Pulling Strings touches on a sensitive issue in America: immigration, but puts a light-hearted spin on it, resulting in a hear-warming comedy with a romantic twist.

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Jaime Camil stars as the Mariachi band member desperately attempting to get a visa for his young daughter, while Laura Ramsey is the embassy representative in dire need of his help. And in steps Omar Chaparro as Camil's funny sidekick – Canicas - which translates to Marble.

“When Alejandro tries to secure a visa for his young daughter to visit her grandparents in the U.S. Alejandro's request is flatly denied by a young embassy worker, Rachel,” reads the official synopsis. “Later that evening, Alejandro and Canicas run into Rachel while playing a gig - which turns out to be a celebration of her promotion to a post in London.”

This is Camil’s first English language film having made name for himself in his native Mexico. He starred in Private Perez in 2011, Regresa in 2010 and Zapata – El Sueno del Heroe back in 2004. Now, though, he’s finally getting the chance to test himself with a Hollywood audience.

“Alejandro seizes the coincidental encounter as a chance to change her mind on his rejected visa, and with Canicas by his side; they whisk her into an unforgettable adventure. And, while he gets busy pulling strings for a visa, it turns out the strings of his heart are pulled too,” continues the synopsis.

Pulling Strings is set for release on October 4th 2013.

Laura Ramsey Laura Ramsey stars in Pulling Strings