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Lady Sovereign
Public Warning
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Lady Sovereign Public Warning Album

Lady Sovereign is the UK's upcoming female grime star. She's certainly causing a stir with her upfront, original style and creating an underground following in America. It's certainly testament to her that she has written all her own lyrics and is the executive producer on the album all at a very young age. Bottom line Sovereign is doing what she wants to do and is pretty sure of where she's coming from and I doubt she's bothered about what you think.

There's a lot of energy is this album. The production is really good and very specific to the UK grime scene. That means heavy original beats with beeps and dirty bass. The main producers Medasyn, Dr.Luke and even a feature from Basement Jaxx certainly create a UK street sound. 'Those Were The Days' is the only track for me that is more on a hip hop tip but the rest of it is dirty grime. Sovereign is a feisty lass with all the teenage angst and fire to make an impression. She's certainly an articulate MC who could certainly be a spokesperson for a disgruntled youth. There's no messing with her delivery and her flow has maturity. She's certainly been influenced by Missy Elliot who actually appears on 'Love Me Or Hate Me' remix version of the track. Most listeners will have heard '9-5' that was released with Preston from the Ordinary Boys who doesn't feature on this album.

'Public Warning' is obviously going to loved by some and hated by some. That's because there's no compromise in her style. Her chav persona and upfront honest style will put some off. However from my perspective her honesty shows character and has be respected for her individuality. Mix this with cutting edge music that is way ahead of its time creates a unique album that people should take note of. It probably will appeal to younger people however even the older generation could get into this if you're looking for something different. A good debut album.

Tareck Ghoneim

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