Lana Del Rey has blasted a troll who accused her of using "demonic energy" to knock over her fans.

The 'Summertime Sadness' hitmaker has been forced to defend herself after a Christian influencer called Traci Coston claimed the singer was "practicing witchcraft" at a recent concert.

In a video on Instagram, Traci accused Lana, 38, of using "spells" to make her music more "attractive".

Making her comments over clips of concert goers appearing to fall at the same time, she alleged: "Whatever witchcraft Lana Del Rey is doing, the spells she is putting on her music to make it attractive, those demons are being invited into the crowd and into you when you attend.

“These demons will destroy your life.”

She referenced the Bible in her argument, and urged her followers to "stay away" from the singer.

Lana - whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant - has been quick to dismiss the claims after the video was brought to her attention.

She commented: "B**** I know the Bible verse for verse better than you do. PS you’re giving off super gremlin energy. Not in a good way.”

The woman has since disabled comments on that video and others after the response, but Lana's fans have been quick to heap praise on her on X (formerly Twitter).

One fan teased: "Yeah they accused her because its not humanly possible to have a voice that sweet."


And a third person suggested Lana could find some musical inspiration from the whole ordeal.

They quipped: "I hope she writes that into a song."

Although she has since returned, over summer Lana revealed she was quitting Instagram after unveiling her tour dates as well as the release of her dad Rob Grant's record 'Lost At Sea', on which she features on two tracks.

Back in June, she told her followers: "Thank you so much for everything. Now that Rob‘s record is out and now you know where I’m touring this account is closing. Good luck and love u.”

Lana previously quit the platform back in 2021 in order to focus on "other jobs" that required "privacy and transparency".