Laura Bailey ''almost always'' wears high heels.

The British model admitted she is most comfortable in high shoes but occasionally does slip on some Nike trainers.

She said: ''I'm almost always in heels - if I've got a big event, Charlotte Olympia is great, as her designs are so comfy. For mucking about at home, I'll put on my printed Nike for Liberty high tops.''

While Laura prefers to wear high shoes, when it comes to make-up her tastes are more simple.

She explained: ''I don't like thick make-up. I prefer to have bare skin and put on lots of mascara. My perfume taste fluctuates, but I always like a spritz of CHANEL No 19 - it was my first love.''

While she loves designers including Christopher Kane, Laura admitted she often picks up accessories in Oxfam.

She said: ''I love Christopher Kane's delicate, embellished pieces. I'm a new fan of Zoe Jordan - her clothes are the perfect balance of edgy and feminine.

''Today I've got on a blue plastic necklace from Oxfam, which I share with my daughter. Charity shops are great places to scavenge for little treasures like scarves or jewellery.''