Laura Bailey sticks to a healthy diet to give her plenty of energy.

The British model tries to control everything she eats and usually opts for healthy meals to give her plenty of energy for her main passion in life - running.

She revealed: "I try to choose foods that make me as healthy and energetic as possible. I'm a strict vegetarian but I eat everything else, and I like a glass of wine. I'm certainly not preachy or perfect!"

In order to look "chic but practical" while running, the blonde beauty - who has dated actor Richard Gere in the past - Laura wears outfits designed by her close friend Stella Mccartney.

She said: "My running kit is Adidas by Stella McCartney. It's chic but practical; I love it. I've always worn Asics trainers. They're great for running."

Laura, 38, revealed after climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in February, her next challenge is to embark on distance running in Burkina Faso.

The star added to The Guardian newspaper: "I climbed Kilimanjaro in February, and in the build-up to that I tried to run up a few more hills than usual. But in the end I don't think it was about fitness- it was about mental endurance and coping with the altitude. It felt amazing afterwards, but maybe not so amazing at the time!

"I'd really like to do some more running in Africa. I'm travelling to Burkina Faso in November, and I'll definitely pack my trainers. After all, many of today's great distance runners come from Africa."