Lara Pulver will shorty be gracing our screens in the role of a real life Bond girl. Sky Atlantic will be airing a series based on the life of the James Bond author Ian Fleming and Pulver will play his wife, Ann, who was formerly known as Viscountess Rothermere, after marrying the proprietor of the Daily Mail.

Ann was married to Fleming for 12 years, until his death in 1964 and The Telegraph reports that Lara is excited to be taking on the role of the distinguished author’s wife. “I am thrilled to be playing Ann, a real life high society siren worthy of Fleming's finest fictional femme fatales. In extraordinary times Ann had the ear of politicians as powerful as Churchill and counted artists like Lucian Freud among her friends, yet was consumed by a torrid romance with the great Ian Fleming - a twisted and passionate love that would last the rest of their lives.”

The four-part drama (with a working title of Fleming) will also star Dominic West (The Wire) in the role of Ian Fleming. Anna Chancellor will play the role of Lieutenant Monday in Naval Intelligence – the person that the character of Miss Moneypenny is thought to have been inspired by. It is due to be filmed in the United Kingdom, as well as Hungary and Budapest. 

Lara Pulver

Lara Pulver (pictured here at the Crime Thriller Awards) will play the role of Ian Fleming's wife in a new four-part drama