Lana Del Rey feels confident when she's happy.

The 28-year-old singer admits she is more positive about her vocal abilities when she has things going on in her busy life that cause her to smile.

Speaking on 'The Zane Lowe show' on BBC Radio 1 last night (07.07.14), she said: ''I think for me, what makes me confident changes every day ... but generally I would say confidence for me just comes from being really happy.

''And that could be anything down to my environment or being lucky enough to have my muse with me or [hearing] an amazing melody for the first time.''

Meanwhile, the 'Summertime Sadness' star - whose real name is Elizabeth Woolridge Grant - believes people should grab every opportunity they can and find the strength within to explore different paths in life, but not be controlled by the obsession with money.

She explained: ''I would feel at any point in my life that it was never too late to just sort of switch into any different lane or any different vein, you know, just to kind of be free enough to sort of explore things.

''I think that being worried about whether or not you're ever going to make money, I think that trips people up a lot.''