Some of the biggest names in comedy, including Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock and Robin Williams reveal the tricks-of-the-trade in a new series debuting on Comedy Central on Thursday (January 26, 2012). 'Inside Comedy' sees writer, director and actor David Steinberg sitting down with some of the biggest names in the business, reports the New York Daily News.
The series will feature "almost every famous comedian in America" and will see numerous stars appearing in the same episode. Most instalments will feature at least two comedians, sometimes three, and Steinberg says the interviews are, "cut together in ways that show the connections I found when I was talking to them". Steinberg has dedicated himself to the project for over a year, conducting around 50 interviews and cutting them down into small half-hour episodes. He said, "We wanted a record of them talking about what they do.We also felt it was important to do it with someone in the business. Comedians talk to other comedians the way jazz musicians can talk to each other". Only two of the episodes are dedicated to single subjects: Chris Rock and Larry David and Steinberg joked that there was a reason the others didn't complain, saying, "I haven't told them yet." Most of Steinberg's subjects began on the comedy club circuit and speak humorously about their journey to the top - one episode features upcoming Oscar host Billy Crystal.
In the episode featuring David, the 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' creator speaks about how he initially went into comedy to 'get girls'. Reflecting on whether he was successful, Larry told Steinberg, "I wouldn't say I 'got girls' exactly.I got more girls. But I didn't 'get girls".