Lana Del Rey's biggest ''inspiration'' used to be New York.

The 'Born to Die' hitmaker loved living in the city for eight years and it was a big influence on her songwriting until she found fame, as she now finds it harder to travel around without being recognised.

She said: ''I loved New York. When I was there it was almost my sole source of inspiration, more than any other man, writer or rapper, but it's harder for me to get around now.

'' I used to take late night walks over the Williamsburg Bridge, go to all the 24 hour diners with $5 and beg the waiters to let me stay all night in exchange for the purchase of one giant slice of chocolate cake.

'' I would sit for hours and read about interesting people like Karl Lagerfeld and listen to books on tape by Tony Robins to keep me company. I would take the D train to Coney Island, take the D train back to the Bronx where I lived on Hughes Avenue.''

The 29-year-old singer is working hard on new music and particularly enjoys having her work used in movies.

Interviewed by her sister for Galore magazine, she said: ''I just wrote two songs for Tim Burton and Harvey Weinstein's film called Big Eyes and I'm working on a new record. I'm also always writing small pieces for independent films etc. Dan Heath and Rick Nowels are two of my dearest friends and producers and we are always up to something.''

Lana's accompanying photoshoot for the interview was taken by her boyfriend, Francesco Carrozzini.