The cast of 'Dallas' donned cowboy boots and stetsons in tribute to Larry Hagman yesterday (11.03.13).

Last night's episode of the drama saw the late actor's character J.R. Ewing laid to rest on screen, so Linda Gray - who plays the villainous oil baron's wife Sue Ellen - urged her castmates and fans of the star to dedicate the entire day to the actor, who died of cancer last November aged 81, both in life and through social media.

Linda explained: ''Larry put Dallas on the map after the assassination of John F. Kennedy and then went on to enchant the whole world, so we thought wouldn't it be lovely to dedicate this day - where the show is all about his memorial - so everyone could say 'Goodbye,' and 'Thanks,' and 'We love you.' So we're all wearing cowboy boots and cowboy hats in Texas.''

Patrick Duffy - who plays Bobby Ewing - added: ''Linda is responsible for it ... And since we all have joined the 21st century and we all have our Twitter sites and our Facebook pages and all those social media sites ... she decided, 'Let's just do a Larry Hagman Day.'

''So we all changed our pictures on our things to include Larry and we mention it in all our communications.''

Although the actors found the episode very moving as it was a way of saying goodbye to their friend, as well as the character, Patrick insists it wasn't difficult to film as he still feels so close to Larry.

He told 'Access Hollywood': ''It really wasn't hard for me to film it. Any time I think of Larry, it's always a good feeling. I don't mourn him because I've said before; I'm so satiated with Hagman.

''He's my best friend and he has been my best friend for over 30 years, so it's not like I even miss him because I'm so full of that relationship. That'll last me my whole life.''