Laura Mvula has released her first music in five years in the form of '1/f EP'.

Hot off the heels of signing to Atlantic Records, the Ivor Novello-winner has reworked her hit singles with a completely new direction, inspired by 80s frequencies.

The four-track EP boasts synth-led and funky renditions of  ‘Sing To The Moon’, ‘Show Me Love’ and ‘Green Garden’, and her interpretation of Diana Ross classic ‘I'm Still Waiting’.

Laura was originally against touching her old music because it's so precious to herself and her fans, but she took the risk as she is feeling "a lot more brazen" .

In a statement, the singer said:  “I was against re-interpreting old songs in the beginning because the songs from 'Sing to the Moon' and 'The Dreaming Room' are very sacred to me and to lots of people who have adopted those songs as their own spiritual anthems. But I actually found new energy and life in those songs by putting them through the filter of my current sonic season, which feels a lot more direct than where I've been in the past. A lot more brazen, a lot more fearless. I'm an advocate for risk taking, and so it was amazing to be able to take those songs into that space with me.”

The EP follows Laura's first show in over three years, her special one-off live-streamed performance ‘Laura Mvula Presents...Under A Pink Moon’, which aired on Wednesday (24.02.21), which saw her give fans a taste of what is to come in her new chapter.

The 34-year-old singer's signing with Atlantic came after found out she had been dropped by Sony's RCA Victor label via email in 2017. 

She was forwarded the correspondence, which was seven lines long, but her former manager had been told in person that her five-album deal was being terminated.

Speaking in March 2017, she said: "I didn't see anyone, I didn't hear anybody's voice. I just read words. It felt so cold and cruel.

"Not even the fact I was dropped, the way that the whole thing happened. To be treated like that doesn't feel quite just.

"First I was confused, I didn't understand. I was always told I was such a valued part of what Sony had become today - I was an artist who was taking risks and doing things that fresh and genuinely new - I believed them.

"I guess in my head I always thought there would be a conversation, a renegotiation, but never kinda, 'It's over'. It's been a huge wake up call."

However, she later admitted being dropped from Sony was a liberating experience.

Laura's last studio album was 'The Dreaming Room', her second studio album, which she dropped in June 2016.

The track-listing for '1/f EP' is:

1. 'Sing To The Moon'

2. 'Green Garden'

3. 'Show Me Love'

4. 'I’m Still Waiting'