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18th August 2015

Quote: "I think the secret to Pierce being sort of like really sexy... is that he's a really great husband and great father. I have seen it first hand... The fact that he is a good man takes his James Bond/Remington Steele awesomeness up to a level beyond." Lake Bell has figured out the secret to her NO ESCAPE co-star Pierce Brosnan's sexiness.

1st June 2015

Quote: "As a kid, accents were my dinner-party trick. My parents' friends would say, 'Tell her to say something in a French accent.' Then, at drama school, we did a play in which I was a Bulgarian who's been educated in England." New York native Lake Bell reveals she has always had a talent for imitating different dialects. The actress has been widely-praised for her convincing English accent in new romantic comedy MAN UP.

10th May 2014

Quote: "I'm coming out of the first trimester... (when) you get all the hangover with no tequila." Actress Lake Bell admits her early months of pregnancy have been a little rough. The star is expecting her first child with husband Scott Campbell.

9th May 2014

Quote: "I've never, like, depicted someone who lives... but I never met her until the premiere the other night... She was super-great looking, so I was, like, really flattered." Actress Lake Bell on meeting the woman she portrays in new film Million Dollar Arm.

8th May 2014

Quote: "It's nice. You can eat as much as you want and you don't have to suck in!" Mum-to-be Lake Bell on the benefits of being pregnant. She is expecting her first child with husband Scott Campbell later this year (14).

15th April 2014

Fact: Actress-turned-director Lake Bell has gone topless for a sexy new photoshoot for Esquire magazine. The 35 year old has been chosen as the cover star for the men's magazine's Next Big Thing issue, showing off her slender figure in just a pair of black sheer tights as she crosses her arms in front of her chest to preserve her modesty. In another shot inside the publication, Bell poses in an armchair in a pair of black panties, stockings and an unbuttoned shirt left open to expose the curves of her breasts.

21st August 2013

Quote: "She's uncredited... but Eva Longoria's in there, Jeff Garlin. I'm really proud of my cast... These are the people I'd have at a dinner party." Lake Bell on landing Cameron Diaz and other top names for her directorial debut In A World...

20th August 2013

Quote: "The second to last day of shooting was my birthday and it was a particularly hard day and at the end of the night... my fiance at the time proposed to me... I had a drink that night, a lot of drinks." Actress Lake Bell on her now-husband's exciting proposal on the penultimate night of her directorial debut In A World...

20th August 2013

Quote: "There's other names, but that's Ok... They're crossed out... I know that I'm not the only person that he's been with." Actress Lake Bell has no problems with the fact her heavily-tattooed new husband Scott Campbell has the names of his ex-girlfriends inked on his skin.

14th August 2013

Fact: Actress Lake Bell had to assure family members a giant, fake rose tattoo she had drawn onto her body for a recent nude photoshoot with New York Magazine was not real, after failing to remove the ink in time for a wedding shortly afterwards.

13th August 2013

Fact: Actress Lake Bell's new husband, tattoo artist Scott Campbell, had her name inked on his back nine days after their first date. They wed in June (13).

25th January 2013

Fact: Actress Lake Bell has made her directorial debut with new comedy In A World, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah earlier this week (begs21Jan13).

11th March 2011

Fact: Actress Lake Bell can add sportscar journalist to her resume after test driving the new Maserati Gran Turismo for movie trade magazine The Hollywood Reporter. The It's Complicated star wasn't a random choice for publication editors - she grew up racing cars as the daughter of U.S. raceways owner Harvey Siegel.

26th January 2011

Quote: "(It's) on my list of things to do in my life... I just want to play a superhero at some point. I got the guns! With superheroes you have to have this tickle of humour in there and you have to be a really great actor and also kick a**... I'll be honest, I think I'd make a great Wonder Woman. So if anyone out there is listening..." Actress Lake Bell wants to be considered as Wonder Woman.

1st May 2008

Quote: "She's very athletic. She shops like an athlete. She's a professional varsity shopper." Actress Lake Bell had trouble keeping up with her shopaholic WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS co-star Cameron Diaz during shopping sprees in Las Vegas.

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