Lana Del Rey agreed to work with Dan Auerbach after they visited a strip club together.

The 'Video Games' hitmaker admits it was an ''unusual'' move for her to use The Black Keys star as producer on her third album 'Ultraviolence' as she has always used the same time but they got on really well from the minute they met.

She said: ''Dan and I weren't friends before this. We both knew each other's music, but it's not that we listened to it a lot of the time. The thing that was fun about Dan was we went out one night for a meal and ended up in a strip club in New York.

''We were having a good time and then we just looked at each other and said, 'Why don't we just do the record together?'

''So I flew out [to Nashville] that week, which was really unusual for me because I've worked with the same guys for the last three years.''

The 27-year-old singer felt ''free'' working with Dan as he understood her and their ideas come from the same ''DIY place''.

She told The Sun newspaper: ''The thing about Dan is that he comes from that DIY place and actually so do I, in a way. So there was a sense of freedom from working with him. He loved that everyone kept saying, 'Dan, are you going to make it bigger?' and he was like, 'No, Lana is just going to make it more personal'.

''I think the fact that we felt really free translated into this early Seventies sound, especially with his wah-wah guitars.

''I needed that same chemistry when he can guess where I want to go next. I can talk in shades of blue and he knows what I am talking about. It is rare. We were both on different levels, but our endgame was totally the same.''