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'Dallas' Renewed For Third Season, Despite Larry Hagman's Death

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TNT has picked up Dallas for a third season, ordering 15 episodes of the show that it hopes to premiere in early 2014. It was unclear whether the network would continue with the rebooted series following the death of Larry Hagman (J.R Ewing) though an average of 3.8 million for its second season was enough to get the green-light, from USA Today.

"Dallas has built a passionately loyal following with its expertly woven story lines, clever twists and turns and numerous outstanding performances by a cast that spans generations," TNT program chief Michael Wright said in a statement announcing the third season, "Although we said goodbye to Larry Hagman and his iconic character, J.R. Ewing, this year, Dallas has many more stories to tell and the Ewing clan will continue to honor J.R.'s memory by keeping its audience surprised and delighted."

Hagman, whose creation J.R is one of the most enduring characters in U.S. television history, died during the filming of the second season. The show acknowledged the character's passing with a memorial during the season. The rebooted shows features stars from the original series, including Patrick Duffy as J.R's brother Bobby and Linda Gray as his ex-wife Sue Ellen. New additions to the cast include Josh Henderson, former Desperate Housewives actor Jesse Metcalfe and Jordana Brewster.

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Who Shot JR... Mark II: Another Dallas Cliffhanger To Honour Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman's Dallas character JR Ewing was shot in a murder attempt back in 1980, which sparked the catchphrase 'Who shot JR?' The mystery wasn't solved until almost 18 months later, but now, over 20 years on, another mystery is to hit Dallas to honour Larry Hagman, who died in November last year. 

The cliffhanger will end series three of the new version of the show. "We wanted Larry's legacy to remain beyond this show." An insider told the Mirror, "We felt that one way would be to mirror the most memorable episode of all time."

Likewise, executive producer Cynthia Cidre said of the script: "We all felt having J.R. die of natural causes would have been completely inappropriate, not only to the character, but also to Larry Hagman." 

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Paying Tribute To Larry Hagman, 'Dallas' JR Ewing Funeral Airing In March

Larry Hagman

Beloved American actor, Larry Hagman, died in November this year. He was famed for playing JR Ewing the classic soap opera Dallas as well as I Dream of Jeannie. Dallas originally ran from the late 70s until 1991, but was reprised earlier this year, seeing Hagman bring the villain, JR Ewing back again. To pay tribute to both Ewing and Hagman, on March 11th the TNT show will air a funeral for the show's character. 

The second series of the show will see Hagman appear in 6 episodes before his funeral which will occur in episode 8, which seems to imply that his death with take place in episode 7. According to the Examiner, he was meant to appear in more episodes of the series, but of course his untimely death meant that it would not be possible. 

There is still no word as to how Ewing will die but there are rumours that the funeral will be enormous, seeing old stars of the series returning to pay their respects. He remained working on the show until very soon before his death, which was caused by complications due to cancer, reported the Associated Press at the time. In a statement from the show, Hagman was described as "a giant, a larger-than-life personality whose iconic performance as J.R. Ewing will endure as one of the most indelible in entertainment history. He truly loved portraying this globally recognized character, and he leaves a legacy of entertainment, generosity and grace," reports US Magazine.

J.R. Ewing Funeral To Air During ‘Dallas’ Season Two

Larry Hagman

The reboot of Dallas will return to screens at the beginning of 2013, and in light of the death of the original show's star Larry Hagman, his character from the show - J.R. Ewing - will be given a fond farewell and funeral service during the upcoming second season.

Dallas, in its second incarnation, begins its second season on TNT on January 28, with the new series giving viewers a chance to see the late Hagman’s final performances of his most famous character. Hagman lost his long battle with cancer at age 81 at the end of November, but he did manage to film six episodes for the new series, which has 15 episodes planned in total.

Of course, with Hagman's untimely death, he was unable to see out the rest of the season's filming and as such the show's writers have decided to see off Hagman, and the larger than life Ewing, in fitting style with a full funeral ceremony taking place on the show mid-season. According to TVLine, J.R.’s funeral will hit screens on March 11, which wil be the eighth episode of the season. The website also claims that the episode will also reportedly feature a number Dallas stars, from both past and present, including actors who have not yet appeared in the revamped series.

Will Larry Hagman Be Remembered For The Downfall Of Communist Russia?

Larry Hagman

As Larry Hagman's death sinks in, people start to reminisce on his life. Most notably, of course, his performances as J.R. Ewing on Dallas mark the most prominent years of his career, but in Romania, he'll be remembered as the man who made capitalism cool, and eventually helped end communism in the region.

"I think we were directly or indirectly responsible for the fall of the [Soviet] empire," Hagman told the Associated Press a decade ago. "They would see the wealthy Ewings and say, 'Hey, we don't have all this stuff.' I think it was good old-fashioned greed that got them to question their authority." This may sound far-fetched, and of course is probably is, but Dallas was one of the last Western shows to be aired under communist rule over in Romania, and was mightily popular in the Eastern block as a result. The then president, Nicolae Ceausescu reportedly believed Dallas highlighted issues with capitalism, and he allowed it to air thinking it would emphasize the advantages to his Stalinist rule. But, ironically, it might have had an opposite effect.

Hagman died on Friday from complications of a recent battle with cancer. He was 81. In the 1980s, Dallas was one of the CBS network's top-rated programmes and was watched by an estimated 300 million people in 57 countries.

Tributes To Dallas' Larry Hagman Flood In

Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman died on the 23rd of November, aged 81, reportedly due to complications of throat cancer. Best known for his role as the Dallas villain J.R. Ewing, a ruthless and callous oil baron who has consistently been listed in countdowns of the best villains and best television characters of all time. 

Although there have already been a variety of official events to remember his life planned, celebrities that knew him have already begun paying tribute to the beloved American actor. 

Barbara Eden who played the eponymous character in I Dream of Jeannie, alongside Hagman, said: "He was such a key element in my life for so long and even, years after I Dream of Jeannie; our paths crossed many times." She added, "I, like many others believed he had beat Cancer and yet we are reminded that life is never guaranteed." 

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Has Larry Hagman's Death Put An End To Dallas Reboot?

Larry Hagman Linda Gray Patrick Duffy Jesse Metcalfe Josh Henderson

Larry Hagman and his co-stars drew nearly 7 million viewers for TNT's Dallas reboot this summer. The cable series - in which Hagman once again played Texas oilman J.R. Ewing - was scheduled to return for a second season on January 28, 2013, though questions have been raised about the future of the show following the actor's death aged 81 on Friday (November 23, 2012).

A source close to Dallas who insisted on anonymity told the Associated Press that Hagman's death makes things difficult for the show to continue. It is known that Hagman had completed filming on several episodes before his death, though season two is yet to be wrapped up, giving producers a headache. The sources acknowledged that show bosses have yet to establish how they would address J.R's departure from the show, which widely revolved around Ewing's presence. The show's writers have already begun work to try give the legendary character a fitting send-off.

Following its June debut, Dallas scored the No.1 scripted series premiere on cable television in 2012. As well as original stars Hagman, Linda Gray and Patrick Duffy, the reboot welcomed Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing and Josh Henderson as John Ross Ewing III.

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Dallas Will Continue Without JR Ewing - The Show Goes On After Larry Hagman's Death

Larry Hagman Linda Gray Patrick Duffy

Following the sad news of Dallas star Larry Hagman’s death, Channel 5 have released a statement confirming that the show will continue without him, BBC News report.

Hagman starred as JR Ewing in the original Dallas show, which ran from 1978 – 1991. When the show was reprised this year, Hagman stepped up and reprised the role.

When he began filming the re-booted series, it was known that he was suffering from cancer but he assured fans that it was a treatable form of the disease. However, he passed away on Friday (November 23, 2012), at the age of 81, as a result of the illness. He had filmed six of the 15 shows for the show’s second season. A statement from the UK broadcaster Channel 5 revealed “Dallas is midway in production on season two and this sad news will be incorporated into the storyline.” Season two is currently scheduled to premiere in the USA on January 28, 2013, on the TNT network.

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Tributes Fly In On Twitter For Late Larry Hagman

Larry Hagman Simon Cowell Larry King

Tributes for the late Larry Hagman have been flying in on Twitter and various other websites, with the late Dallas star proving that his is a name that will live on long after he is gone given the reaction of the public and celebrities alike.

His role as JR Ewing, soapland's biggest villain, on Dallas endeared him to millions the man people loved to hate. Of course the real life Hagman was nothing like his treacherous character, as many of those sending out tribute to the late actor have made very clear indeed.

Linda Grey, who played Hagman's long suffering wife on Dallas, sent out a tribute to her former co-star on Twitter earlier today saying, "So sad to lose such a wonderful dear bigger than life friend. Larry Hagman was one of a kind and will be with us all forever." Grey was also by Hagman's bedside when he passed earlier today.

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Larry Hagman Dead - Dallas's JR Ewing Dies Age 81

Larry Hagman Barbara Eden

Larry Hagman has died aged 81 following his battle with throat cancer. The actor, known best for his roll as the villainous oil tycoon JR Ewing in the longrunning soap opera Dallas, was confirmed dead earlier today (Nov 24) by his family after it was reported in the Dallas Morning News.

Hagman first found fame in 1965 when he starred in the popular sitcom I Dream of Jeannie, in which he played Major Anthony Nelson for five years alongside Barbara Eden as the astronaut who discovers a beautiful genie in a bottle. However, he really became a household name when he was given the starring role in Dallas as the sly and scheming JR Ewing.

Dallas became a worldwide phenomena throughout its run from 1979 - 1990, and in 1980 the show broke viewing records when over 350 million viewers tuned in to find out 'Who Shot JR?' However despite all this fame and success, Hagman developed a serious drinking problem over his run in Dallas, eventually being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in 1992, going under the knife for a liver transplant 3 years later.

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Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy and Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy Thursday 12th April 2012 TCM Classic Film Festival opening night premiere of the 40th anniversary restoration of 'Cabaret' at Grauman's Chinese Theatre - Arrivals

Larry Hagman, Linda Gray, Patrick Duffy and Grauman's Chinese Theatre
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