Downton Abbey star Laura Carmichael has blasted hackers who stole naked images of her former co-star Jessica Brown Findlay, insisting they have subjected her to a "horrendous" ordeal.

Carmichael was shocked when it emerged last month (Aug14) that around 100 female stars had personal photographs stolen from online storage devices by cyber-crooks.

Findlay was among those targeted, with reports suggesting the hackers accessed naked video clips featuring the actress, and now Carmichael has spoken out to slam those responsible - and anyone viewing the images.

She tells Britain's Event magazine, "It's just awful. It's a crime. It makes me really sad that this is the world in which we live. Terrifying and upsetting. What's happened to my mate is horrendous... It is just plain stealing. I don't think there is any other way of looking at it. The fact people are interested is just sad. I don't understand why it is anything other than criminality and exploitative."