Lamar Odom is in Rhode Island at the moment, supposedly working hard to regain his fitness and hopefully relaunch his career in the NBA. He may be working hard, but recent reports have suggested that he is playing just as hard, and a leaked video featuring a shirtless, rapping Lamar has raised a number of questions about his actual condition.

Lamar Odom Clipper
Lamar wants a return to basketball

In the video, which was uploaded to the web by TMZ earlier this week and also features Lamar's pal Jamie Sanouthai, Lamar raps disjointedly into the camera about taking drugs to "ease the pain," earning money without the NBA through his 'Unbreakable' fragrance and even cheating on his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian. Since the video emerged, it was believed that Lamar has relapsed and was taking drugs again, however the troubled star has since insisted that is still sober from drugs, insisting he was only drunk when the video was taken.

Speaking with TMZ, Lamar tried to make it crystal clear that he is still clean and sober where drugs are concerned, and the video of him rapping was taken after he and friends cut loose in a bar after an intense work out. Not that his latest revelation makes any of the comments in the rap seem any less shocking, if anything they're just as bad as they seemed when the video first emerged, yet Lamar's insistance that he was only drunk is relatively reassuring to those concerned with his wellbeing.

Lamar Odom
Not that being blind-drunk is a great deal better, Lamar insists that no narcotics were in his system during the rap

Lamar specifically mentioned that he has had problems with crack and coke in the past, but went on to claim that he is through with drugs and he has been clean for a while now. He went on to tell TMZ that he is hard at work training at the University of Rhode Island and hopes to return to professional basketball soon. Still, despite what he said, we doubt we're alone in thinking Lamar might not be telling us everything.

Lamar Khloe Kardashian Odom
So, did Lamar cheat on Khloe or not?