Laura Mvula is tired of being criticised for her image.

The 'Green Garden' singer has admitted she hates celebrity culture and doesn't like that she's constantly being made to feel like she's not good enough because of her image rather than because people don't think she's talented.

She explained: ''Celebrity is so rampant in our culture. I loathe it. We are driven by this weird world that's so complex, yet has no substance.

''I stumbled across something on the internet recently that said I'd chosen the wrong dress and my figure was all wrong.''

The 28-year-old star wants to raise awareness about healthy body image through her music so young girls don't have to grow up feeling like she did.

Laura added to The Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine: ''I think a lot about body image and the ideal we're subconsciously nurtured to aspire to. With 'That's Alright' I wanted to express that I'm tired of being made to feel like I lack because of what society projects on to me.''