Lana Del Rey's ''goal'' on her new album was to be happy.

The 'Summertime Sadness' hitmaker wanted to experience having ''a lot of momentum'' in her daily life with her latest LP 'Lust for Life' as she felt a ''little stuck in the same spot'' with her previous music.

Asked if she's happy, she said: ''Yeah ... That was my goal, you know, to get to that place of feeling like in my daily life I had a lot of momentum. Like a moving-on-ness from wherever that other place was that 'Honeymoon' and 'Ultraviolence' came from. I loved those records, but I felt a little stuck in the same spot.''

And the 32-year-old singer feels a ''little more present'' within her music and has revealed she always ''feels like she's creating a new path'' when she is doing a song.

She added to NME magazine: ''I just felt a little more present. Writing a song like '13 Beaches' - it's a little bit of an abstract notion, but for me it took stopping at 13 beaches one hot day to find one that nobody was at. And I just thought, you know, the concept of needing to find 13 beaches might seem like a luxury problem for someone, but that's OK, I'm going to go with that.

''I usually do things in a few takes but I took a lot of takes to do that. The mood that I needed to convey was better than what I was doing. I knew it was important that I came in straight as an arrow with that one. I always feel like I'm creating a new path when I'm doing a song.''