wine cellar, stables and a two-lane bowling alley.

15th October 2014

Quote: "He's the first man that I have dated that, when I sing onstage, he cries. That means more to me than anything." Lady GaGa is touched by her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney's sweet reaction to her music.

6th October 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa will ring in 2015 by performing a joint show with Tony Bennett on New Year's Eve (31Dec14) in Las Vegas. The concert will be held at The Cosmopolitan casino and will feature songs from their album Cheek To Cheek.

3rd October 2014

Quote: "Last night when i got my tattoo of the monster paw, I was listening to Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, AC DC, Judas Priest. And then other times I listen to Sigur Ros and nature sounds like birds, water, and such. But on other nights, I like to slug whiskey and scream Bruce Springsteen and Garth Brooks with my dad in the bar at his restaurant." Lady GaGa loves all kinds of music.

3rd October 2014

Quote: "its pretty cool, especially since its it is a-sexual fern, there are 19 species contained within the genus. All sexless, judgeless, How cool. How I wish to be." Lady GaGa tells fans she is thrilled to have a fern named after her during a webchat.

23rd September 2014

Quote: "Celebrity was a thing, especially when Tony first hit the scene. (It) was held in such a beautiful way. Now we've sort of arrived in this modern culture of humiliation with celebrities." Lady GaGa dreams of a bygone era when stars like her pal and collaborator Tony Bennett was among the biggest names.

8th September 2014

Quote: "She's always so refreshing, because she's so creative. I just enjoy being with her... Sometimes when we're at our farm in Pennsylvania, maybe Gaga will come in really short, short jeans and just a T-shirt, brown hair. She's always changing. Even when she's simple, it's more complex than what it seems." Artist Jeff Koons opens up about his friendship with pop star Lady GaGa.

18th August 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa completed the Als Ice Bucket Challenge by tipping freezing water over herself, and she nominated the cast of her boyfriend Taylor Kinney's Tv show Chicago Fire and British singer Adele to follow her lead. The scheme aims to raise money and awareness of Als, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease and motor neurone disease.

22nd July 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa was confronted by a giant inflatable penis during her show in Los Angeles on Monday night (21Jul14). Video footage shows the singer grabbing the toy and throwing it away from her and back into the crowd.

16th July 2014

Tweet: "Happy Birthday to my darling @TaylorKinney11 he plays a hero on Tv but in real life he's my Hero." Lady GaGa wishes her Chicago Fire star boyfriend Taylor Kinney a happy 33rd birthday.

15th July 2014

Quote: "I've been such a huge fan of her for so long. I didn't get to meet Stef (Gaga) until after Taylor and I started to work - I was really glad I had a while to wrap my head around it, because if I'd have met her in my first week in Chicago, I probably would have cried and it would have been real awkward for everyone!" Sophia Bush on meeting Lady GaGa, who is dating the actress' Chicago Pd co-star Taylor Kinney.

25th June 2014

Tweet: "R I P Micheal (sic). We love you. Today the world and media will grieve your absence, and think deeply of how we could have treated you better." Lady GaGa remembers Michael Jackson on the fifth anniversary of his death (25Jun14).

13th June 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa shocked fans in New York City on Thursday (12Jun14) by baring her breasts in a sheer bra. She also decided to leave her trusty wigs at home, displaying a black, partly-shaved hairstyle instead.

21st May 2014

Quote: "I have a new puppy, I play with her. I always feed her, I sleep with her every night, I take her out to go potty and it’s really sweet because she is like my little friend." Lady GaGa is smitten with her new French Bulldog puppy, named Asia.

20th May 2014

Quote: "I don't think it's cool to lip sync. I'm not judging if people do because it's everybody's own style of what they decided to be, the type of artist they will be, but I think if you pay money for a ticket to see a show the artist should f**king have some pipes and sing their records for you." Lady GaGa insists she'll never lip sync at concerts.

15th May 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa was joined by rapper T.I. on stage at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Tuesday night (13May14) to perform their collaboration Jewels N' Drugs.

9th May 2014

Tweet: "I looked out into the crowd during Venus in Ft. Lauderdale and I saw a girl fully undress in the lagoon and begin to dance like a fairy. Its basically what we did while writing the song. I love my fans you're so special." Lady GaGa enjoys seeing her fans strip during her artRave: The ARTPOP Ball concerts.

2nd May 2014

Fact: A designer outfit Lady GaGa wore for a recent Harper's Bazaar magazine photoshoot has sold for $15,625 (£9,766). The singer posed in the mesh bodysuit, created by designers three-Asfour and covered with little mirror pieces, for the publication's March (14) issue and it went under the hammer at Los Angeles' Nate D. Sanders auction house this week (begs28Apr14).

28th April 2014

Tweet: "My sister is graduating from college! Finally I Can Be With Her All The Time" Pop star Lady GaGa is celebrating her younger sister Natali Germanotta's newly acquired degree in fashion design at acclaimed Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.

17th April 2014

Quote: "That's very sweet, I've always been a very big fan of hers and I appreciate her standing up for artists and for me in particular, that's really admirable for her to do that. I think all artists should stand by one another. When it becomes a competition then we're not supporting creativity and art... I thought that was very sweet, so thank you Lily, you're lovely." Lady GaGa thanks Lily Allen for praising her latest album Artpop despite its poor performance.

25th March 2014

Quote: "He's totally in charge. I mean, when I'm home, I'm like, shoes are off, I'm making him dinner. He has a job, too, and he is really busy! I'm in charge all day long, the last thing I want to do is tell him what to do." Lady GaGa on being submissive at home to longtime boyfriend, actor Taylor Kinney.

24th March 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa's new music video for G.U.Y. features Michael Jackson, Jesus Christ and Gandhi impersonators. The 11-minute-long film, which was shot in February (14) at Hearst Castle in California, debuted on the singer's Vevo channel on 22 March (14).

23rd March 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa is giving K-Pop group Crayon Pop the chance to break into the mainstream music industry by inviting the band to join her on her upcoming North American tour. The Korean singers will perform as her support act for a handful of U.S. dates in July (14).

21st March 2014

Quote: "We had our work cut out for us on this video. It was a very big production, we shot for six days. It was just such a pleasure working with the whole team... We just had a really, really great time." Lady GaGa opens up about the extravagant video for her new single G.U.Y. which was shot at the historic Hearst Castle in California.

16th March 2014

Quote: "I'm sorry I didn't sell a million records the first week. I have before. I've sold 27 million albums. I'm very proud of what we did. I've sold as much as everybody else sells. I'm held to such an insane standard; it's almost like everybody forgets where the music business is now." Lady GaGa responds to reports suggesting her new album Artpop has been a flop during her keynote speech at the South by Southwest festival on Friday (14Mar14).

15th March 2014

Quote: "She took me to see the Jingle Ball in New York City... and the Goo Goo Dolls were playing and I remember I was really excited because it was the first time I ever saw production on the stage. There were snowflakes coming down from the ceiling... It was all downhill from there." Lady GaGa recalls the first gig her mother took her to when she was a child.

14th March 2014

Quote: "I love Artpop so much. That album got me through the hardest time. Making that record, it healed my soul every single night. It’s like the most incredible thing when your friend can play a bass line and it gets inside your spirit and your heart like that and you say, 'I was feeling so sick, but then you played that and now I feel so alive and I can keep going'." Making her latest album gave Lady GaGa the impetus she needed to bounce back from hip surgery.

14th March 2014

Quote: "I'm actually really fat right now because I ate barbecue all week... If I see any meat on the street, I just will eat it." Lady GaGa has been gorging herself in between gigs at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas.

14th March 2014

Quote: "I went to a death metal show the other night... I was in the audience and I ran across the street and I had a beer in my hand and I was barefoot and I started headbanging with some strangers... and I just remember the bass player looked up and he was like, 'Holy f**k!'" Lady GaGa surprised a wannabe rock star by showing up unannounced at his band's gig at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas earlier this week (beg10Mar14).

14th March 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa made a spectacular entrance on comic Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show on Thursday (13Mar14) - she arrived in a rickshaw, wrapped in a huge white winter coat made from coffee filters and wearing a matching tall white hat and white platform sneakers, pedalled by a man in a pink unitard. Kimmel has hosted his show from the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas this week and Gaga performed there on Thursday night.

3rd March 2014

Fact: Sir Elton John raised $5.1 million (£3.2 million) for charity from his 22nd Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party on Sunday (02Mar14). The Rocket Man singer and his partner David Furnish were joined by the likes of Robert De Niro, Jane Fonda, Lady GaGa, Ozzy Osbourne and Taylor Swift for the big Hollywood bash, which also featured a silent auction.

3rd March 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa and Kelly Osbourne proved they are pals again following their spat last year (13) by posing together for a photograph at Sir Elton John's Oscars party on Sunday (02Mar14).

6th February 2014

Quote: "My 'home' is a controversial topic. I don't exactly have one... I keep a small rental in New York, where I hang many of my hats when I come to see my parents and New York pals... I do not keep a lot of clothes here - mostly punk wear. And the three most expensive items I've ever purchased, including an actual house: my sable, a strand of diamonds, and my Mikimoto pearls." Lady GaGa still doesn't have a house to call home.

6th February 2014

Quote: "I am better with food. I don't have an eating disorder anymore." Pop superstar Lady GaGa has assured fans her past eating disorders are behind her.

14th January 2014

Quote: "I'm reserved, she's not. For whatever reason it just works... and that's that." Opposites attract for actor Taylor Kinney and his pop superstar girlfriend Lady GaGa. The couple has been dating since the summer of 2011.

14th January 2014

Tweet: "5 years today I had my 1st #1 (number one) song with Just Dance. I can't believe I'm even here. Still making music I believe in. In my big shoes. Paws up." Lady GaGa celebrates five years of chart success.

2nd January 2014

Fact: Lady GaGa has gone topless for a risque new advertisement for Versace. The pop superstar, who was recently unveiled as the new face of the Italian fashion house, debuted the sexy image on on New Year's Day (01Jan14), showing her wearing just a pair of belted black pants. Her long blonde hair is placed strategically over her bare breasts to preserve her modesty.

31st December 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa is ringing in the new year by releasing a new version of her latest single Do What U Want, featuring new vocals by Christina Aguilera. The singers surprised U.S. Tv viewers earlier this month (17Dec13) when they came together to sing the track during the season finale of American talent show The Voice, on which Aguilera is a judge. The single will be released on 1 January (14).

29th November 2013

Fact: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt joined Lady GaGa for a duet of Baby It's Cold Outside for her Muppets holiday Tv special on Thursday (28Nov13).

27th November 2013

Quote: "I'm gonna be in Tokyo having a sushi Thanksgiving." Lady GaGa is planning to celebrate America's upcoming holiday in Japan.

26th November 2013

Quote: "I haven't bought a house (yet). I feel like it makes me a grown up. I'm not ready to be a grown up yet... I really have a hard time being around very luxurious things constantly. And when there's stuff there, it's like telling me to be a rich pop star that cares about things that I just don't care about." Lady GaGa explains why she has yet to settle down in one location.

25th November 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa made quite the entrance at the American Music Awards on Sunday (24Nov13) by arriving on the red carpet sitting atop a white horse structure powered by two strong men. The pop superstar, who wore a lilac Versace gown, revealed the stunt was in tribute to former actress Bianca Jagger, who famously pulled up to New York's fabled Studio 54 club on a real horse for her birthday in 1977.

20th November 2013

Quote: "It has been hard for me to find love, but I have found love. When you meet someone that's not intimidated by the amazing people that are around you, by the love that you receive, when they're happy for you, men weren't always happy for me. It was very challenging to watch a woman be successful." Pop superstar Lady GaGa is finally happy in her personal life after settling down with actor Taylor Kinney. The couple began dating in 2011 after playing lovers in the singer's You and I music video.

12th November 2013

Quote: "I've been addicted to various things since I was young, most heavily over the past seven years. A friend gave me this term, I 'lily pad' from substance to substance because I get to a point where I can't go any further with one substance, so I move to another... I have to be high to be creative. Can I be brilliant without it? I know that I can be and I have to be because I want to live." Lady GaGa is determined to kick her drug dependency.

24th October 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa drew stares in Berlin, Germany on Thursday (24Oct13) when she stepped out sporting a bizarre blonde head piece which covered her entire face. The singer, who is known for her outlandish fashion, is in the city to promote her new album Artpop.

24th October 2013

Tweet: "I'll be debuting a new song in every territory I travel to over the next 3 weeks! An exclusive for each country! Any guesses for Berlin?" Lady GaGa plans to serve up special treats to fans during her promotional tour for her forthcoming album Artpop.

21st October 2013

Tweet: "(been an addict for 10years) #WriteWhatUWant My recovery is a daily battle." Lady GaGa responds to gossip she's always high on drugs.

20th October 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa's Tv special with the characters of The Muppets is set to air in the U.S. on Thanksgiving (28Oct13). The 90-minute programme, titled Lady Gaga and the Muppets' Holiday Spectacular, was previously rumoured to be a Christmas (13) show, but it will instead debut on the American holiday and will feature the pop superstar performing a mix of her hits and festive classics with Jim Henson's puppets.

11th October 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa has recorded a new song with R&B veteran R. Kelly. The tune, titled Do What U Want, has been unveiled as part of the pop superstar's tracklisting for her forthcoming album, Artpop.

30th September 2013

Fact: mjLady GaGa and Tony Bennett's collaborative jazz album is set to hit retailers in January (14). The unlikely pals headed into the studio this summer (13) to work on the project after teaming up to cover The Lady Is A Tramp for the veteran crooner's Duets Ii in 2011.

13th September 2013

Quote: "I am - Stefani is - a perpetually tortured artist. That's why I changed my name. I can't be her in public. She would be a mess!" Lady GaGa, real name Stefani Germanotta, prefers to act as her confident stage alter ego whenever she is in public.

12th September 2013

Quote: "I just think everyone needs to lighten up and leave her alone. It's pop music, everyone's entitled to their own artistic expression and if you have a problem with it just change the channel... She's what 20 years old... She's growing up in front of the entire world and maybe she's not so happy with the things that she did in her career when she was younger and she wants to be free - so let her do what she wants." Lady GaGa defends fellow pop star Miley Cyrus once again over her recent raunchy stage performances.

3rd September 2013

Quote: "I was as usual happy to see you again, and it was so kind of you to attend. I know the fans were excited to see you there!" Lady GaGa gives a special shout-out to British soul star Adele for checking out her gig in London on Sunday (01Sep13).

2nd September 2013

Quote: "I don't think I will ever stop performing. I don't think I'll be dancing on stage the same way or performing in the same way, but I'll find a way." Lady GaGa can't envision herself ever really retiring from the spotlight.

2nd September 2013

Quote: "Actually I'm very inspired right now by older, classical artwork and I've been looking at the Venus de Milo and I thought it would be fun for my fans, especially during Applause, my single now, to be the Botticelli Venus de Milo in motion, so she's coming to life through me." Lady GaGa is channelling 15th century Italian artist Sandro Botticelli's vision of Venus, the Roman goddess of love, for her new look. The superstar recently performed at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York wearing a long blonde wig with seashells in her hair, while she also donned a bra fashioned from scallop shells.

28th August 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa made sure she didn't go unnoticed in London after leaving her hotel in a sheer pink bra, which exposed her nipples, and baggy latex pants, while she sipped a drink from a pig snout-shaped cup. The star is in the U.K. capital ahead of her set at the 2013 iTunes Festival on Sunday (01Sep13).

27th August 2013

Quote: "My mom was really angry actually. Can you believe that of all the things I've done the nose ring is what made her upset... I tried to shave my eyebrows two weeks ago and then I wanted to get more of my face pierced but they weren't having it." Lady GaGa on her new face jewellery she sported at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (25Aug13).

23rd August 2013

Quote: "I have better rotation now. I'm a better dancer than I was before." Pop star Lady GaGa is adamant her moves have improved since she underwent surgery on her hip.

16th August 2013

Quote: "It feels quite funny because I remember there was a similar thing when Lights, my album, was up against Gaga's and it somehow got to No.1 above her album, so it feels like that again. It's her big comeback single and she hasn't released anything in a while. Hopefully mine will stay at the top. It's put up a really good fight... It's mad." British singer Ellie Goulding on the U.K. chart fight between her song Burn and Lady GaGa's Applause this week (ends18Aug13).

13th August 2013

Fact: Pop stars Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry, and Blurred Lines hitmaker Robin Thicke have been added to the list of performers at the MTV Video Music Awards. Lady GaGa will also be hitting the stage at the prizegiving, that will take place in Brooklyn, New York on 25 August (13).

12th August 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa officially debuted her new single Applause online on Monday (12Aug13), a week ahead of schedule, after a snippet of the track leaked on Saturday (10Aug13). The pop superstar lashed out at the hackers responsible for the unauthorised release via a series of weekend posts on and called on fans to report any information about the privacy violation directly to her label bosses at Universal Music Group.

11th August 2013

Tweet: "Katy Perry excited to hear your (new song) Roar, sorry to hear about your truck!" Lady GaGa reaches out to Katy Perry after hearing that the singer's promotional truck, which was touring America promoting her new album, was involved in a crash.

27th July 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa has posed completely naked in a new picture to promote her upcoming album Artpop. The singer is seen reclining nude on a chair made up of electronic circuit boards.

26th July 2013

Fact: Singer Katy Perry has bumped Lady GaGa into third place on the of popularity chart. The Born This Way hitmaker used to be number one with approximately 39.3 million followers, but pop star Justin Bieber passed her with 42 million. Perry now has 39.8 million, making her the most followed female on the social networking site.

24th July 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa is showing off a new accessory - a pierced septum. The singer is seen sporting the nose ring in a picture posted on her webpage.

12th July 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa has deactivated her account. The singer, who was among the first stars to reach the million follower milestone on the website, has temporarily shut down activity on her page, which is left with the message, "This interface has been shutdown temporarily. Please check back for updates."

12th July 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa is set to be back at work by next month (Aug13) - her new single will be released on 19 August (13), followed by her Artpop album on 11 November (13). Gaga has been taking time out of the spotlight in recent months following her hip surgery in February (13).

11th July 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa is preparing to return to the spotlight with a gig at London's Roundhouse in September (13). The Poker Face hitmaker, who has been out of the public eye since undergoing hip surgery in February (13), will be playing the concert as part of the annual free iTunes Festival, which brings 30 nights of different acts to the venue.

5th June 2013

Fact: A fake fingernail worn by pop star Lady GaGa sold last week (30May13) for $12,000 (£7,741) on auction website The black acrylic nail was worn by the singer at the launch of her Fame fragrance at New York department store MACy's last September (12). According to the auction listing, the nail was recovered by a crew member.

25th April 2013

Quote: "I'm very proud to say that Lady GaGa is a friend of mine... I'm sure that, if Gianni were still alive, he would have been a huge fan of hers... I'm very happy she is part of the Versace family." Fashion designer Donatella Versace opens up about her relationship with Lady Gaga and insists her late brother, style mogul Gianni Versace, would also have worked with the singer.

3rd April 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa's stylist Nicola Formichetti is stepping down as the creative director at Thierry Mugler. Formichetti has held the post since 2011, but has now decided to pursue new opportunities.

31st March 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa has been using a designer wheelchair since her recent hip surgery. The singer has been photographed getting about in a chair branded by French fashion house Louis Vuitton. Gaga is currently recovering from an operation after an injury forced her to cancel the remaining dates on her world tour.

23rd March 2013

Fact: Tony Bennett and Lady GaGa will be heading to the studio together in June (13) to record their planned jazz album.

15th February 2013

Quote: "I love Taylor! I have no doubt he's the one for her! I thought he was going to be too hot to be interesting and cool (when I first met him), but I was wrong. He's totally awesome. Being with Taylor makes Gaga really happy and comfortable." Lady GaGa's best pal Lady Starlight gives the pop superstar's actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney the seal of approval.

22nd January 2013

Fact: The leading ladies of the music world have all posed for a Vogue magazine cover celebrating the best of pop. The line-up includes Lady GaGa, Madonna, Britney Spears, Cher, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Jennifer Lopez.

17th January 2013

Tweet: "Heya (sic) Lady GaGa! It's my birthday today! Can I get a message, a retweet or even a follow back? That would be great!" Kaiser Chiefs star Ricky Wilson wants a personal message from Lady Gaga to mark his 35th birthday on Thursday (17Jan13).

16th January 2013

Quote: "So proud of Justin Bieber and all the Beliebers! I'm only happy to see your fans growing in size, you all deserve it! Monsters (my fans) support you!" Lady GaGa gives her backing to teenage pop star Justin Bieber.

11th January 2013

Fact: Lady GaGa befriended basketball legend Scottie Pippen after meeting him at the 24th annual Evening With the Chicago Bulls gala in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday (08Jan13). The pop star and her actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney got a basketball signed by Pippen, and later partied with him and his wife, Larsa, at hot spot Studio Paris, according to the New York Post's Page Six.

9th January 2013

Tweet: "Laying in bed high listening to Bowie's new song. A moment of bliss I never thought I'd have again. Listening to new Bowie for the first time." Lady GaGa is a big fan of David Bowie's new single Where Are We Now?, which was released on Tuesday (08Jan13) marking his first new music in 10 years.

17th December 2012

Tweet: "When Ron Wood gave me his pick and said I really love that song about you (your) Hair, is that not every girl's dream." Lady GaGa is thrilled with a gift and compliment from Ronnie Wood after she performed with The Rolling Stones in New Jersey on Saturday night (15Dec12).

27th November 2012

Tweet: "Today is the bday of The Monster Ball! I remember i was broke, living show to show. Then LiveNation gave me a contract that changed my life". Lady GaGa marks the anniversary of her first world tour.

13th November 2012

Quote: "Congratulations to everyone who won!! No monsters (fans) should not be upset... We won like 5 awards last years (sic) for the (best) video, best female, best fans... etc. We can't win all the time, they have (to) make room on the shelves!!" Lady GaGa isn't upset after failing to win a single trophy at the MTV Europe Music Awards on Sunday night (11Nov12).

7th November 2012

Quote: "A friend got it for me a couple of years ago and it stuck. I have all of them. I have the Silver, there's a Faith Hill Soul2Soul thing (perfume). They have it all locked." Lady GaGa's actor boyfriend Taylor Kinney is a big fan of Tim MCGraw's cologne range.

1st November 2012

Quote: "When I heard it was on the news, where they talk about wars, the economy crashing and the election - I just thought, 'This is f**king ridiculous.' I don't really care if they think I'm fat, because, quite honestly, I did gain about 30 pounds. Adele is bigger than me, how come nobody says anything about it? She's so wonderful and her confidence is something I have to match." Lady GaGa was amazed when her weight gain hit headlines earlier this year (12).

9th October 2012

Quote: "It was a real surprise. I thought she looked gorgeous. But I think it was same dress. I know it went into some Gianni Versace museum - it was snatched away from me 18 years ago - but I have a feeling it's exactly the same one." British model Elizabeth Hurley was stunned to see Lady GaGa in her infamous Versace safety pin dress, which catapulted the actress to fame when she wore it in 1994.

8th October 2012

Fact: More than 4,000 fans flocked to Harrods in London to meet Lady GaGa on Sunday (07Oct12) as she launched her Fame fragrance at the famous department store. The outrageous star made a dramatic arrival - pulling up in a black and gold horse and carriage - and held a tea party with contest winners.

7th October 2012

Fact: Lady GaGa has set a new milestone after becoming the first person to top 30 million followers on the micro-blogging site. The pop superstar was also the first to smash the 10 million and 20 million barriers in May, 2011 and March, 2012, respectively. Her closest competitor is Justin Bieber, who boasts 28 million followers.

3rd October 2012

Tweet: "I bet she had no idea I'm a huge fan. This is so amazing I peed my pants. Rebel Wilson singing The Edge of Glory." Lady GaGa was thrilled to hear her hit belted out by the BRIDESMAIDS star on a U.S. Tv talk show.

14th September 2012

Quote: "I personally quite like leather smells and sort of tobacco smells and alcohol smells, things that smell like you've been in a bar being bad all night, I really like that." Lady GaGa, who is dating Vampire Diaries hunk Taylor Kinney, loves her man to smell like he's been up all night.

14th September 2012

Quote: "The fans, when they want to smell me, they say, 'Gaga, can I smell the fame?'" Lady GaGa on the inspiration for the name of her new perfume, Fame.

12th September 2012

Tweet: "@britneyspears good luck on x-factor! so excited to see you on TV again. you look so princess high". Lady GaGa wishes her pop pal well as she prepares to watch the Toxic hitmaker make her debut on America's The X Factor on Wednesday night (12Sep12).

6th September 2012

Fact: Lady GaGa's infamous meat dress is set to go on public display at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C. from Friday (07Sep12). The piece is featured in an exhibition with other items from pioneering women in the music industry. The dress, which the singer wore to the 2010 Mtv Video Music Awards, was previously displayed at America's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

3rd September 2012

Fact: Lady GaGa is sporting a new tattoo - an anchor to the side of her left breast. The singer unveiled a picture of her new inking on her Little Monsters website on Saturday (01Sep12).

27th August 2012

Quote: "I am tougher than most chicks. I would say that I am tougher than most people. I am rarely truly shaken to my core in an ego-driven way. Of course things can catch me off guard, but for the most part I'm pretty focused on the work, and that sort of saves me from all the noise." Lady GaGa refuses to let critics' harsh comments about her controversial stage shows or fashion choices get to her.

9th August 2012

Quote: "I don't really make records for people to listen to and go, 'Wow, she's a genius.' I'd really like you to order a drink, maybe kiss the person you came with that evening, or rediscover something about your past that makes you feel even more brave." Lady GaGa wants fans who come to her concerts to have a good time.

5th August 2012

Tweet: "The Olympics is the best ever but I went through a whole pack of tissues last night watching hard working athletes achieve their dreams." Lady GaGa gets emotional watching the London 2012 Olympic Games.

5th August 2012

Fact: Lady GaGa has revealed the title of her new album by unveiling her new tattoo. The singer has had the name Artpop inked onto the inside of her arm.

1st August 2012

Tweet: "why is there no show on food televisions in US focused on super healthy chefs with innovative techniques. we need to modernize! know any?" Lady GaGa wants to learn healthy-eating tips from culinary TV shows.

31st July 2012

Tweet: "the olympics is the best ever. but i went through a whole pack of tissues last night. watching hard working athletes achieve their dreams". Lady GaGa is reduced to tears watching the London 2012 Games.

25th July 2012

Tweet: "geez this kirstew rob stuff is brutal. makes me sad the way press acts. hope they're ok". Lady GaGa sympathises with Kristen Stewart after the actress apologised for allegedly cheating on her Twilight co-star and real-life boyfriend Robert Pattinson with her Snow White And The Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

16th July 2012

Tweet: "So apparently my (number) of followers is nearly equivalent to the entire population of Australia and NZ (New Zealand) combined. Twitterland Is A Real Place." Pop superstar Lady GaGa can't believe she boasts over 27 million followers on

11th July 2012

Fact: Lady GaGa launched her own social networking site on Tuesday (10Jul12)., which takes its title from the nickname the singer uses for her fans, features a news section and discussion forums.

6th July 2012

Tweet: "ladygaga I can't wait for u to hear it!! Thanks for the mention. Exciting days kisses". Gwen Stefani reaches out to celebrity fan Lady GaGa after the Paparazzi hitmaker tweeted about her anticipation for the new No Doubt record.

6th July 2012

Tweet: ‏"Is anyone else freaking out about No Doubt putting out a new album. I can't wait!" Lady GaGa is excited about the Don'T Speak hitmakers' upcoming record.

30th June 2012

Tweet: "Anyone hear the sigh of relief emitted by popstars worldwide when Adele announced her pregnancy?... Congratulations gorgeous!" Lady GaGa is delighted with Adele's baby news. The Someone Like You hitmaker announced on Friday (29Jun12) she's starting a family with boyfriend Simon Konecki.

20th June 2012

Fact: Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban dined at Greek restaurant The Apollo in Sydney, Australia before heading to a Lady GaGa concert to celebrate the actress turning 45 on Wednesday (20Jun12).

14th June 2012

Tweet: "Nothing like being in traffic with monsters going to Btw Ball. Should I hang out the window and yell, 'Probably need to get there before you!'" Pop star Lady GaGa faced gridlock on her way to her Born This Way Ball show in Brisbane, Australia on Thursday (14Jun12).

1st June 2012

Fact: Lady GaGa channelled her inner Marilyn Monroe for tribute photo to the late Hollywood star on what would have been her 86th birthday on Friday (01Jun12). The singer curled her hair and donned red lipstick as she posed in her hotel room for the snap, which she posted on She tweeted, "HappyBirthdayMarilyn They'll never take our blonde hair and lipstick."

1st June 2012

Tweet: "25 million tweety monsters wow! I'm officially feeling like the luckiest girl in the world today." Lady GaGa celebrates after becoming the first user to pass 25 million followers.

30th May 2012

Tweet: "What a beautiful day! I have the day off. I think I'll dive head first into this bottle of Anejo and write some questionable poetry." Lady GaGa sips tequila during a break on her Born This Way Ball world tour.

29th May 2012

Quote: "My dad called me Loopy - 'cos I was a little loopy." Lady GaGa reveals her childhood nickname.

5th April 2012

Quote: "We stayed in, cooked steaks, and watched Shameless. It was all very normal, and she is so nice." Emmy Rossum and her boyfriend Tyler Jacob Moore enjoyed a double date with Lady GaGa and her partner Taylor Kinney, thanks to the actors' friendship from starring in U.S. TV comedy Shameless.

28th March 2012

Tweet: "Thank you so much for all your Birthday messages. I'm having a wonderful day! #BornThisDay. 26! To 26 more years of touring with you babes!" Lady GaGa thanks fans for their birthday wishes. One group of devotees even posted a video featuring footage of the singer with her fans online.

23rd March 2012

Tweet: "Hot yoga time, post rehearsal. Though my a** is kicked from dancing may I succumb to the heat and focus on conditioning. No pain, no fear." Lady GaGa is feeling the pain amid rehearsals for her upcoming world tour.

19th March 2012

Quote: "There are no longer cockroaches, there are now more mice. They sometimes pop up in the kitchen when I am cooking, and you hear me screaming." Lady GaGa admits her parents' New York apartment is infested by unwanted guests.

18th March 2012

Quote: "I kinda liked it... I don't like talking to celebrities, so I figured if it stinks they won't come close." Lady GaGa liked the famous meat dress she wore to the 2010 Mtv Video Music Awards more and more as the night went on.

16th March 2012

Quote: "I want kids, I wanna soccer team and I want a husband." Lady GaGa is hoping for a big family.

24th February 2012

Tweet: "Oh the irony of winning 'Most Pretentious Album Ever' from none other than NME. *eyeroll* I might laugh forever (and) then return to narcissism." Lady GaGa hits back after Britain's Nme magazine gave her album Born This Way an unflattering honour.

15th February 2012

Fact: Lady GaGa will officially launch her Born This Way Foundation with a little help from Oprah Winfrey. The Paparazzi hitmaker is holding a big event for the youth charity at Harvard University in Massachusetts on 29 February (12) and the bash will be filmed for an upcoming episode of Oprah's Next Chapter.

14th February 2012

Tweet: "What a beautiful night last night was, Adele deserved every award she won and perhaps an extra one for being such a kind and lovely woman." Lady GaGa congratulates the British soul star on the six Grammy Awards she won on Sunday (12Feb12).

9th February 2012

Fact: Lady GaGa is gearing up to hit the road for her new Born This Way Ball. The pop superstar will kick off her 110 concert trek in April (12) and the first 11 dates, announced on Wednesday (08Feb12), will take place in South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, New Zealand and Australia.

7th February 2012

Tweet: "Really wanna get a new tattoo. Can't decide where. Was thinking on inside of my forearm under the peace sign. Whatcha think." Lady GaGa asks fans for advice on a new piece of body art.

1st February 2012

Tweet: "I'm so proud of my parents! Tonight their restaurant opens in NY. Joanne Trattoria. My dad built with his two hands, mommy decorated." Lady GaGa is excited for her parents on their big night.

1st February 2012

Quote: "I want a baby from an Italian - possibly Sicilian - donor." Pop star Lady GaGa jokes about becoming a mother through artificial insemination.

31st January 2012

Tweet: "Looking forward to seeing the Superbowl! The halftime show will be wonderful I'm sure. An excuse to drink beer+watch boys in tights. #yes" Lady GaGa is excited to see pop superstar Madonna perform this Sunday (05Feb12) during the American football championship.

27th January 2012

Fact: Bono, Lady GaGa, Stevie Wonder and the Black Eyed Peas were among the stars who filmed special video messages wishing U.S. comedienne Ellen DeGeneres a happy birthday for her anniversary show on Thursday (26Jan11). Pop pal Pink had a very special message for the chat show host - she introduced her to seven-month-old baby Willow.

26th January 2012

Fact: Outrageous singer Beth Ditto is following in the footsteps of Lady GaGa and Fergie by launching a make-up line with beauty company Mac Cosmetics. The Gossip star's range will hit stores this summer (12).

26th January 2012

Quote: "If they're expecting to come in here and see Grammys and pictures and stuff like that, it's not going to happen." Lady GaGa's father Joseph Germanotta insists his new Italian restaurant in Manhattan, Joanne Trattoria, won't become a shrine to his famous daughter.

18th January 2012

Quote: "She's a good friend of mine. I love her spunk and spirit." Aerosmith star Steven Tyler on his fondness for Lady GaGa.

12th January 2012

Quote: "When I first saw her I was really impressed by her and she was cool. She did remind me of me back in the day. I do think she is very talented." Madonna reveals she's a fan of Lady GaGa.

10th January 2012

Quote: "In Tokyo, they have all these stores that have fake Chanel and Versace. And I'm an Italian from New York, so I still buy it." Despite her wealth, Lady GaGa buys counterfeit designer goods despite her wealth.

29th December 2011

Tweet: "I'm so looking forward to performing on Nye+dropping the Ball with Mayor Bloomberg! What an honor as a New Yorker!". Lady GaGa can't wait to press the button for the Times Square ball drop on New Year's Eve (31Dec11) to countdown the last minute of 2011.

20th December 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa has beaten late Apple founder Steve Jobs to claim the Entertainer of the Year title from the Associated Press. The pop superstar follows in the footsteps of previous honourees Taylor Swift, veteran actress Betty White and comedienne Tina Fey.

13th December 2011

Quote: "My parents' room and the one I shared with my sister were on the top floor. There are no doors on the bedrooms. My parents could hear everything me and my sister said growing up. And I heard them too!" Lady GaGa on her unconventional family home when she was growing up.

13th December 2011

Quote: "My parents' room and the one I shared with my sister were on the top floor. There are no doors on the bedrooms. My parents could hear everything me and my sister said growing up. And I heard them too!" Lady GaGa on sharing close quarters with her family growing up in New York.

12th December 2011

Quote: "She's very sweet. I think what undercuts it all, though, is that she's talented and she writes everything. I just admire all of the hats and the dresses and the madness and everything because I know that underneath it all she can beat me at writing choruses." Coldplay rocker Chris Martin is a big fan of Lady GaGa.

8th December 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa has penned a new song about late British royal Diana, Princess Of Wales, detailing the pitfalls of fame and celebrity death.

8th December 2011

Quote: "I guess my dream would be to be in a Woody Allen movie or something." Lady GaGa on her acting dreams.

1st December 2011

Quote: "She's been great... (She sings) Over The Rainbow, Somewhere Over The Rainbow, it's great." Sir Elton John reveals Lady GaGa loves to sing the classic Judy Garland song to her godson Zachary.

26th November 2011

Quote: "Cooking is such a huge part of my life that nobody really knows about. It's what I do on the road when I'm alone to make me feel happy." Lady GaGa on her culinary skills.

25th November 2011

Quote: "The day I get married, no matter how many helicopters are flying over that chapel, they're not getting one picture and I'm not selling one photo... I don't know how artists talk about their marriages, or their divorces or their boyfriends." Lady GaGa prefers to talk about her private life in "a poetic way" through her music.

25th November 2011

Quote: "She's very creative and very productive and I think as time goes on she might become America's Picasso." Tony Bennett has high hopes for duet partner Lady GaGa.

23rd November 2011

Fact: Talented Lady GaGa stepped behind the camera to direct her upcoming Thanksgiving Day U.S. TV special A Very Gaga Christmas and her new video Marry The Night.

20th November 2011

Quote: "Have I changed a nappy? I did assist. I assisted in nappy-changing. It was more of a supervisor's role. It was a management position." Lady GaGa on her Godmother diaper duties to Sir Elton John's son Zachary.

3rd November 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa has broken another record - a larger-than-life magazine cover featuring the singer has won a place in the Guinness World Records. The singer dressed as an oil-slicked mermaid for the seven-foot (2.1 metre) high edition of art publication Visionaire 61. It has been named the largest magazine ever published.

2nd November 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa's ex-boyfriend Luc Carl is opening a three-storey bar in New York City's Lower East Side later this month (Nov11). Ludlow Manor will feature a tapas restaurant, a club and a rooftop lounge with a retractable roof.

27th October 2011

Tweet: "I am finally here + what a dream come true. Performing at Formula 1 in India, and my first day here I reached #15million monsters." Pop superstar Lady GaGa touches down in India to discover she's cracked the 15 million followers mark on

18th October 2011

Fact: Justin Bieber will ring in 2012 with Lady GaGa in New York after signing up to perform on the DICk Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve show. The two pop superstars will take over Times Square on 31 December (11) to help celebrate the new year.Visit our Facebook page for a chance to Win a SIGNED Justin Bieber Poster

13th October 2011

Quote: "Nobody can be like Madonna. She does things that Madonna has already done. Madonna is also very beautiful. She can be a blonde, a redhead, black-haired. Lady GaGa can’t do it." Designer Jean-Paul Gaultier remains loyal to his longtime collaborator Madonna over her young rival Lady Gaga.

6th October 2011

Tweet: "From his own invention I open my browser to it's homepage. Today it took my breath away. #ThankYouSteve. Going to eat Apples all day." Lady GaGa is saddened by the death of Apple Inc. co-founder Steve Jobs, who died on Wednesday (05Oct11), aged 56.

5th October 2011

Quote: "She's very interesting, I think she might be becoming one of the greatest ever entertainers that ever lived. She's so brilliant... her instinct, about what to do, it takes years to learn how to put humour into your performance and she does it automatically - she's very bright." Tony Bennett is a big fan of Lady GaGa, who recorded a song with him for his new album, Duets II.

5th October 2011

Quote: "I also took a trip out to California last week, where I held some productive bilateral talks with your leader, Lady GaGa. She was wearing 16-inch heels. She was eight feet tall. It was a little intimidating." U.S. President Barack Obama jokes about meeting Lady Gaga at a California fundraiser during a speech at the Human Rights Campaign gala in Washington, D.C.

28th September 2011

Fact: Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt gave pop hits by Kelly Clarkson and Lady GaGa a death metal makeover during an appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (27Sep11) when he teamed up with the host to sing reworked karaoke hits and covered Since U Been Gone and The Edge of Glory. The Hollywood star portrayed a heavy metal fan in independent drama Hesher earlier this year (11).

26th September 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa attended a fundraising event for U.S. President Barack Obama in California on Sunday (25Sep11). Earlier this month (Sep11), she vowed to meet the politician to discuss the death of a teenager who allegedly committed suicide after being bullied over his sexuality.

22nd September 2011

Quote: "Mary Magdalene. I'd go back in time, bring her to the future and take her for sushi." Lady GaGa names Jesus' disciple as her fantasy dinner guest. The pop superstar dressed up as the religious figure in her video for Judas.

21st September 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa has revived the mermaid act she debuted on tour for a fashion film to promote her new single You And I. The singer is seen wearing a mermaid's tail, sitting in a director's chair, smoking.

21st September 2011

Quote: “Whenever I wear something crazy and my dad gives me a hard time, I say, ‘Well, at least I’m not walking out on the street with red pasties,’ and he’ll be like, ‘Good point.’” Lady GaGa's younger sister Natali Germanotta can get away with much more in the fashion stakes since her outlandish sister hit the headlines.

15th September 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa has picked up a Guinness World Record - the Poker Face singer now holds the official title for the Most Followers on

11th September 2011

Quote: "She's a beautiful, sweet little Italian girl." Tony Bennett on Lady GaGa, who recorded with the legendary singer for new album Duets Ii.

9th September 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa will ring in 2012 by performing in New York City's Times Square on New Year's Eve (31Dec11). The singer's concert will air on the U.S. TV special DICk Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest.

8th September 2011

Fact: Pop superstar Lady GaGa will ring in the new year (12) in style - she's set to perform in New York City's famed Times Square as part of DICk Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest. The celebrations will continue on America's West Coast with I Gotta Feeling hitmaker Fergie hosting the Los Angeles special on 31 December (11).

7th September 2011

Quote: "I fell off a lot in the beginning, but one of the surfers said to me, 'Now that you can stand up, just look into the future and enjoy the ride.' I thought that was an interesting metaphor about life." Lady GaGa on her surfing tips.

23rd August 2011

Quote: "I don't mind her music. The kids have had a jig around the kitchen to it. I listen to it if it's on in the house, Paparazzi and all that. I wouldn't buy it or download it or condone it in anyway but I don’t mind Lady GaGa. She’s better then most of the sh**e that's out there." Noel Gallagher on Lady Gaga.

19th August 2011

Fact: Beyonce's sold out concerts at New York's Roseland Ballroom continue to attract the stars - her Telephone collaborator Lady GaGa and former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland were among the fans cheering her on when she performed on Thursday (18Aug11). The Crazy In Love hitmaker's intimate show has previously been watched by husband Jay Z, rapper Sean 'Diddy' Combs, and singers Ne-Yo and The-Dream. The R&B superstar will play the last of four dates on Friday (19Aug11).

19th August 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa stripped down her performance for a promotional advert for the upcoming MTV Video Music Awards later this month (Aug11) - the star takes off her bra while playing the piano.

17th August 2011

Quote: "I never met a more talented person in my life... I think she's going to become as big as Elvis Presley." Tony Bennett on Lady GaGa, who joins the crooner for a rendition of The Lady is a Tramp on his new Duets II album.

10th August 2011

Quote: "I love her music (but) I’m blind, so I really don’t see all those sexy outfits. I can only see her legs when she’s on TV, so it’s good that she wears those outfits - so I can spot her." Lady GaGa's 80-year-old grandmother, Angelin Germanotta, doesn't get the full benefit of the pop star's bizarre fashion choices.

5th August 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa is set to team up with iconic fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier for a TV special on U.S. network CW this September (12Sep11). The two will sit down for an interview to discuss the pop star's love of style, her rise to fame and her provocative image.

3rd August 2011

Quote: "She told me when she was 14, she sat outside a radio station with 'Nsync painted on her cheek. She said, 'I hope that doesn't make you feel awkward.' I said, 'Hell, no. It makes me feel old.'" Justin Timberlake was idolised by a teenage Lady GaGa.

1st August 2011

Quote: "I don't do any hard drugs anymore. I am a member of the green club, sometimes." Pop superstar Lady GaGa enjoys relaxing with a marijuana joint once in a while.

1st August 2011

Quote: "I eat meat, I'm Italian, but after I saw that I couldn't even eat chicken!" Lady GaGa was briefly turned off eating meat after watching 2008 farming documentary Food, Inc.

30th July 2011

Fact: Fashion-forward Lady GaGa unveiled a mock baby-wear range during an appearance on comedian Jimmy Kimmel's U.S. chat show on Thursday (28Jul11). She posed for a photoshoot with babies wearing garments including a mini take on the famous meat dress she wore to last year's (10) MTV Video Music Awards, a bubble dress similar to one she donned on her 2009 The Fame Ball Tour, and a sparkly green leotard.

22nd July 2011

Quote: "He saw a lot of himself in me. My first piano teacher was a stripper. My dad told me later. I used to say to her, 'Why do you have such long nails?' She just said, 'Someday you'll understand why.'" Lady GaGa inherited her wild ways from her father Joe, who once hired an exotic dancer to teach his daughter to play piano.

20th July 2011

Quote: "I think it's quite funny, really. She came to a show in Tampa and we met her. She seemed to really like the band and my kids all wanted their photos taken with her, so it was good fun. There've been a few unlikely people that are into Maiden. Even Miley Cyrus, for example. I just take it as a compliment." Iron Maiden star Steve Harris on his unlikely celebrity fans, Lady GaGa amd Miley Cyrus.

19th July 2011

Quote: "I don't think I could walk down the street wearing bubbles or a dress made of ham. What Lady GaGa has done has been kind of amazing. I am the opposite. I wear clothes I would wear on the street. I'm all about a real look." Rihanna admires Lady Gaga's kooky fashion sense.

18th July 2011

Quote: "I had a lot of eating problems when I was younger and I think that they never really went away and I can relate to girls who feel that way... I think there have been in the history of music so many people who don't fit the impossible model... I mean, Aretha Franklin's got an angel in her throat. To me, Aretha Franklin is beautiful." Lady GaGa can empathise with girls who worry about their weight.

18th July 2011

Quote: "I wrote Born This Way in the shower". Lady GaGa reveals she wrote her hit track in an unlikely place.

15th July 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa had her official account restored late on Thursday (14Jul11), hours after it was suspended due to a copyright infringement. The page was temporarily blocked because it featured footage from the singer's recent appearance on Japanese TV show Smap x Smap.

6th July 2011

Quote: "There's no drama, there's no jealousy, there's no competition. They're just happy to see other women winning. I just feel so connected to Madonna in a lot of ways, and I feel connected to Barbra (Streisand), and I feel connected to Cher and Blondie and all of the women who came before me." Lady GaGa is flattered to be compared to so many powerful female music icons.

4th July 2011

Tweet: "Happy 4th of July to my home! Be back soon to kiss you Usa! Off to Singapore." Lady GaGa celebrates America's Independence Day (04Jul11) while on tour in South East Asia.

3rd July 2011

Quote: "If you were to ask me to remove my Philip Treacy hat at a party, in truth it's the emotional equivalent of requesting I remove my liver." Fashion-forward pop star Lady GaGa insists her elaborate wardrobe picks are essential to her being.

3rd July 2011

Tweet: "Swoon! Nick Jonas singing The Edge of Glory... On my way to press conference in Taichung (Taiwan), listening to it. So dreamy!" Lady GaGa is impressed with Nick Jonas' cover of her latest hit.

24th June 2011

Quote: "We'd make quite an epic collaboration. I'd love it to happen." Outlandish British singer Patrick Wolf would love to team up with eccentric star Lady GaGa.

24th June 2011

Quote: "There's nobody like her. She was way ahead of Lady GaGa and Madonna and all these gals who broke the rules. She was funny." Barry Manilow heaps praise on veteran performer Bette Midler.

17th June 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa's new Edge Of Glory video features a cameo from saxophonist Clarence Clemons. He appears sitting next to Gaga on a New York City stoop in the promo. The E Street Band star, who provided the sax solo in the song, is currently recovering from a stroke.M

15th June 2011

Fact: Pop star Lady GaGa is following in the footsteps of actress Eva Longoria - she's also taking sign language lessons. The Bad Romance hitmaker recently hired a private tutor so she can learn to communicate with her hard-of-hearing fans.

15th June 2011

Quote: "Let's talk about Lady GaGa for a minute. She's a force. Beyond awesome... If I were Lady Gaga, I'd do whatever I wanted, which it looks like she's doing. She's just plain old good." Justin Timberlake is a big fan of Lady Gaga.

14th June 2011

Quote: "She's like a motorbike on the front cover of the album isn't she? Anyone who has that idea is alright with me. Imagine that meeting. Like, 'I've got an idea for the front cover. It's me, but I'm a motorbike'." Arctic Monkeys star Alex Turner is full of praise for the cover of Lady GaGa's latest album Born This Way. His band's new record, Suck It And See, has knocked Gaga's from the top of the charts in the U.K.

13th June 2011

Quote: "I'm having an obsession with Versace. Donatella has opened the archives for the first time since Gianni's death." Lady GaGa is reviving the legendary Italian designer's clothing.

6th June 2011

Fact: Pop singer Lady GaGa will lend her star power to the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender (Lgbt) community at the weekend (11-12Jun11) when she joins the annual Euro Pride parade in Rome, Italy. The Born This Way hitmaker and outspoken gay rights activist accepted the invitation from organisers on Monday (06Jun11).

1st June 2011

Quote: "I'm feeling brave and confident these days. I know exactly what I am doing." Lady GaGa doesn't regret any of her wacky fashion choices.

31st May 2011

Quote: "I'd love to do a duet, always wanted to work with Madonna, but she never asked. (Madonna and Lady GaGa are) the perfect fit. I'm as outrageous as they are. I was gaudy before they were gaudy." Country music icon Dolly Parton would love to collaborate with pop superstars Madonna and Lady Gaga.

29th May 2011

Quote: "My dad had a Lady GaGa licence plate on our old car and it was making me crazy because he was getting followed everywhere, so I bought him a new car." Lady Gaga purchased a luxury Rolls Royce car for her parents to mark their wedding anniversary.

28th May 2011

Quote: "I was quite certain everyone was going to love that cover, but you never know. You have to be willing to take the darts and take the bullets for what you believe in, but my heart is still beating very strong, so I can take all the bullets." Lady GaGa accepts not everyone is a fan of the cover art for her new album Born This Way, which features the singer as half woman, half motorcycle.

26th May 2011

Quote: "When I am not onstage I feel dead. Whether that is healthy or not to you, or healthy or not to anyone, or a doctor, is really of no concern to me. I don't feel alive unless I'm performing, and that's just the way I was born." Pop star Lady GaGa lives for the limelight.

26th May 2011

Quote: "I'm so excited for Adele. She's doing so well all over the world and it's wonderful to see the world embrace her. She's beaten some of my chart records but I'm happy for her." Lady GaGa praises her chart rival, British soul singer Adele.

26th May 2011

Quote: "I thought it would be really sweet to do a Christmas release of Gaga and the jazz standards. I really want to do it. I've spoken to my manager." Lady GaGa is planning to record a festive Christmas album.

25th May 2011

Quote: "She's invented something that feels very fresh." Oscar winner Penelope Cruz is a big fan of pop superstar Lady GaGa.

25th May 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa's upcoming Rolling Stone magazine cover will be her third in two years.

24th May 2011

Quote: "We used to do a variety show. We would wear matching bikinis and I would play my pop songs. I'm telling you, if you take your clothes off, it's amazing what will happen." Pop star Lady GaGa and her pal Lady Starlight used to perform at underground New York City clubs before becoming famous.

24th May 2011

Quote: "Justin's so cool and he's so great. I was laughing. I needed a diaper on set. I was peeing my pants... It's painful how funny they are." Lady GaGa on performing spoof video Threeway with Justin Timberlake and comedian Andy Samberg on Saturday Night Live at the weekend (21May11).

24th May 2011

Quote: "In my line of work, I don't know that they can teach you how to ride disco sticks." Singer Lady GaGa, referencing lyrics from her hit song Love Games, has ruled out going back to college because the courses wouldn't be relevant to a pop star's career.

24th May 2011

Quote: "I like bad boys, but, like, not just a bit of a bad boy - I like a lot of a bad boy... I'd like to (get married one day). I always joke that if I ever got married, it would be a huge, theatrical affair, but we would only invite, like, 15 people." Lady GaGa on love and marriage.

24th May 2011

Quote: "I was working on (new track) Hair... I got up to go to the bathroom. I was taking a pee and then I thought of the chorus. I ran out and I said, 'I have the chorus!'" Lady GaGa finds inspiration in the strangest places.

24th May 2011

Quote: "Justin was like, 'Umm, so, umm, we have a skit idea and umm, well, I'm not really good at this. I'll have Andy tell you.' Then Andy came and was like, 'Well, umm blah blah... We have this skit idea...' I finally got it out of them. It was so cute." Lady GaGa reveals Justin Timberlake and funnyman Andy Samberg hesitated to ask her to join in a sketch about threesomes for Saturday Night Live.

16th May 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa became the first person to land 10 million followers over the weekend. As of Monday morning (16May11), the Poker Face singer has 10,056,898 followers. Justin Bieber trails her with 9,672,047 followers.

16th May 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa showed her sweet side to fans waiting outside her London hotel on Sunday (15May11) by bringing out a platter of cookies and personally handing out the desserts.

14th May 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa made a fan's day while appearing on British series The Graham Norton Show on Friday (13May11), when she invited an audience member to join her onstage for a hug after the devotee showed off hand-crafted miniature versions of the star's most famous costumes.

14th May 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa made a mess while performing Born This Way on U.K. TV's The Graham Norton Show on Friday (13May11), when the star and her dancers splashed around in a fish tank full of translucent gunge.

13th May 2011

Quote: "Glam culture is ultimately rooted in obsession, and those of us who are truly devoted and loyal to the lifestyle of glamour are masters of its history. Or, to put it more elegantly, we are librarians. I myself can look at almost any hemline, silhouette, beadwork or heel architecture and tell you very precisely who designed it after them, and what cultural and musical movement parented the birth, death and resurrection of that particular trend." Lady GaGa has declared herself a fashion expert.

13th May 2011

Tweet: "Fabulous surprise Lady GaGa set at Annabel's. She was just astounding. What a voice. An acoustic set of the highest imaginable quality." Stephen Fry has become a big fan of Lady Gaga after catching her secret concert at a private members club in London on Thursday night (12May11). The gig came a day after Gaga stunned film fans with a performance at the Cannes Film Festival in France.

12th May 2011

Fact: Superstar Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Selena Gomez, Brad Paisley, Jennifer Hudson and Nicki Minaj have joined Lady GaGa among the performers staging special free shows in New York's Central Park this summer (11) as part of U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series. The Poker Face hitmaker will kick off the weekly gigs on 27 May (11).

6th May 2011

Tweet: "I only have one word for our mentor on American Idol next week.......... Gaga." American Idol host Ryan Seacrest reveals to his fans that Lady GaGa will coach wannabes on the U.S. reality show.

6th May 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa had a surprise for her 19-year-old sister Natalie when she appeared on the Oprah Winfrey Show on Thursday (05May11) - she added a piano to the fashion student's giant high-heel shoe design and turned it into a prop for her performance on the programme.

4th May 2011

Fact: British Lady GaGa fans will get a trio of treats on the U.K. special edition of her upcoming second album Born This Way - the record will feature three exclusive tracks not available anywhere else in the world.

29th April 2011

Quote: "The Monster Ball is almost over... I've done almost 210 Monster Balls. I love it and every night I feel re-invigorated by the crowd. It's such an incredible experience." Lady GaGa has thoroughly enjoyed performing for fans on her Monster Ball tour.

28th April 2011

Quote: "My best friends will crash at hotels where I'm at. They will come visit me on the road - they always call me a beauty queen disaster. I wake up and my wig's falling off my head." Lady GaGa doesn't always look glamorous when she's on the road.

26th April 2011

Quote: "People love you when they think you won't be around for very long, and people hate you when they can't get rid of you. But I'm not going anywhere." Lady GaGa plans to continue dominating the pop charts for years to come.

26th April 2011

Quote: "I'm not engaged, and I'm not a drug addict, but thank you for asking." Lady GaGa insists tabloid rumours about her personal life are unfounded.

20th April 2011

Fact: U.S. comedy show Saturday Night Live will go out with a bang on 21 May (11) - Singer/actor Justin Timberlake will return to host the programme's season finale and pop star Lady GaGa will hit the stage as the musical guest.

20th April 2011

Quote: "I did look into having them done permanently but decided against it. Mostly because of my boyfriend, if you want to know the truth." Lady GaGa wears prosthetic horns after the singer's boyfriend snubbed her plans to go under the knife for facial implants.

12th April 2011

Tweet: "What does it mean when an American Airlines employee says 'Ah! Lady GaGa!" to me Jfk airport!!? should I of bursted (sic) into Born This Way?" Lindsay Lohan was mistaken for Lady Gaga as she passed through the airport in New York.

12th April 2011

Tweet: "I worked with some Indian Producers on 'Born This Way' to show all the little monsters in India that I appreciate you!" Lady GaGa is branching out to give her upcoming album a more exotic sound.

8th April 2011

Quote: "I totally get it, man... she's very talented; she plays crazy piano and sings her a** off... There's a girl I would love to do something with one day, man; it'd be really cool. We would probably come up with some sick s**t." Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee wants to work with Lady GaGa.

7th April 2011

Quote: "Maybe we should be more timeless. A classic black suit, or always nudity. So then I'm always in fashion." Pop star Lady GaGa considers toning down her outrageous outfits.

4th April 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa is set to stop traffic in New York at the end of May (11) when she kicks off U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series with a free show outside the programme's studios on 27 May (11).

4th April 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa is bringing back her Transmission Gagavision internet show this week (beg04Apr11). The singer posted the first 40 episodes online between 2008 and 2009, and after an extended hiatus the series will return on Tuesday (05Apr11). She will be filmed talking about her new single Judas.

25th March 2011

Quote: "Very often they make jokes about my diet, because I have to stay so in shape for music videos and performances, they play jokes like leaving mounds of cheeseburgers in my dressing room and stuff. It's really awful. It's vicious." Singer Lady GaGa's friends poke fun at her strict diet.

25th March 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa has released a country version of her hit track Born This Way. The re-recorded track is called Born This Way, The Country Road Version and features added harmonica and guitar parts. The singer posted the song on video sharing website YouTube on Friday (25Mar11).

24th March 2011

Quote: "I am genuinely a musician to my core. A lot of people don't know that about me. I write every lyric, every melody. I'm in there with the producers, whipping them to make the new future of music. And that is why I'm here. I'm not here to be a superstar." Singer Lady GaGa isn't interested in fame.

23rd March 2011

Quote: "You will never see me do reality television. I'm not that kind of person. My whole life is a performance art piece, so I don't need to have that picture taken to feel that I'm in a moment of art." Singer Lady GaGa swears she will never enter the world of reality TV.

18th March 2011

Quote: "She is truly talented and slightly mad. I find her encouraging. It's such a conservative period in the U.S. We have even had attempts at censorship which I find appalling and terrible. Artists like Gaga are necessary during periods like this." Blondie star Debbie Harry is a fan of controversial star Lady GaGa.

18th March 2011

Quote: "I always knew she had the X Factor. We were labelmates and she was on tour with us for a year. Before I knew it, she was inspiring me." Nicole Scherzinger had no doubt former support act Lady GaGa would make it big.

16th March 2011

Quote: "She's a cross between Madonna, Mae West and Liberace... She's a spectacle." Alice Cooper is a fan of Lady GaGa.

15th March 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa's devoted fans have raised $250,000 (£166,000) for the Japanese relief effort by buying the $5 (£3.30) bracelet she launched following Friday's (11Mar11) earthquake and tsunami in the country.

11th March 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa has launched a new online community for her fans called

7th March 2011

Quote: "She's great. Seriously, man, we like her. She can play instruments. She can sing. She can dance. She's weird. She's shocking people. I like the Gaga, man." Lady GaGa has found an unlikely fan in former Oasis star Liam Gallagher.

4th March 2011

Quote: "I want to do an interview with her where she's stark naked. I think she's up for it. We have broached it formally with her." New CNN talk show host Piers Morgan is keen to land a racy interview with Lady GaGa.

2nd March 2011

Quote: "I sent her flowers and she invited me to her concert." Oscar winner Marisa Tomei was thrilled when Lady GaGa stated she'd like the actress to play her in a biopic.

28th February 2011

Quote: "I was in Amsterdam on my tour bus. I was thinking about birth - about embryos. Even my hair colour was a washed-out rose colour... It was meant to be a hair expression, an afterbirth." Lady GaGa came up with the idea for her Grammy Awards performance, for which she 'hatched' out of an egg, while on tour in Europe.

28th February 2011

Quote: "I'm thrilled, I was befuddled at first, I was like, 'Really, me?' But then I had the pleasure of meeting her and I'm thrilled. She's so funny and talented." Actress Marisa Tomei is flattered to learn she's Lady GaGa's number one choice to portray the pop superstar in movie version of her life.

28th February 2011

Quote: "Until my artistic death, I will be loyal to them because they are the truth of this industry." Lady GaGa pledges her alliance to her longtime manager Troy Carter and her executive producer Vincent Herbert for allowing the singer the room to express her creativity via her music.

28th February 2011

Quote: "Gaga is Stefani Germanotta. I don't create any separation between my birth name and my subsequent birth name - Lady GaGa. That's the point of what I'm trying to say. Gaga is not manufactured... it is not artificial... I exist at all times halfway between reality and fantasy. That's the way I was born." LADY GAGA insists her pop star persona is a natural development of her life as Stefani Germanotta.

28th February 2011

Quote: "I wanted to put my money exactly where my mouth is... This is my chance to create something that is not only supportive of my political and social beliefs - not just for the gay community, but for everyone." Lady GaGa set out to make a statement with her new single, BORN THIS WAY.

25th February 2011

Quote: "She's made normal artists and music boring, which bothers me. It annoys me when people say Leona Lewis is boring. No, she's not. She's got a sick voice and being normal is cool." British singer Jessie J blames outrageous Lady GaGa for making the pop star life difficult.

24th February 2011

Quote: "I wrote it in 10 f**king minutes and it is a completely magical message song. And after I wrote it, the gates just opened, and the songs kept coming. It was like an immaculate conception." Lady GaGa poured out her emotions in song after nailing the lyrics for her new single BORN THIS WAY.

24th February 2011

Quote: "She just makes the rest of us look like B students." Owen Wilson is in awe of Lady GaGa.

24th February 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa gave Liza Minnelli and actress Marisa Tomei a special shout out at her New York concert on Tuesday (22Feb11) after spotting the pair in the audience at Madison Square Garden. They weren't the only big names to check out the Paparazzi hitmaker during her U.S. tour - Sir Paul MCCartney was seen dancing along to the flamboyant singer's tracks when she played the same venue on Monday night (21Feb11).

23rd February 2011

Quote: "It's so funny when people say, 'It's amazing to see how hard you work'. We're supposed to work hard! I have the world at my fingertips. I am not going to saunter around the stage doing pelvic thrusts and lip-syncing. That's not at all why I am in this... I am just a different breed." Pop superstar Lady GaGa is determined to make the most of her popularity while she can.

23rd February 2011

Quote: "As funny as it is that I am on the cover of Vogue - and no one is laughing harder than I am - I was the girl in school who was most likely to walk down the hallway and get called a s**t or a b**ch or ugly or big nose or nerd or dyke." Pop superstar Lady GaGa insists she was never the popular girl at school.

22nd February 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa can add another big celebrity name to her growing fan base - Sir Paul McCartney was spotted dancing in the audience when the Poker Face hitmaker performed at New York's Madison Square Garden on Monday night (21Feb11).

22nd February 2011

Tweet: "Just pulled out of MSG, tears streaming down my face. Turned radio on + Born This Way was roaring. Believe, + catch your subway to destiny." Lady GaGa was overwhelmed by the turnout for her show at Madison Square Garden in New York on Monday night (21Feb11).

18th February 2011

Quote: "She is so wonderful and she is so talented. And, I think we're in this stage, right now, in the industry where everyone is...very analytical and very hard on everyone." Lady GaGa defends Christina Aguilera after the singer botched America's National Anthem at the Super Bowl earlier this month (Feb11).

18th February 2011

Quote: "She went for a hug and I was like: 'Oh, let's hold up on that. You have meat on you!' Gross." Justin Bieber wasn't impressed with Lady GaGa's infamous meat dress she wore to last year's (10) MTV VMA Awards.

18th February 2011

Quote: "I was thinking about birth. I was thinking about embryos. Even my hair colour was a washed out rose colour that I had at the Grammys; it was meant to be a hair expression, an after birth." Even Lady GaGa's hair was part of her dramatic Grammy Awards performance.

17th February 2011

Fact: The Scissor Sisters are heading out on tour with Lady GaGa. The iconic gay band will join the Poker Face hitmaker for 24 dates on her upcoming Monster Ball World Tour.

16th February 2011

Quote: "I know Will and I love Willow and I told her she inspires me to whip my hair back and forth on stage." Lady GaGa was full of praise for Will Smith's 10-year-old daughter WILLOW, who has shot to pop stardom with her catchy single WHIP MY HAIR.

16th February 2011

Quote: "The worst was at Heathrow Airport I think. I was so excited, I had these new shoes that arrived and they (the heels) were like 12 inches... I was so excited to show them off... The second the cameras got to me I went 'bam!' (fell down') right on the floor. I went down and I was like, oh god, they're gonna think I'm a drunk girl off the plane. Too much Valium and champagne, the Judy Garland cocktail!" Lady GaGa recalls her most embarrassing fashion mishap.

15th February 2011

Quote: "I'm doing the egg next year, for sure. It's going to be a pink one, an Easter one with all the fun colours." Miley Cyrus is inspired by the egg Lady GaGa 'hatched' from at the Grammy Awards.

15th February 2011

Quote: "People say it's artistic and stuff. I'm just like, ‘You're an egg.' She was probably just trying to save her voice or something, she didn't want to talk to a lot of people." Justin Bieber was not impressed with Lady GaGa's grand entrance in a giant egg at the Grammy Awards on Sunday (13Feb11).

15th February 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa is bringing her Fame Monster tour to TV - she's filming a concert special for U.S. cable network HBO later this year (11).

15th February 2011

Quote: "I don't remember very much. I know it was fun. I do remember being called Drunky Gaga at some point." Triple Grammy winner Lady GaGa had a good time celebrating after the prestigious awards ceremony on Sunday night (13Feb11).

15th February 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa unveiled her latest look during an interview on Jay Leno's U.S. chat show on Monday (14Feb11) - she sported skin-coloured prosthetic pyramids beneath her eyes and on her forehead, giving her an alien-like appearance.

15th February 2011

Fact: Actress and chat show co-host Leah Remini poked fun at Lady GaGa and recreated the singer's dramatic Grammy Awards entrance on Monday (14Feb11) when she emerged from an egg-shaped vessel at the start of her U.S. daytime programme THE TALK. The Poker Face star hatched out of her incubator at Sunday's (13Feb11) ceremony to perform her new single Born This Way.

15th February 2011

Fact: The egg-shaped "plexiglass vessel" Lady GaGa was carried in to Sunday's (13Feb11) Grammy Awards was designed in collaboration with British artist Hussein Chalayan. The pop star's creation, based on one Chalayan designed for a movie in 2003, took over a month to construct, reports

14th February 2011

Tweet: "Did Madonna do a new song called born this way? U may not believe this but I was serious abt (about) that last tweet... I heard it in passing! Wow! Sorry yall I really didn't know it was ladygaga." Rapper Q-TIP was just as confused as fans when he heard Lady GaGa's new song BORN THIS WAY, which bears striking similarities to MADONNA's classic '80s track EXPRESS YOURSELF.

11th February 2011

Quote: "Some people do call me Stefani. Especially in bed. (Being called Gaga) would freak me out. It's banned." Lady GaGa reverts to her given name in more intimate moments.

11th February 2011

Quote: "(I'm) one of the greatest voices in the industry (and) one of the greatest songwriters. I wouldn't say that I am one of the greatest dancers but I am really quite good at what I do." Lady GaGa is aware of her strengths - and weaknesses.

10th February 2011

Quote: "I am really f**king tired. I am at that last mile of the marathon when your fingers and your toes are numb and you can't feel your body, and I am just going on adrenaline. But in the overarching objective of my life, I am really only at mile two. I try to keep that in mind." Lady GaGa refuses to cut back on her gruelling tour schedule.

10th February 2011

Quote: "I pay for a lot of fashion myself because I want to support young designers." Eccentric dresser Lady GaGa hates accepting freebies, instead preferring to support the fashion industry with her own purchases.

28th January 2011

Quote: "It is the North Pole. I've had enough. I can't wear the shoes I wanna wear... and I'm looking forward to the Grammys when I can wear any shoes I please." Lady GaGa called into pal Ellen De Generes' TV chat show to wish the presenter a belated happy birthday and moan about the snowstorm in her native New York.

24th January 2011

Quote: "All of the trauma I caused to myself... There are some things that are so traumatic, I don't even fully remember them." Lady GaGa, speaking to Neil Strauss for his new book Everyone Loves You When You're Dead, can barely remember the low points of her cocaine and alcohol abuse in her youth.

9th January 2011

Quote: "It would be really interesting if we worked together. I know she's controversial but she's so exciting." Lady GaGa is Katherine Jenkins' dream collaborator.

6th January 2011

Fact: The first single from Lady GaGa's new album BORN THIS WAY will hold the same name. The pop sensation will officially unveil the track at this year's (11) Grammy Awards on 13 February.

4th January 2011

Fact: Lady GaGa ruled the news stands as well as the charts in 2010 - she has helped sell more magazines in America than any other star over the last year, according to figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

17th December 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa has been named MTV's Woman of the Year for the second year running, while Kanye West took the 2010 male title.

10th December 2010

Tweet: "Monsters have 6 Grammy nominations + Billboard Award Artist of the Year. Thank you for fighting for artistic freedom + self-invention." Lady GaGa is grateful to her devotees after landing yet more accolades.

10th December 2010

Fact: Pop sensation Lady GaGa has been named as the 2011 spokesmodel for MAC Viva Glam. The singer previously worked with the cosmetics giant on a campaign for the MAC AIDS Fund, which saw her appear in advertisements alongside Cyndi Lauper.

29th November 2010

Quote: "Musicians who write songs think she's pretty damn good." SIR Elton John insists Lady GaGa is widely admired by the music world's elite.

24th November 2010

Quote: "She is kind of like the b**tard daughter of Elton John. If I had a daughter it would be Gaga." Music icon SIR ELTON JOHN recognises his influence on outlandish pop sensation Lady GaGa.

21st November 2010

Quote: "I thought she said, 'Will you hold my mink purse?' And she said, 'Will you hold my meat purse?' and then I looked down and went, 'Oh, that's strange!' And then I was watching her give her acceptance speech and I went (about her dress), 'Oh, that's strange too!' But it was done beautifully. There were like, ribs over her butt! I was so interested in how that dress was put together, but it didn't feel very nice." Superstar Cher admired the unusual look of the meat dress Lady GaGa wore at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, but not the feel.

20th November 2010

Quote: "First of all she's a great singer and she's got the nerve to try whatever and that's what we forget to do; that we're only here once and we're all artists." Veteran entertainer Cher admires Lady GaGa's daring music and fashion choices.

19th November 2010

Tweet: "Endless melodies, hooks, (and) poetry sledge-hammering my skull. It won't be much longer, it's almost perfect. But I (we) don't want almost." Lady GaGa promises her upcoming album, Born This Way, will be her best work yet.

12th November 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa has invited her biggest fans to appear alongside her in the pages of V Magazine. The Poker Face singer has asked her 'Little Monsters' to send photos of themselves in Gaga-inspired outfits for a chance to appear in the fashion publication.

11th November 2010

Fact: British stars Cheryl Cole, Take That and N-DUBZ have signed up to perform at this year's Royal Variety Performance, in front of CHARLES, PRINCE OF WALES next month (Dec10). Last year's (09) event saw Lady GaGa perform a controversial set in front of Queen Elizabeth II.

11th November 2010

Quote: "Are you guys gonna wear your meat suits tonight, at least?" Co-host Brad Paisley mixes up Lady Antebellum with Lady GaGa at the CMA Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.

10th November 2010

Quote: "I have a lot of respect that she can walk in those shoes going through airports. I mean, goodness, people think I dress up to go to an airport! If I'm being completely honest, is it fair to say she may have become a little bit of a parody of herself? Is that fair to say?" Singer-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham on Lady GaGa's outrageous style.

5th November 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa has been recording songs for her new album, BORN THIS WAY, at London's famous Abbey Road studios, where the Beatles recorded most of their hits, including their 1969 record of the same name.

3rd November 2010

Quote: "What she's doing is beautiful (but) I don't think I would like to be too near a meat dress." Yoko Ono admires Lady GaGa's style, but wasn't too impressed with her dress made entirely of meat.

3rd November 2010

Fact: A U.S. university has created a new module on Lady GaGa. The course, entitled Lady Gaga And The Sociology Of The Fame, will be taught at the University of South Carolina and will focus on the Poker Face hitmaker's rise as a "social phenomenon".

28th October 2010

Fact: Hundreds of zombie Lady GaGa fans and lookalikes are set to haunt the streets of New York on Saturday night (30Oct10) for a charity Halloween bash paying tribute to the Just Dance star. The Gagaween event at Manhattan nightspot Porch will benefit non-profit dance film organization DANCELEN(D)S, which serves to promote world dance education.

22nd October 2010

Fact: Elton John and Lady GaGa are teaming up to record a duet for upcoming Disney film Gnomeo & Juliet, starring James MCAvoy and Emily Blunt.

21st October 2010

Tweet: "I'd wear any of my private attire for the world to see. But I would rather have an open flesh wound than ever wear a band aid in public." Lady GaGa would rather risk an infection than sport an unsightly plaster.

20th October 2010

Quote: "I've been spending time in the studio. People say to me, 'Why not wait until the tour is over to finish your album?' I say, 'My fans are not going to wait that long and I get so much inspiration every time I get to be with you, I drink a bottle of Jameson.'" Lady GaGa is inspired to write by her devotees - and late-night drinking.

15th October 2010

Quote: "I will sing live every night. I will never lip-sync, not when you buy a ticket to my show.” Lady GaGa vows never to mime during her shows.

29th September 2010

Quote: "I didn't understand it. What was the purpose? Was she pro-meat or against meat?" Vegetarian Alec Baldwin was left confused about the meat dress Lady GaGa wore to the MTV Video Music Awards.

22nd September 2010

Fact: Joseph Gordon-Levitt will join Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band for shows at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on 1 and 2 October (10). Lady GaGa and Iggy Pop will also be a part of the concerts.

15th September 2010

Quote: "I adore her but I don't like raw meat. I don't like the smell of it... but, each to their own... I couldn't sit next to that." Sharon Osbourne on the 'meat dress' Lady GaGa wore to the MTV Video Music Awards.

15th September 2010

Fact: Courtney Love thrilled fans at a DeLeon Tequila party in New York on Saturday night (11Sep10) by performing a raucous version of Lady GaGa's BAD ROMANCE.

14th September 2010

Quote: "That's what I was gonna wear and maybe if I wore that we would've won... I thought the meat was unique." Usher on Lady GaGa's meaty outfit at the MTV Video Music Awards.

14th September 2010

Tweet: "Only Gaga can do Beef Curtains and get away with it. loving the meat dress." Lily Allen was a big fan of Lady GaGa's shocking steak style creation at Sunday's (12Sep10) MTV Video Music Awards.

14th September 2010

Quote: "I was supremely nervous in a way that I have never been nervous... because I wasn't performing and I'm not used to just, like, going to accept awards and have my picture taken... I kept thinking to myself, 'I can't let my fans down tonight because then I'm just another b**ch in a dress at an awards show." Lady GaGa felt awkward at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday (12Sep10).

13th September 2010

Quote: "It's certainly no disrespect to anyone that's vegan or vegetarian... It has many interpretations, but, for me... it's as if we don't stand up for what we believe in, if we don't stand up for our rights, pretty soon we're gonna have as much rights as the meat on our bones - and I am not a piece of meat." Lady GaGa attempts to explain the red meat gown she wore to the MTV Video Music Awards.

13th September 2010

Tweet: "I am proud of @ladygaga. Hardest working woman in music. You deserve this." Akon, who first signed Lady GaGa to his record label, is pleased with the POKER FACE superstar's big night of awards at the MTV Video Music Awards.

13th September 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa made a stand for gay heroes at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday night (12Sep10) by inviting a group of former U.S. Air Force members and soldiers, who had been discharged from the military for being gay, along as her guests. Asked about her choice of date, the pop star said, "No one person is more valuable than another person."

3rd September 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa is set to shock again on the cover of America's new V style magazine - the pop star donned lacy black lingerie and poses as New York's Statue of Liberty alongside designer Marc Jacobs for the shoot.

2nd September 2010

Quote: "My son's knowledge of female prisons comes from Lady GaGa and Chicago, all G-strings and heels. His ambition is to work in a 'lady jail'." British model/actress Elizabeth Hurley's young son DAMIAN is eyeing a career in a female prison.

1st September 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa and Iggy Pop will join Yoko Ono's Plastic Ono Band for shows at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles on 1 and 2 October (10). Perry Farrell, Sonic Youth stars Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon and actress Carrie Fisher are also expected to be a part of the concerts.

20th August 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa has christened the 1990 Rolls Royce her manager gave her as a gift Bloody Mary.

13th August 2010

Fact: Britney Spears checked out her pop competition on Wednesday night (11Aug10) when she attended Lady GaGa's concert at Los Angeles' Staples Center. The gig, part of the Poker Face hitmaker's The Monster Ball tour, also attracted Twilight vampire Kellan Lutz.

5th August 2010

Tweet: "At the moments notice of PROP 8 DEATH I instantly began to write music. REJOICE and CELEBRATE gay communities and straight all over the world. Our voices are being heard! Loud! SCREAM LOUD AMERICANOS!" Lady GaGa is delighted that a U.S. judge has branded the Proposition 8 legislation, outlawing same-sex marriage in California, "unconstitutional". Same-sex unions were deemed illegal just six months after they were legalised in 2008.

4th August 2010

Quote: "If the right track came up I'd love to work with Gaga. She's one of the most exciting artists around." Tom Jones is eyeing a collaboration with Lady GaGa.

2nd August 2010

Quote: "I’m perpetually lonely. I’m lonely when I’m in relationships. It’s my condition as an artist." Pop phenomenon Lady GaGa admits it's lonely at the top.

2nd August 2010

Quote: "I have this weird thing that if I sleep with someone, they're going to take my creativity from me through my vagina." Lady GaGa reveals her irrational fears about her love life.

1st August 2010

Fact: Outrageous pop star Lady GaGa has gone nude for the new cover of Vanity Fair magazine. The singer was shot by fashion photographer Nick Knight and flashes the peace sign with her hands while covering her modesty with a long, flowing wig.

28th July 2010

Quote: "(Lady GaGa's) journey isn't that difficult: to go from the f**king Upper East Side to a f**king performing arts school and onto a stage at the museum of f**king wherever. That journey's about four miles." M.I.A. is adamant LADY GAGA has enjoyed an easy ride to fame.

18th July 2010

Fact: Teen singing sensation Justin Bieber has the most-watched video of all-time on The 16-year-old's hit single Baby has passed Lady GaGa's Bad Romance with more than 246 million views, and a lead of over 600,000.

14th July 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa is splashing out $25,000 (£16,670) a month to rent a luxurious $5 million (£3.3 million) mansion in a gated community in Bel Air, California.

9th July 2010

Quote: "I am a gay man in a woman's body, so God supposes I should love singers like Lady GaGa... At first I didn't like her or the way she dressed. Now she is working with designers and wearing couture clothes. Bit by bit she is finding her image and it's nice to see it as she is undoubtedly (a) talented girl." LADY GAGA has won over Victoria Beckham.

7th July 2010

Quote: "I know the economy really sucks right now, and you spent your money on hanging out with me on the Fourth of July, so I thank you." Lady GaGa thanked fans for giving up the holiday weekend (03-04Jul10) to catch her show in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

5th July 2010

Quote: "To this day I feel guilt about what I put my parents through when I was younger. I'll call my mother out of the blue and say, 'Mum, I'm so sorry about what I did.' They're very proud of me today, but I wouldn't have their pride if I hadn't listened to them and told them I was sorry." Lady GaGa appreciates her parents' support through the years.

5th July 2010

Quote: "I have always believed I was a star - I think some people are just born that way. You either have it or you don't, and I was definitely born a star." Lady GaGa has always been confident in her abilities.

3rd July 2010

Fact: Pop star Lady GaGa has set a new record on as the first living person to score 10 million fans on the social networking website. The Alejandro hitmaker beat U.S. president Barack Obama to the title - the politician followed with 9,549,088 fans as WENN went to press.

2nd July 2010

Fact: Tony Bennett proved he is a big fan of Lady GaGa at his concert in London on Thursday night (01Jul10) - he dedicated his track the Good Life to the pop sensation. The concert also saw a star-studded turn-out - Amy Winehouse was in the audience with her father.

30th June 2010

Quote: "Sometimes it really freaks me out... when I think about laying in my apartment with bug bites from bedbugs and roaches on the floor and mirrors with cocaine everywhere and no will or interest in doing anything but making music and getting high." Lady GaGa insists she's come a long way since her years of drug abuse and New York squalor.

29th June 2010

Quote: "I get drunk when I'm at home with my parents at a bar down the street." Lady GaGa snubs celebrity parties for nights out with her mum and dad.

29th June 2010

Quote: "I love Ecstasy but I don't take it very much. Well, I like MDMA. I don't like Ecstasy." Lady GaGa is confused about her drug intake.

29th June 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa will announce the title of her next album at midnight on New Years Eve (31Dec10).

28th June 2010

Quote: "I've, like, spoken to spiritual guides and things. I'm terrified of therapy because I don't want it to mess with my creativity." Lady GaGa doesn't need help containing her wild demons.

27th June 2010

Fact: Elton John presented Lady GaGa with a china tea set she took a fancy to at his home in Windsor, England as a thank you for performing at his annual White Tie and Tiara Ball last week (beg21Jun10).

24th June 2010

Quote: "I'm not sure about her music, but I like her vibe, she's a bit f**king crazy." Ozzy Osbourne is a fan of Lady GaGa.

23rd June 2010

Quote: "We were leaving the studio at 12.30am and I was ready to go out and get wasted and I was like 'What are you doing?' GaGa said, 'I'm just going back to the hotel because I'm designing these perspex boxes that are going to go on my dress'... it was probably what talking to Madonna in 1982 would have felt like. I think she deserves every bit of the success that she's had." Superproducer Mark Ronson praises Lady GaGa's strong work ethic.

23rd June 2010

Quote: "I think I’m gonna get the album title tattooed on me and put out the photo." Lady GaGa on how she's going to announce the title of her new album.

23rd June 2010

Quote: "This woman’s a jerk. I hate her. I can’t believe they put her in my box, which I paid for. You give people the finger and you get upgraded? Is that the world we’re living in right now?" Comedian Jerry Seinfeld jokes about Lady GaGa getting upgraded to his vacant private box at a recent New York Mets baseball game.

22nd June 2010

Quote: "I've been working on it for months now, and I feel very strongly that it's finished right now. It came so quickly. Some artists take years; I don't. I write music every day." Lady GaGa is proud she's managed to finish her second album ahead of schedule.

22nd June 2010

Quote: "When I wake up in the morning, I feel just like any other insecure 24-year-old girl. Then I say, 'B**ch, you're Lady GaGa, you get up and walk the walk today.' If I were to ever, God forbid, get hurt on stage and my fans were screaming outside of the hospital, waiting for me to come out, I'd come out as Gaga. I don't even drink water on stage in front of anybody, because I want them to focus on the fantasy of the music." LADY GAGA is determined to cement her role as a pop icon.

15th June 2010

Quote: "She asked for a giant stage. So we spent like $100,000 (£66,670) to give her a giant stage. We spent close to $150,000 (£100,000) to house the production she's gonna do. And I say yeah, let's do it." Lollapalooza festival founder Perry Farrell has granted Lady GaGa her wish to have a giant stage erected for her headlining slot at the annual event in Chicago, Illinois this August (10).

15th June 2010

Quote: "I would love to be better friends with her but she's very busy. I adore her - I think she's the best thing to happen in a long time. She's so creative and intelligent and she can knock back a couple of whiskys and record a track too, I can tell you." Adam Lambert on his one-time collaborator Lady GaGa.

11th June 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa shocked onlookers at the New York Mets baseball game on Thursday (10Jun10) when she locked lips with a female friend while sitting in the crowd, reports The same-sex kiss wasn't the singer's only headline-grabbing action at the match - she also stripped down to her underwear, swore at photographers and made a series of rude hand gestures to the paparazzi.

9th June 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa returned to the all-girls New York high school she once attended, the Convent of the Sacred Heart, to watch her little sister Natalie graduate last week (04Jun10).

5th June 2010

Quote: "She's like a meteor that just came from outer space and landed on the pop landscape... there was dust in everyone's face... She's an absolute force to be reckoned with and I'm a great admirer." Kylie Minogue respects Lady GaGa's impact on the world of pop music.

31st May 2010

Quote: "They get all dressed up and sometimes it's so distracting! One of my favourites - which was quite committed - this boy came dressed as Kermit the Frog. I guess he wanted me to think my boyfriend was in the audience, as that's when I was dating Kermit. He was so committed - it was so hot!" Lady GaGa is often distracted by fans who dress up at her concerts.

26th May 2010

Quote: "I can't talk about Gaga anymore. All I'll say is, it's upsetting when babies say ga-ga now. It used to be innocent. Now, they're calling her name." M.I.A. is not a Lady GaGa fan.

26th May 2010

Quote: "I love Glee. I love the cast and the creativity of the writers. I went to a musical theatre school, and used to dream that someday the students would be singing my songs." Lady GaGa was impressed after the cast performed her songs on the hit TV series.

25th May 2010

Quote: "A little MDMA (Ecstasy) once in a while never killed anybody, but I really don't do drugs. I don't touch cocaine any more. I don't smoke. Well, maybe a single cigarette - with whisky - while I'm working, because it just frees my mind a little bit." Lady GaGa has tamed her wild ways since she shot to fame.

23rd May 2010

Quote: "You know what I spend most of my money on? Disappearing. I hate the paparazzi. Because the truth is - no matter what people tell you - you can control it. People who say they can't get away are lying. They must just like the... big flashes." Lady GaGa has no desire to live life in the public eye all the time.

21st May 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa stunned revellers kicking off Gay Pride Week in Long Beach, California on Wednesday night (19May10) - without even being there - she was the subject of FLASH MOB AMERICA's latest dance tribute. Almost 100 Flash Mob followers gathered to perform a synchronised dance to a medley of Lady GaGa's hits as a drag queen impersonator hit the stage during the Pink Party launch of the gay festival.

20th May 2010

Quote: "I feel she's a little inappropriate for an eight year old, but I lost the battle on that one... I trust she just likes the beat." Singer/songwriter Sarah Mclachlan can't understand her daughter's obsession with Lady GaGa.

18th May 2010

Quote: "She is the future legend of this time. I think Madonna was the legend of their time and Gaga is definitely hers at this particular moment. She will definitely be one of those leading icons alongside Madonna and Cher." Akon sees a long and bright future ahead for Lady GaGa.

14th May 2010

Quote: "I'm in it for the long haul... I have nothing to prove. To anyone who wants to be negative, it's like, 'I'm obviously relevant enough to you for you to care and to talk and to evoke negative feelings inside of you.' At this point in my career, I'm over any and all weird comparisons or negativity." Christina Aguilera shrugs off recent comparisons between her new music and that of pop sensation Lady GaGa.

13th May 2010

Fact: A pre-teen from Oklahoma has become a sensation after he was videotaped performing Lady GaGa's PAPARAZZI on the piano at a church concert. The footage of talented Greyson Chance has had more than seven million hits online.

4th May 2010

Quote: "I love Lady GaGa and what she's doing artistically, but you can't match Grace for keeping everyone guessing for all these years." Annie Lennox rates Grace Jones above LADY GAGA.

30th April 2010

Quote: "She's the new Madonna, I think, because she's young. Madonna's wonderful, but she's done her thing. Lady GaGa's passionate about what she does, it's extreme and really good fun." Alison Goldfrapp is convinced the POKER FACE hitmaker is the new Queen of Pop.

15th April 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa's BAD ROMANCE promo has become the most-watched video ever on It beat the previous record holder - cute footage of two young brothers, titled Charlie Bit My Finger.

12th April 2010

Quote: "It's great with Ga. Don't take this the wrong way, but with you I never have to worry about being the geek! A lot of people find me too... different. I speak differently, my sense of glamour is not theirs, and they have a problem with me because I say what I think. It's nice because she's my partner in crime now. We're two geeks." Cyndi Lauper has found a friend in her MAC cosmetics advert co-star Lady GaGa.

12th April 2010

Quote: "When you're in the public eye, you're a role model whether you want to be or not. And I want to be. I'm not one of those self-obsessed artists who don't care about their fans. It's not just about the music. I look out into the O2 and there are 18,000 screaming young people and I have a responsibility to them - and you're an idiot if you don't know that." Lady GaGa is determined to positively inspire her young devotees.

23rd March 2010

Quote: "I saw Lady GaGa in shoulder pads... and she looked like Spongebob Squarepants." Singer Alison Goldfrapp pokes fun at Lady GaGa's most famous look.

21st March 2010

Fact: The Pussy Wagon Beyonce and Lady GaGa drive in their new Telephone video belongs to Quentin Tarantino. The moviemaker used the vehicle in Kill Bill.

16th March 2010

Quote: "She was very courageous... Can you imagine me saying to her, 'OK, now Beyonce, you have to call me a very bad girl and feed me a honey bun?' She trusted me because she liked my work and because she knew I loved her. It ended up being a masterpiece." Lady GaGa is thrilled with Beyonce's performance in her new video TELEPHONE.

16th March 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa made her a epic nine-and-a-half minute long video for TELEPHONE a family affair, her 17-year-old sister Natalie Germanotta appeared as an inmate in the promo's opening prison scene.

14th March 2010

Quote: "Gaga is unique and can't be copied. Millions of girls also tried to copy Madonna. Those girls are gone now, but Madonna's still there because she's something special. I don't want to be presumptuous, but I've made it my goal to revolutionise pop music. The last revolution was launched by Madonna 25 years ago." Lady GaGa is hoping to make the biggest mark on music since MADONNA hit the scene in 1984.

9th March 2010

Quote: "I think she's waking up people, giving them a sense of fun and a sense of flamboyance and creativity. It makes people want to party." Blondie star Deborah Harry is a big fan of Lady GaGa.

6th March 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa's debut album THE FAME has gone diamond after hitting the 10 million sales mark - matching Madonna's LIKE A VIRGIN in 1984 and Britney Spears' 2000 record OOPS!... I DID IT AGAIN.

6th March 2010

Fact: Elton John is to auction off the outfit he wore for his Lady GaGa duet at the Grammy Awards during his namesake Aids Foundation party on Sunday (07Mar10).

1st March 2010

Quote: "I wanted to sleep with as many rock 'n' roll guys as I could, and I've certainly had my fun." Lady GaGa has taken full advantage of her newfound fame.

28th February 2010

Quote: "Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn't love you anymore." Pop star Lady GaGa will never jeopardise her career for a man.

23rd February 2010

Quote: "I am such a huge fan of hers. We just filmed her video... in Los Angeles, and it's gonna be so crazy. I don't want to give too much away, because I don't want her to be upset but it's a part two of Paparazzi. She's just so smart and she's becoming an icon in her own right." Beyonce teases fans about her new video with Lady GaGa for their latest collaboration, TELEPHONE.

22nd February 2010

Quote: "I'd love to have my own collection. It's something I want to accomplish. I find DONATELLA (Versace) a fashion icon and in many ways fashion and music go together." Eccentric dresser Lady GaGa is eyeing her own fashion range.

16th February 2010

Quote: "I'm really obsessed with (Lady) Gaga at the moment. I had a dream that I met her and she was mean to me!" Lily Allen is a big fan of POKER FACE hitmaker Lady GaGa.

16th February 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa performed a sombre tribute to Alexander McQueen at the BRIT Awards in London on Tuesday night (16Feb10). Shrouded in white lace, the fashion-conscious pop star sang in front of a huge statue of her wearing the late designers' bizarre Armadillo shoes. MCQueen died after reportedly taking his own life on Thursday (11Feb10).

11th February 2010

Quote: "I forget that I'm famous all the time. Nothing has really changed. Sometimes when I go out without all the Gaga stuff no-one recognises me and I feel like I'm back where I was before all of this." Pop sensation Lady GaGa hasn't quite got to grips with her notoriety.

27th January 2010

Quote: "I was only in college for like five minutes. I actually was quite good, I had good grades, but I was a real wise a** to all my teachers. I said to my English teacher once, 'How come we're only reading all these papers and essays by middle-aged white men?' So naturally, my teachers really hated me." Lady GaGa on her schooling before she became a pop star.

25th January 2010

Quote: "She was a bit overweight and looked like something out of GoodFellas. But when she started to sing, I'm telling you, it was 10 seconds in and I was texting my management." Lady GaGa hasn't always been a style queen, according to producer ROB FUSARI, who signed the Poker Face hitmaker in 2006.

20th January 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa has teamed up with rap pioneer GRANDMASTER MELLE MEL to record inspirational songs for multimedia children's fable The Portal in the Park, a story about an 11-year-old boy who confronts good and evil in New York's Central Park.

17th January 2010

Quote: "I wanted to paint myself blue for a performance for the longest time... and I've been preparing to do it and then Avatar came out." Lady GaGa fears Avatar has ruined her plans to go blue.

16th January 2010

Fact: Lady GaGa is to donate all the proceeds from her Monster Ball show in New York on 24 January (10) to the Haiti earthquake relief effort. Also money from merchandise bought on her website on the same day will go to Haiti charities.

15th January 2010

Tweet: "Pretty genius, big huge man banging on the car window outside the arena, trying to sell me scalped tickets to my own show. Yoouuu skalliwag (scallywag)." Lady GaGa is not impressed with ticket touts.

5th January 2010

Fact: The Grammy nominees for album of the year will also compete on stage - all contenders have been announced as performers on music's biggest award night. Lady GaGa and The Dave Matthews Band will join Beyonce, Taylor Swift and the Black Eyed Peas as performers for the 52nd annual Grammy Awards on 31 January (10).

21st December 2009

Quote: "She has a very bold, fearless image. I have to say, I have so much respect for original artists and artists who aren't afraid to do what they want to do. That's what I respect most, so she's awesome." Lady GaGa can add Rihanna to her long list of famous fans.

16th December 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa's upcoming tour dates will be sponsored by online dating site

11th December 2009

Quote: "In my opinion, Amy Winehouse is probably the most talented singer/songwriter to have come out of Britain in the last few years. And I'm quite impressed with Lady GaGa, too. She's a very original songwriter with a unique overall package." Pop star George Michael names his favourite musical stars of the last few years.

11th December 2009

Fact: Cyndi Lauper and Lady GaGa have posed together in lacy lingerie for a glamorous 2010 ad campaign for cosmetics brand MAC, shot by ELLEN VON UNWERTH.

10th December 2009

Quote: "She gets my juices flowing. The song Corporate Cannibal makes me want to pee myself." Lady GaGa on her idol Grace Jones.

8th December 2009

Quote: “She has a very bold, fearless image, I have to say, I have so much respect for original artists and artists who aren't afraid to do what they want to do. That's what I respect most, so she's awesome." Rihanna is a big fan of Lady GaGa.

7th December 2009

Quote: "Right now I want Lady GaGa’s body. I’m obsessed.” Model-turned-actress Jenny McCarthy wants to look like LADY GAGA.

7th December 2009

Quote: "I have more than 20 wigs. So I can have a new hairstyle without having to keep running to the hairdresser every day. That's great, right?" Lady GaGa has solved all of her hairstyle woes with her wig collection.

7th December 2009

Quote: "(The DJ) would play one of her songs then he would play one of mine and we both danced together in the middle and all of my dancers were around us and we just took turns dancing... I would dance to her songs and sing all the words and she did the same for me and it was really fun." Madonna enjoyed her dance-off with Lady GaGa at a party in New York last month (Nov09).

3rd December 2009

Quote: "I expected her to to show up in some weird get-up, but she arrived in a very serious black Chanel suit and she was quite intelligent." Beloved U.S. broadcaster Barbara Walters confirms Lady GaGa is on her annual list of the year's 10 Most Fascinating People. The Poker Face singer will join Adam Lambert and Tyler Perry among others on Walters TV special, which will air in the U.S. next week (09Dec09).

2nd December 2009

Quote: "In eight to 10 years, I want to have babies for my Dad to hold, grandkids. And I want to have a husband who loves and supports me, just the way anyone else does. I would never leave my career for a man right now, and I would never follow a man around." Lady GaGa isn't ready to settle down with a family just yet.

2nd December 2009

Quote: "I was really good at it. I always got big tips. I always wore heels to work! I told everybody stories, and for customers on dates, I kept it romantic. It's kind of like performing." Lady GaGa was once a waitress.

2nd December 2009

Quote: "I get all the symptoms of a pregnant woman. I get headaches, I get tired, I get blurred vision sometimes during a really intense session with (creative team) the Haus." Lady GaGa admits her body often buckles under the stresses of fame.

1st December 2009

Quote: "I wanna create a space for my fans where they can feel free and they can celebrate. I didn't fit in in high school and I felt like a freak, so I like to create this atmosphere for my fans, where they feel like they have a freak in me to hang out with." Lady GaGa on what drives her bizarre costumes and stage performances.

30th November 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa's colourful life has been turned into a new comic book. Pop culture artist Brian Einersen has turned the pop star into Lady Saga for his new collection, which is available exclusively at Marc Jacobs stores.

30th November 2009

Quote: "I arrived recently for a show and the stylist had brought this outfit and the damn thing was like f**king 100 pounds - head to toe, leather, studs. And I was wearing this famous Vidal Sassoon haircut where only one eye is showing. So basically I did this whole show carrying 100 pounds, looking out of one eye, dancing - and then my t*ts explode at the end. It's not as easy as it looks!" Lady GaGa struggles with her outrageous stage outfits.

26th November 2009

Quote: "I want my fans to know that it's OK. Sometimes in life you don't always feel like a winner, but that doesn't mean you're not a winner." Lady GaGa assures young fans it's alright to feel like an outsider at school.

25th November 2009

Quote: "I am focusing on all of the things I don't like about myself, all of my demons. So I wrote an album about my fears. Fear of alcohol, fear of sex monster, fear of love monster, fear of myself monster, fear of the truth monster, fear of death monster." Lady GaGa has a lot of worries.

25th November 2009

Quote: "I was always very different and trying not to fit in too much. I got really good grades - I was like a straight A student - but I was really bad. I was very naughty, wore awful things to school. I used to roll my skirt up really high so the nuns didn't know what to do with me." Lady GaGa was a bad girl at school.

24th November 2009

Fact: U.S. electronics superstore chain Best Buy was all the rage on Monday night (23Nov09) after hosting New York and Los Angeles signing sessions by Rihanna and Lady GaGa. Rihanna signed copies of her highly anticipated new album Rated R at New York's Best Buy headquarters, while Lady GaGa staged her signing at a Best Buy in Los Angeles.

20th November 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa is to play a show to a royal audience - the singer will take to the stage in front of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Variety Performance in London next month (Dec09).

5th November 2009

Fact: Katy Perry kicked off her hosting duties at the MTV Europe Music Awards by performing a Cabaret-style medley of hits by the Black Eyed Peas, Kings Of Leon and Lady GaGa.

29th October 2009

Quote: "I've been training for two hours a day to get ready for this. I sing on the treadmill!" Lady GaGa is hitting the gym to ensure she in top shape for her upcoming Monster Ball tour.

29th October 2009

Quote: "We all need an image that screams, 'I'm an individual!' I think Jennifer Aniston is beautiful - she's gorgeous - but I prefer to look interesting rather than pretty." Lady GaGa likes standing out in the crowd.

28th October 2009

Fact: Fans are being offered a lock of Lady GaGa's hair as part of a new $100 (GBP62.50) gift pack. The Lady Gaga Super Deluxe The Fame Monster Pack also features posters and dolls.

27th October 2009

Quote: "She’s really great. I guess I could say we’re friends. We got along famously. I love her daughter Lourdes." Lady GaGa bonded with pop superstar Madonna and her daughter when the stars teamed up for a skit on U.S. TV sketch show Saturday Night Live earlier this month (Oct09).

27th October 2009

Quote: "When we were doing the video, I said I want to do you. I wanna do my version of Beyonce. I called myself GEYonce." Lady GaGa wanted to channel BEYONCE when she was invited to join the R&B superstar for her new single VIDEO PHONE.

27th October 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa signed up to guest on an upcoming episode of GOSSIP GIRL because her 17-year-old sister is a huge fan of the TV show.

27th October 2009

Fact: Pop star Lady GaGa has a new pet - the singer has just taken charge of a black shiba inu dog.

24th October 2009

Fact: Bon Jovi are to become the latest group to appear on British TV talent show The X Factor. The band will mentor the contestants and sing live on Simon Cowell's programme on 1 November (09). Shakira has also been lined up to appear on the series, while Lady GaGa is in talks with producers to perform.

20th October 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa has given former American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert a boost - she has written a track for his upcoming album.

15th October 2009

Quote: "I see myself in Lady GaGa. When I saw her, she didn't have a lot of money for her production. She's got holes in her fishnets, and there's mistakes everywhere. It was kind of a mess, but I can see that she has that IT Factor. It's nice to see that at a raw stage." Madonna is full of praise for the younger singer.

6th October 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa is set to appear in an upcoming episode of hit TV series GOSSIP GIRL. The POKER FACE singer will perform on the show as herself.

6th October 2009

Quote: "At the very simple heart of it, I'm an Italian girl from New York who really wants to make her mom and dad proud." Eccentric Lady GaGa just wants to make her parents happy.

4th October 2009

Quote: "I think it's sad and I think that nobody in any genre of music should accommodate homophobia." Lady GaGa takes aim at 50 Cent for comments he made about her ill-fated Fame Kills tour with Kanye West. 50 referred to the dates as "the gay tour". The shows were scrapped last week (ends02Oct09) to allow embattled West to take some time away from showbusiness.

4th October 2009

Quote: "She came to my hotel room to write a track for the album with only tea cups covering her nipples. That was before she was big which proves it wasn't for the cameras!" Michael Bolton is convinced Lady GaGa's crazy outfits aren't for publicity.

3rd October 2009

Quote: "It was a mutual decision. Kanye's going to take some time off." Lady GaGa on her cancelled Fame Kills tour with Kanye West.

2nd October 2009

Quote: "She's an incredible musician. She's an incredible singer. And the world is just wondering what the hell she's going to wear." Actor Ryan Reynolds urges Lady GaGa's sceptics to look past her outlandish outfits before brushing off her musical talents.

29th September 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa is to be honoured as Billboard magazine's Rising Star at the publication's annual Women in Music event on Friday (02Oct09) in New York. Singer Beyonce will also be named Woman of the Year at the ceremony.

22nd September 2009

Quote: "She came to my house in her underwear and I saw no hint of a penis." Mika is sure rumours his pal Lady GaGa is a hermaphrodite are untrue.

17th September 2009

Quote: "I don't really go in for wearing underwear. It's rare that I decide to put some on. There's no point really - and I'm not ashamed of it." Pop sensation Lady GaGa prefers to go commando.

14th September 2009

Quote: "How can we celebrate 2009 without that fantastic woman. There has been a lot of mud slinging and rumour-mongering and rubbish - people saying that she's a hermaphrodite. I think it's a disgrace that a woman cannot be successful, sexy and have an aggressive sexuality without people going, 'Oh, she must be a bloke.' That is sexist... If you haven't worked it out by now, I'm trying to f**k her." MTV Video Music Awards host Russell Brand got Sunday's (13Sep09) show off to a naughty start by professing his love to Lady GaGa.

14th September 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa showed up at the MTV Video Music Awards sporting a gold Phantom of The Opera mask, with Muppet frog Kermit as her date. The singer kissed the puppet as she stepped out of her limousine. She joked, "This is our first date. We've been eyeing each other for some time... You're so handsome tonight, Kermit!"

9th September 2009

Fact: Pop star Lady GaGa took pity on an over-excited teenage fan during an appearance at a record store in London on Tuesday (08Sep09). The singer hugged the boy after he burst into tears when he met her.

4th September 2009

Quote: "I’ve made fun of it before, to even talk about it is just ridiculous. I’m an accomplished musician and I’d much rather talk about my fans and my music than a silly rumour.” Lady GaGa on recent speculation that suggests she has both male and female reproductive organs.

3rd September 2009

Quote: “My sister texted me and she was like, ‘Madonna is 15 feet away from me. And there are two guys having sex in the audience.' I just remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is exactly what I wanted. I’ve got Madonna and I’ve got gay sex!’” Lady GaGa was pleased to learn MADONNA turned up to watch her perform at a recent New York concert.

25th August 2009

Quote: "Men cannot give me satisfaction. Too many are not good looking enough and many of them are shockingly one-dimensional. And I've got little time for it because I'm famous and I'm working on being famous for the next 25 years." Lady GaGa doesn't need a man in her life.

21st August 2009

Quote: "I'd like all four at once. They're very sexy. I'm a single girl now and I like to have a good time." Lady GaGa is attracted to all four members of British group Take That.

13th August 2009

Fact: JAY-Z and Lady GaGa are the latest stars announced to sing at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards in New York on 13 September (09). The show will also feature performances from Green Day, Taylor Swift, Pink and Muse.

4th August 2009

Quote: "We have met a few times and he has helped me with my Swedish, but I don’t have the time to get new friends. If I saw Alexander here, I would be really happy to kiss and hug him." Lady GaGa admits she 's very fond of actor ALEXANDER SKARSGARD, who plays the singer's love interest in her PAPARAZZI video.

27th July 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction at a gig in Ibiza this weekend (25-26Jul09) - the pop star accidentally flashed a nipple when her tiny bra-top shifted during an energetic dance routine.

12th July 2009

Quote: "I don't need a man - I might sometimes want a man, but I don't need one." Lady GaGa is happy being single after recently splitting from boyfriend Speedy.

7th July 2009

Quote: "I don't want to hang out with celebrities or go to fancy parties. Most are quite delusional and self-obsessed. Every so often I meet one who is down to earth - Kanye West is one - but there aren't many." Lady GaGa has found a friend in the STRONGER rapper.

30th June 2009

Quote: “I want to make it fashionable to have safe sex. You must be safe. You can have sex with hundreds of people with a condom on and get nothing. If you have sex without one, then you could get all sorts of problems.” Lady GaGa is a firm believer in safe sex.

24th June 2009

Quote: "My music isn't me jerking my d**k off all over a piano trying to feel something. I make soulless electronic pop. But when you're on Ecstasy in a nightclub grinding up against someone and my music comes on, you'll feel soul." Lady GaGa is convinced fans enjoy her music more when they're high on drugs.

15th June 2009

Quote: "I loved NYU, but I thought I could teach myself about art better than the school could. I really felt New York was my teacher and that I needed to bite the bullet and go it alone. I wasn't interested in going to frat parties. I was really interested in the music scene and waitressing and cleaning toilets, or whatever the f**k it was I was doing." Lady GaGa has no regrets about quitting college.

9th June 2009

Quote: "I'm the Carrie Bradshaw of pop music. I'm completely poor with a closet full of couture." Lady GaGa compares herself to the main character in U.S. TV show Sex And The City.

1st June 2009

Quote: "I love the Jonas Brothers. I'd like to have a foursome with them." Lady GaGa dreams of corrupting the innocent popstars.

28th May 2009

Quote: "I met some good-looking guys with guitars, and I wanted to have sex with really hot older men." Lady GaGa on her early success as the singer in a New York classic rock covers band.

24th May 2009

Quote: "I like boys who look like girls. All my boyfriends look like Nikki Sixx, amazing." Pop sensation Lady GaGa loves the feminine features of the Motley Crue star.

19th May 2009

Quote: "Whenever I have a lover I leave them in their apartment on the pillow. Kind of like a keepsake." Quirky pop star Lady GaGa always leaves behind her false eyelashes as a memento after a romantic liaison.

19th May 2009

Quote: "I was having a little photoshoot and all of a sudden the police came out of nowhere and clapped their fingers. I said, 'I think it means whore in Russian'." Lady GaGa was horrified to be mistaken for a prostitute on a recent trip to Russia.

18th May 2009

Quote: "It's not fair to my fans. They don't want to see me that way just like I don't want to see (DAVID) BOWIE in a tracksuit." Lady GaGa vows never to wear casual clothes.

17th May 2009

Quote: "I appreciate her punkness, her tribute to style, being outrageous and playing around." Blondie legend Debbie Harry is a fan of pop sensation Lady GaGa.

4th May 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa played to a star-studded audience in New York on Saturday night (02May09). Madonna, accompanied by boyfriend Jesus Luz, took her 12-year-old daughter LOURDES along to the concert, while Cyndi Lauper was also spotted watching the show.

22nd April 2009

Quote: "I always knew it was my destiny to make music." Lady GaGa was confident in her abilities from a young age.

14th April 2009

Quote: "In Las Vegas, NE-YO came to my show - he was dancing to my records. And I've also had Rihanna come over to tell me she's a huge fan." Lady GaGa is building up a celebrity fanbase.

13th April 2009

Quote: "I had sex in the back of a taxi in New York. It's always fun to do things that are sneaky. Sense memory is a powerful thing. I can give myself an orgasm just thinking about it." Saucy singer Lady GaGa doesn't confine her passion to the bedroom.

9th April 2009

Quote: "I love sex. You know, sense memory is a powerful thing. I can give myself an orgasm just by thinking about it." Lady GaGa reveals the power of her mind.

6th April 2009

Fact: Kanye West, Common and Kid Cudi have jumped on Lady GaGa's hit single POKER FACE to record an acoustic remix of the song.

6th April 2009

Fact: Kanye West, Common and Kid Cudi have jumped on Lady GaGa's hit single POKER FACE to record an acoustic remix of the song.

2nd April 2009

Quote: "She was the most incredible person, the epitome of the rock star's girlfriend. That's my mission in life, to match her on that one." Yoko Ono fan Lady GaGa is on the hunt for her own John Lennon.

26th March 2009

Quote: "Courtney Love MySpaced me and told me I was hot." Lady GaGa was thrilled to find the former Hole singer was among her 148,000 'friends'.

19th March 2009

Quote: "I sort of have a secret desire that when I turn 55, I want to become a QVC girl and sell domestic vacuums. Its all about the hair flip and the manicure." Lady GaGa has middle-age plans linked to U.S. shopping channel QVC.

19th March 2009

Quote: "Thats a big rumour... Im so busyand I dont want to vomit merchandise all over the fashion world and call it my line. If I were to do it, Id want to take a minute, and a break, and really do it." Lady GaGa dismissed reports she's planning her own fashion line.

5th March 2009

Quote: "I told (KATY) to say 'Ca va?' which means 'How you doing?' Because I guarantee they will go nuts if you say it." Lady GaGa has been teaching KATY PERRY French to use at her gigs in the country.

3rd March 2009

Quote: "I say what I like and I'm exactly who I am. I don't wake up in the morning and put my Lady GaGa mask on. If people don't like it they have to deal with it." LADY GAGA is the real deal.

17th February 2009

Quote: "I don't get her. I don't think the song or the concept is as cool as people say it is. She's supposed to be this high fashion person, but I don't think the music fits. It's not particularly edgy." All-American Rejects frontman Tyson Ritter slams Lady GaGa.

10th February 2009

Quote: "The bar was packed, and the crowd was full of fratty, drunk NYU (New York University) students. They wouldn't shut up... So I took my clothes off - down to my panties, fishnets and white pumps. Then everybody shut up." Lady GaGa on how she used to silence her early audiences in New York clubs.

30th January 2009

Quote: "You can't have love and success. But that doesn't bother me because I don't want love, I want my music. I don't give a f**k about love. I'm married to my art! You can only marry one man, so I'm married to my art." Lady GaGa isn't looking for a boyfriend.

25th January 2009

Fact: Lady GaGa has signed on to headline the 20th anniversary of social life king JEFFREY SANKER's White Party weekend in Palm Springs, California in April (09).

16th January 2009

Fact: Pop sensation Lady GaGa has a peace sign inked on her wrist in tribute to late beatle and GIVE PEACE A CHANCE hitmaker John Lennon.

16th January 2009

Quote: "Paris and Nicky went to my school. They're are very pretty, and very, very clean. It's impressive to be that perfect all the time. In commercial terms, they've been quite an influence on me." Lady GaGa is in awe of former classmates PARIS and Nicky Hilton's perfectly-poised public images.

16th January 2009

Quote: "Donatella is my muse in so many ways. She's powerful but she's also an icon in the way that people throw darts at her - she's provocative." Dance sensation Lady GaGa credits perma-tanned designer Donatella Versace as her style inspiration.

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