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Larrikin Love Edwould Single

Yesterday, I couldn't tell you much about Twickenham. I could tell you even less about Larrikin Love. Today I know Twickenham is a place south of Scotland and Larrikin Love are quite possibly the most interesting thing I've heard all week.

"Ed Would" is the song that you nod to in a pub, with a stupid smile on your face. Everybody is looking, probably calling you names but it doesn't really matter. It screams Irish-Reggae with a bitchslap of punk, all at the same time. The Pete Doherty style vocals make it stand out from the crowd and for this song alone its worth the five or ten quid you'd pay for a ticket.

Unfortunately I missed them this time around, but I'm already on their mailing list and illegally downloading as much of their stuff as I can. Every year at a festival, you wander to the smaller stages for no apparent reason, you see a band and say "they're going places". And if Larrikin Love play the festivals this year, it will be their name on your lips.

Martyn Clarke


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