Laura Mvula regretted not pursuing a career in teaching when her music label dropped her.

The 30-year-old singer recently endured a difficult time both in her personal life and in her career when her and her ex-husband split and the previous record label she was signed to let her go, which meant she was ''just alone'' with her cat.

But the star has revealed thoughts about the job she could have pursued kept plaguing her mind.

She told the Metro Online: ''My divorce was final in January 2017, then the label wrote their email in January, and Kwame wrote his email in January so I was just alone with my cat.

''I was like 'Shall we start again!?' So to be here now is a refreshing boost and encouragement. It's harder when you've got a cloud over your head, or that voice that said 'You should have got your PGCE.'''

But the 'Overcome' hitmaker has finally realised she didn't need to worry about being signed to a company.

She said: I've discovered it way too late that I don't need a label. When I signed I was the equivalent age of five in the industry! It was great, it was so exciting for me. But it became obvious quite quickly that I existed in my bubble and everyone tried really hard to figure out how to make this digestible, which wasn't necessary as British people don't need spoon feeding! But unfortunately when that middle man gets in the way ... so I've realised it now.''

And Laura believes the music industry is beginning to change, and believes budding musicians have more opportunities than ever before.

She said: ''There's a big change happening [in the music industry]. It's great. I've seen loads of young artists inspired because there's such a warped understanding - when you say record label there's such an over emphasis on what that role is, we're not living in the 1980s anymore. We really have moved on and it's moving at quite a pace so it's wicked to be able to stand, particularly for young people, and say 'hey, these things are possible.'''