Lana Del Rey wants to be a biker.

The 'Video Games' singer has always wanted to be a leather-clad, cross-country driving motorbiker and hopes to fulfil her dream when her music career quietens down.

Discussing the casting of bikers in her video for 'Ride', she explained: ''The reason why bikers and biker culture is so important to me is that we have the same principle in mind, freedom and staying free. For them that means being on two wheels on the road, which is why that's a recurring motif for me.

''I'm not able to be free like that right now, I still have a lot of work. What I aspire to be is probably on a bike on the road at some point.''

Lana's lyrics always paint her as a Lolita-style ingénue embroiled with an older man, and she revealed she needs a more mature boyfriend to give her the intellectual stimulation.

The 27-year-old star told the 'Laura Leishman Project' show on French radio: ''Knowing what I've wanted to do for so long, and being tamed in my own way for so long, the person I'm looking for is a more serene, intelligent and probably an older figure.

''I was aware that people would take [the older men] literally as an archetypal already been done, played on relationship. But for me I have more personal connection with the concept of a very giving, affectionate, older than me character.''