More wedding news this weekend! What’s with Christmas and everyone getting married... no, wait, don’t answer that. So Lance Bass married Michael Turchin this weekend and he instagrammed it. A LOT. As you do.

Lance Bass, Michael Turchin
Hottest couple of the year? Top ten at least.

The pair tied the knot on Saturday, December 20, at the Park Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles. That’s how you know it was F-A-N-C-Y. The pair were very, very excited for their big day and started tweeting about the wedding prep almost a week in advance.

First off, Lance tweeted about the pending wedding rehearsal: "Heading to Santa Barbara to do a our walk through of the wedding at the venue!! Ahhhhhh! #LanceLovesMichael."

Then there were the rings:

Then, on the actual day, Lance posted just two messages, presumably because he was busy getting married to the love of his life.

Michael, on the other hand, has been retweeting congratulatory tweets since the wedding. It makes us thankful that Twitter exists, so that we can get on-the-hour coverage of all our favourite celebs, all loved up and Santa hat-ed. Really puts you in the holiday spirit, doesn’t it?