Laura Whitmore ''doesn't know'' how much she earned last year.

The 'Love Island' host doesn't have an idea about what she made through her presenting work last year because the money goes into her limited company rather than directly to herself.

Asked how much money she earned last year, she admitted: ''To be honest, I don't actually know. Money goes into my limited company and I pay myself from there. But my mum and dad seem to know as every year a paper in Ireland prints what high-income earners have made.''

And Laura admits creating that company was the best thing she has done as it has helped her keep a regular income.

And asked what has been her best business decision, she added: ''Definitely to have my own limited company, from which I pay myself the same amount every month, whether I'm working on a big job or a small job. It can be very hard to account for cashflow as a freelancer - never knowing exactly when you're going to get paid, especially with the current crisis. Luckily, my work is relatively unscathed for now despite the lockdown.''

Laura has had money worries in the past, particularly when she first moved to London after finding fame.

When questioned if she ever worried how she was going to make ends meet, she admitted to The Sunday Times newspaper: ''Yes - I was really worried when I first moved to London at 24 for the MTV job, because I didn't get paid for the first three months. I think people believe that when you work in TV, you'll be making loads of money, but I'd just won an MTV competition to be a 'video jockey' and I took what I could get. I ended up borrowing from my dad for the rental deposit. I was shocked at London prices.''