The controversial, and highly racy, upcoming Lars Von Trier film 'Nymphomaniac: Volume 1' has been the center of a great deal of media attention for the past couple of years, and in a matter of weeks eager cinemagoers will be able to find out why there was such an uproar.

Lars Von Trier
Director Lars Von Trier in a promotional shot

The movie, which is split into two parts, follows the story of a women named 'Joe' who is saved, after being badly beaten in an alley-way, by a man named 'Seligman', and after taking her to his apartment and tending to 'Joe's' wounds, she then recalls her past life of excessive desires.

In this first volume, 'Joe' tells the intrigued bachelor, 'Seligman,' of her sexually charged adolescence and young-adulthood life, detailing her strong obsession with intercourse. The self-proclaimed nymphomaniac wanted to be used by men as an object in her own twisted way to rebel against love.

Stacy Martin
Stacy Martin as the young 'Joe'

However, the process of recalling Joe's own explicit past, troubles her deeply and does not give her the satisfaction it did when she was a young women, these emotions quickly turn to a self-hatred state of regret and remorse.

From the trailer it is clear the 'young Joe' was reckless and careless with her own femininity, as multiple lovers are briefly shown, including the night she lost her virginity.

Watch the trailer for 'Nymphomaniac: Volume 1' here

"I wanted to be picked up, put down, again and again," Joe says in an ominous voiceover in the trailer. "I wanted to be treated like a thing."

In a brief clip, the older highly injured 'Joe' tells 'Seligman,' "It was rebellious." He replies "what did you rebel against?" and she faintly whispers "love."

Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf features in the film as one of Joe's lovers

Along with director Lars Von Trier, the cast includes Charlotte Gainsbourg and Stellan Skarsgård as 'Joe' and 'Seligman', Stacy Martin as the younger 'Joe', as well as Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman and Willem Dafoe, plus many more.

'Nymphomaniac: Volume 1' will be released into theatres on March 21st, but will be available OnDemand beginning March 6th.

'Nymphomaniac: Volume 1' poster