Review of OH (Ohio) Album by Lambchop

Album review of OH (Ohio) by Lambchop.

Lambchop OH (Ohio) Album

After fourteen years of recording music, the continuously evolving Nashville-based outfit Lambchop return with their tenth album OH (Ohio) on City Slang.

With piano, wind, strings, brass, intricate and colourful guitar arrangements and chief songwriter Kurt Wagner's country-tinged vocals, OH (Ohio) is a mellow and complex excursion into the bands trademark alt-country sound. Highlights include: the deft piano and shifts in urgency via the guitar in 'National Talk Like A Pirate Day', the more up-tempo pace and vivid imagery in 'Sharing A Gibson With Martin Luther King' and the soothing, gentle beauty of 'Of Raymond'.

You could accuse Lambchop of dishing up a few timid efforts in OH (Ohio), but overall, it's a strong and pleasing release with warmth in abundance. Recommended.

Colin Burrill

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