Lara Stone has ''a lot more opportunity for self-care'' now her son is back at school.

The 36-year-old model - who has Alfred, seven, with ex-husband David Walliams - has revealed how her make-up and beauty regime has evolved over the years.

She shared: ''I loved experimenting with make-up when I was a teenager, but in my twenties, when I was working all the time, I kind of lost interest as I had my make-up done every day at work.''

Lara explained that her son now has a huge influence on her lifestyle and her approach to ''self-care''.

She told Vogue India magazine: ''My priorities have changed, and if I had to choose between having my roots touched up and hanging out with my son, I'd always choose him.

''Although now that he's bigger and back at school, there is a lot more opportunity for self-care.''

Lara previously admitted to having mixed feelings about ageing and Botox.

The model doesn't have any issues with people who get Botox as a means of retaining their youthful looks, but she admitted it's not something she's keen to try herself.

She reflected: ''I was thinking about this the other day, as it's just so normal now.

''It's crazy how all these young kids are getting fillers and stuff, and I'm wondering whether my generation is going to be the last one to look properly old, which really freaks me out.

''On the other hand, I feel like if you're really not happy with something, it's so easy to get it fixed these days, so why not? I definitely get tempted on occasion and think, 'Maybe just a bit of Botox here and a bit of thingy there.' But at the end of the day, I just don't think it's for me.''