The British actress, who plays Lady Edith in the hit period drama, has thrown her support behind the A World For School initiative, which aims to help educate children in conflict or emergency-affected areas.

Carmichael, who was joined on her trip by former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his wife Sarah, visited the Beqaa Valley in east Lebanon to meet with Syrian children who have been withdrawn from their education after leaving their conflict stricken country.

The actress explained that the ongoing Ebola epidemic in West Africa and the Syrian Civil War are increasing the number of children who are out education.

She tells Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper, "Children shouldn't be missing school because of a conflict that's not of their making. It's their right to be at school... I realise how lucky I am, and I want to give everything back that I can. It's a huge privilege to be able to visit Lebanon and to hear people's stories... It's shocking that of the 58 million kids out of school, 28 million are out because of conflicts and disasters... Yet less than one per cent of emergency funds are being spent on education.

"The Syrian crisis and Ebola have had a huge impact. So as much as I like pulling faces and reading plays, this seems really important... We need to see that generations of children in Syria and around the world don't pay the price of needless wars, earthquakes and other emergencies.These are the most vulnerable children in the world."