Laura Mvula was once in an Elvis Presley tribute band.

The 27-year-old soul singer has always had a varied taste in music and was keen to try anything.

She said: ''At one point I was in an Elvis tribute band.

''It's true: at 17 I was fully dressed in white, with my hair extensions, being one of The Sweet Inspirations.''

Laura got her first taste of a professional career in her aunt's a cappella choir Black Voices and though she was terrified of going on stage, it was a great experience.

She told Mojo Magazine: ''This is a group that toured all over the world and took me with them, even when I had zero confidence.

''I was given the alto part, which was the lead on quite a lot of things. I wasn't comfortable and I made it obvious.

''I was sweating monster on stage, shaking in my shoes.''

The shaved-headed star is on the cusp of Stateside stardom and is happy to feel ''overwhelmed'' by her experiences as she thinks that helps her creatively.

She said: ''I'm allowing myself to feel completely overwhelmed and almost inadequate in order to produce whatever needs to come next.''